Third Space

13 Sherwood Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7439 6333 Piccadilly Circus 0.1 miles

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I am a member and would like to praise the personal trainers. I was recently politely interrupted by a PT whilst I was doing my own session, who explained that a new machine which had recently been installed would be better for the exercise I was doing. He then proceeded to take me to the machine and show me how it worked. Very polite and very helpful.

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 by gac, 28 Jan 2014
Wow, I was surprised to read the reviews so far! Have I been living in the dark ages or do I genuinely disagree with some of your comments? I wanted to write on here to say what a fab time I am having at the gym! I've only been here 7 months and I am loving it. The trainers are so knowledgeable and encouraging and I just love the atmosphere. Even the receptionists are so friendly when you walk into the gym. I don't know if perhaps you're talking about the Soho one? But I go the one in Marylebone and it is fab. I can only assume people are more likely to review when they didn't get their way?!

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 by cath77, 24 Jan 2014
Really awful gym to go to. You are paying £140 per month if not on corporate (£80 if you are) when there are other gyms for £40 or less and you get a lot more than this gym. Some of the management are terrible, you make an complaint and they instantly turn the complaint back on you and then bully you out of the gym. What you don't realise is if you leave the gym, they actually have a clause in the contract that you have to pay for 3 extra months. Pretty much all the instructors care about are the people who are paying them for a session to workout, yet I have seen a couple of scenarios when a gym person has asked for help but instructors did not help. Thank goodness I have left this place.

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 by Louie82, 02 Nov 2013
Be really careful when signing the contract, as if you sign on the spot you have no cooling off period! And then if, like me, on the first visit you receive unacceptable customer service (personal trainer forgot about meeting, reception have done nothing, you have to call them up millions of times and they never return calls as promised) they will only tell you "Sorry, you can have your complementary treatment but nothing else can be done". They therefore force you to go to their place where you don't feel comfortable or else change to another club with an inconvenient location.

Bottom line is, they pretend to care about you till you sign the contract, after that they don't give a s*** Save yourself a disappointment and go somewhere else...

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 by Agula, 26 Oct 2013
Please do not use this gym.

It is an absolute joke. At the moment you are paying £130 per month when you can get gyms between £20-£40 where you can use pretty much the same equipment if you are an average user.

Some of the instructors are awful. They think they are these superstars but they are average trainers. They don't even help other customers on equipment and only care about their clients. They play on their iPads and, even worse, talk about other customers to their clients.

Management are awful. I've heard couple of stories about them bullying customers out of the gym if they complain.

Save your money.

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 by Thetruth*8*2, 15 Apr 2013
The most overrated gym in London! Avoid at all costs! If you join, you will regret it. Read the reviews, most of them are pretty damning.

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 by kevinpage, 01 Feb 2013
Poor service and badly maintained equipment. When they get you to sign up, one thing they fail to tell you and do not show on any paper work is that even after you have been there for over a year there is a 90 day notice period required if you want to cancel. Avoid at all costs.

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 by majoha, 18 Jan 2013
Ive been a member for 8 months and the air con in the studio has broken down at least 3 times. I've emailed the manager to inform him but I am yet to get a reply. This shouldn't happen in a gym of this standard. Some of the staff can be a bit rude. Very poor!!

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 by bc4780, 08 Aug 2012
Small space, rude and stuck up staff. Apologies to all the people who like this place but, in my opinion, it's overrated. I called the customer service team 4 times to talk to them and every time I get: "Yes, I know you called but I was busy..." Ehhrrr, thanks a lot.

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 by boby221, 12 Jul 2012
It's the best gym in the area, with reciprocal use of Marylebone.

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 by MadhuHemnani, 29 Jun 2012
Interesting reading some of these reviews... I have been at gyms all over London and this is by far and away the best I have experienced. The yoga classes particularly are varied and interesting, with each teacher adding something different to their class. I am totally yogied due to Third Space. Recommend Ritchie's SCS too, which is unmissable. I find the atmosphere very good. Like all gyms it has it's busy times, but hey, I would rather be at TTS at these times. Keep up the good work there!!

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 by andrewtompsett, 21 May 2012
I joined this gym two years ago and was hesitant because it was more pricey than I was used to and much nicer. However, from the first time I went, there was a great vibe. I really was looking for a place I could get back to my workout routine with new options to try. I took up swimming and had great training with a PT there, which helped my poor stroke. The PTs I worked with to help with my back injury were the best - knowledgeable and helpful, which was a big difference compared to trainers elsewhere. While I am not a big class person, a friend convinced me to try yoga (hadn't been in years). I loved it, especially Tanya's class - she's brilliant, as is Maria. As my back heals, I will be back to them again. My all-round favourite gym after 10 years in London.

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 by surfing17, 18 May 2012
I've been a member of Third Space for nearly 8 years now. Aside from the incredible facilities which opened up different avenues of exercise to me (like yoga and the incredibly addictive sport of climbing), the equipment is upgraded constantly and trainers are always on hand to help you, whether it be a bit of time if the outside world has treated you badly or if you've got a goal that you're working toward. I've got to say, I've never encountered unfriendly staff there - they are a happy, social bunch. If anyone is thinking of joining: don't think it, do it!

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 by bree.fedyk, 18 May 2012
I joined almost a year ago. People at reception are incredibly nice at Marylebone compared to the people at the Soho reception, who are too busy surfing the computer to even look up when I enter. I don't like that kind of attitude at all.

Also, I am just not happy with the quality of the yoga teachers there. They have so many teachers there but only a few teachers are professional or experienced, most of them seem to have become teachers only very recently. Maybe the management encourage staff to become yoga teachers and welcome new teachers with no experience...

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 by london_flow, 04 May 2012
I’m a dancer in a long-running West End show and joined the gym as it is very close to the theatre where I work. I was given some free personal training when I started and I’ve been so impressed by the quality of trainers there. Career-wise, it’s important for me to be at the top of my game in my stamina and physique, and the advice I’ve received from my trainer has been a great complement to my dancing. What I find most incredible is how my energy levels have increased with my new program. Very much recommend this club - great space and equipment, but most of all the trainers and class instructors are more educated and experienced than you’ll find anywhere else.

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 by sas86, 25 Apr 2012
Wow! This gym is amazing! I can't believe the previous poor reviews. I've just renewed my membership and look forward to another fabulous year. Third Space is without a doubt one of the most welcoming, luxurious and professional places I've ever been to. It's more than just somewhere to work out, it's a place to escape everyday stresses. I always leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and, most importantly, VALUED! Well done Third Space, keep up the good work and I shall never leave you.

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 by janey-sunshine, 01 Feb 2012
This gym is lush! Like a 5 star oasis in the heart of Soho. Loving the lounge areas, wifi, magazines, swish new equipment, top trainers. Pool is always chill. Real place to escape the urban grind, get fit, stay happy. DJ in the evenings adds a sick vibe as well. Just hoping they open another club soon in E1!

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 by doctordrake, 31 Jan 2012
I moved to London from Los Angeles last year and was worried I wouldn't find a gym up to LA standards. My colleague recommended Third Space, and I am absolutely in love with this club. My primary interests are yoga, pilates, and gyrotonic and nowhere have I seen such a high standard of instructors, equipment, and classes offered. Maria's classes are gorgeous as they blend high intensity vinyasa flow with a simultaneous focus on a calm, empowered mind-state. I also love that I can use the studios and stretch areas to do my own practice in addition. AND the steam room and pool are a perfect post yoga reverie.

The staff are always really friendly in helping me with class bookings, bringing guests, and I've even benefited from some complimentary personal training sessions.

Overall, to my fellow Yanks, this gym makes Equinox look a bit cookie-cutter. The classes rock, facilities are spotless, and I've even seen a few British celebs on the cardio floor! (swoon)

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 by Lady Chakra, 18 Jan 2012
I've never seen such a bad attitude in a gym. Trainers are ridiculously rude and inpolite. Everybody treats you as if they were the ones paying you. Worst experience ever. Even cheap small gyms are better than this.

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 by rodneynyc, 19 Nov 2011
Truly awful management. To be avoided if possible. Agree with last reviewer - utterly, utterly charmless.

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 by jonlandau, 16 Nov 2011

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