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29 Shorts Garden
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7240 3777 Covent Garden 0.1 miles

With award-winning hair stylist, Adee Phelan, at the helm, this salon was always going to be special. Boasting an A-list celebrity clientele, hip décor, a personalized, bespoke service with expert hair stylists and a full range of beauty treatments, you'll leave Adee Phelan Salon feeling like a star.

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Went for the photoshoot and makeover and it was genuinely such a brilliant experience! I went with a friend, using a Groupon voucher that cost £20, and was sooo pleasantly suprised (because it was so cheap, I hadn't been sure what to expect).

I was a bit stressed on the phone but they were really nice and gave me helpful directions how to get there. We'd booked the photoshoot for my friend, who is disabled, but the voucher covered two people so the staff said I could have everything done too even though I hadn't brought any changes of clothes, so yay!

The hair and makeup was fantastic and the ladies who did it for us were both really nice. I'm white and my friend's Asian and both of our hair and makeup looked great. I have really frizzy hair that I had attempted to straighten before coming but the stylist gave it a beautiful wavy effect. We were offered drinks the whole time, everyone was very kind and helpful and friendly.

The photoshoot was great. There was a range of backgrounds and they did this cool pink lighting effect. The photographer was fun and friendly and very understanding when my friend needed help getting into certain poses. I generally have no idea what to do in front of cameras but the photographer told me exactly what poses to do so that wasn't awkward at all.

In the viewing room the photos were beautiful and there were so many to choose from, so it took us a while! The viewing lady was really helpful and kind. My friend bought a pack of photos, and she loved them. I didn't as I’m a student (and poor!) but I thought the prices were really good as you could get the photos on CD, which gives you full copyright to them and you can use them as much as you want. I got my free photo that game with the Groupon voucher. I thought before coming that they might give me a rubbish one but they let me choose my favourite!

Genuinely we felt so loved the whole time, and both came out sooo happy. Will hopefully come back again in the future, so thank you all at Adee Phelan.

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 by rosie.pinsent, 19 Jun 2013
Just had my hair cut and coloured by Ashley. It would be impossible to fault the care and attention she gave me even though I came with a discount voucher. Both cut and colour are fantastic, just what I wanted. I have difficult hair and she actually LISTENED to me! I will be going again.

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 by Vickifriend, 06 Apr 2013
I visited Adee Phelan's Covent Garden salon in February having bought a Groupon voucher for a cut and a colour. Given it was a Groupon deal I wasn't expecting the world, but I was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

The plus points were:
- friendly and professional staff (the stylist, colourist and receptionist were super lovely)
- they insisted on a patch test a few days before my visit (not something I have ever had to do elsewhere)
- I told the colourist and stylist I only had 1.5 hours, which wasn't enormously helpful of me BUT they did everything they could do get me out of the door without making me feel like I was being rushed, and I think that is a real credit to them
- my cut and colour wasn't a complex brief, just a tidy up and all-over semi-perm colour, but I wasn't disappointed as the cut falls really nicely and my hair is super shiny from the colour

In terms of areas for improvement:
- I had to ask for a drink of water 3 times
- I had to request the stylist cutting my hair saw it before it was coloured and washed (not something I should have to point out to them)
- the stylist didn't notice that I had a handful of hair missing from a hairbrush mishap (again, something I would have expected an experienced stylist to pick up)

Having said all that, I would have no hesitation in going back. I should also point out, I am super picky as a client. The cut and the colour is great and, at the end of the day, I paid half price, so I am very pleased all round.

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 by SJS, 06 Mar 2013
I went to this salon in 2010 so things may have changed. I have been reading the reviews, having stumbled across this page whilst searching for salons, and thought I'd add my experience.

I have fine, unrelaxed hair and am mixed race (West Indian/European). My friend who has afro hair swears by this place and says the service is great and that her hair's never looked better. Although it's a bit pricey, she thought it was worth it not to spend ages waiting in other afro salons. She gets a relax and trim and says she's never had a better relaxer. However, when I visited, even though I had an appointment I had to wait an hour to be seen (and was still charged full price). The hairdresser couldn't blowdry my hair straight (something I've never had a problem with doing myself and that every other hairdresser has managed to do even better than I can). They then trimmed it quite well but couldn't get it sleek when straightening; they didn't seem to have the products or know how to deal with mixed hair. They also told me that I had a "cow's lick" which meant my hair naturally doesn't fall properly at the front and leaves me with a bump.(I've never been told this before and neither myself nor any hairdresser have ever had a problem parting my hair at the front, plus I've never had a bump before or since...) I walked out with some frizzy fluffball with a bump on one side.

I went home and started again, did my hair myself. No "cow's lick", no bump, no frizz. So, although I had high hopes and although my friend had nothing but praise, I could have done a better job at home and saved myself over £200. I've never been unhappy with a salon visit before but I was hugely disappointed with this place. I go to salons to get a treatment and a nice sleek finish, something better than I can do myself at home. Perhaps my experience wasn't typical but I've not chanced it again. Lovely decor, friendly staff, but the only thing I can compare this to is when my mum took me to a hairdresser in the '80s who declared they'd "never seen mixed race hair" but would "have a go at it".

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 by Eek, 22 Feb 2013
Disgusting service. Out of 6 appointments they cancelled 5 within hours of the appointments. Even when you arrive on time and actually get seen, they will be late seeing you. I'd sooner cut my own hair with a bread knife than face another encounter with these amateurs.

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 by russelltrent, 20 Feb 2013
I have never had a worse hair cut, my hair has been butchered. I have never left a salon crying before nor stopped a stylist during the cut. Appalling. Avoid.

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 by kittyegould, 04 Dec 2012
I would like to thank all the amazing team in London, especially Beth Margetts and Gez Aberneithie, for such a fabulous day. I couldn't have been made to feel more relaxed and welcome in such an exclusive salon. The photographs I had done are amazing and I can't recommend the experience highly enough. Thank you all so much, it was truly a day to treasure.

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 by ninadorrell, 12 Nov 2012
I went here last week and was REALLY impressed. I'm a tough customer when it comes to hair salons and have been struggling for years in various cities to find one I trust and would go back again and again to. I found it here. Had a Groupon voucher, which helped with the cost. Ashlee coloured my hair and she did an absolutely beautiful job, the best colour I've had in years. She listened to exactly what I wanted and managed to achieve what no one else ever can (and I've never understood why they can't)! The whole visit was very relaxing - delicious lattes as I sat and read magazines, just the right amount of chat. It's a great salon in a convenient location. A good cut too... I'll definitely be back.

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 by Lily13 (2 reviews), 23 Oct 2012
If you're looking for the IHR, please do not go to Adee Phelan salon. I visited in June 2012 and they did such a terible job. They left my hair brittle and unmanageable. After complaining, they refunded my £250. But it will take months, if not a year, for the damage to grow out of my hair. I would have saved so much hassle if I had gone to a more professional salon.

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 by gurjit.nagra, 10 Aug 2012
Terrible haircut. Did not give me the cut I wanted and barely cut anything. The staff may be friendly but in my opinion they are inexperienced amateurs. Don't go there. I had to get my hair cut the next day at a different salon.

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 by MonkeyBabyGeorge, 15 May 2012
Amazing! Best experience I have had for a while. Colour by Siobhan was exactly what I wanted and a lovely cut from Elvis. Left feeling like a million dollars. Agree, the coffee is good too.

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 by loulou1978, 08 Apr 2012
I wish I had read some of the reviews before I went to a have a haircut at Adee Phelan. It was the worst haircut in history. The staff seemed great enough but the girl who cut my hair did a horrible job. Maybe I was just unlucky, but I went home with hair colour everywhere on my neck and in my ears and with a square head from the haircut. I still want to cry every time I look in the mirror.

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 by marcela_291981, 07 Jan 2012
Again... Was going to take today's Groupon offer but read the reviews first (as you always have to). Thank you to everyone for being honest. You can tell the ones that are the salon inbetween as well. Even if David Beckham did have his hair cut here once, did he come back? Pull your socks up - a customer is a customer and people like me might try you out and then keep coming back. I need a great hairdresser!

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 by dollyxx (2 reviews), 14 Dec 2011
Great customer service and very good consultation, but the cut was only so-so and I expected more for the high prices.

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 by aboutanewcareer (2 reviews), 13 Oct 2011
Had hair cut here a while back and haven't found a hairdresser who can cut my hair like Greg. Fantastic service, drinks and salon were top notch and so was the banter. Would recommend to anyone.

Useful review? 2
 by Hdyd, 07 Jul 2011
I got my hair done at the Adee Phelan salon for the first time the other day, and I must say the experience and the cut, done by Lisa, were simply fantastic! She is very friendly, truly creative and understood immediately what I wanted and did a wonderful job of fulfilling it. The environment is indeed very friendly, relaxed and very modern. I will definitely be coming back here. I recommend this salon and my stylist 100%.

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 by lesleyT25, 24 Jun 2011
I bought a hair appointment on offer from Groupon and I thought it was a really pretty dreadful cut. The offer was for a haircut supposedly worth £131 for £35. Unfortunately I think I got the Saturday boy for my cut - he definitely hadn't finished his training, and maybe he hadn't even started it! Anyway, my local hairdresser produces a much more stylish and well-cut head of hair for the same price.

I think the salon need to be careful about quality control! It had obviously been overwhelmed by the Groupon offer, and did not have enough professional hairdressers to meet the demand. It is commercially a shot in the foot to start using poorly and inadequately trained staff to style customers’ hair. Surely the whole purpose of the Groupon campaign is to introduce new customers to the salon and then offer such a great experience that customers think it worth returning and recommending. The company then retains some of these customers and attracts more new customers through word of mouth. Instead I'm sure that I won't be the only dissatisfied customer spreading the word about the poor experience and cut.

I wasn’t going to bother to complain, but I have just received another offer from the salon through Groupon and decided to.

Useful review? 2
 by syringa13, 13 Jun 2011
Isn't it funny that with every negative review there is mention of another salon elsewhere?... I love this salon. Plain and simple. I have my haircut done by the wonderful Karen and have been for years. I just wish that bitter little people wouldn't ruin it for others who are genuinely trying to establish what the place is like.

Useful review? 1
 by nats_horsham, 06 Apr 2011
I don't particular like or dislike Adee Phelan Salon but I love my stylist, Lisa, who I followed from JLT even as the location of the salon is inconvenient for me. She is by a far distance the best I have come across in London and I can highly recommend her.

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 by Happy Customer, 30 Mar 2011
Really disappointed, went on the Groupon promotion - treatment was meant to be worth £131 - glad I didn't pay the right price. Stylist hardly cut anything off so it didn't look much different. Also she couldn't blow dry and I left salon with flat hair. As for head/neck message that should have been included in package - they forgot that. Never again.

Useful review? 3
 by Belford, 21 Mar 2011

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