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Fitzrovia, London
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I must say I was not satisfied with my experience at all. Although it was good to chat about what I wanted at the start and what could be achieved, the experience after the shampoo was not enjoyable.

I could hardly see what was going on as my head was in a constantly tilted position and, to make the discomfort worse, my hairdresser looked grumpy as though he didn't even want to be there. He barely spoke to me, until I told him after my blow dry that I wasn't happy with it. He then got a bit defensive and moved onto another customer. He reiterated our earlier conversation about what options could be taken, but he said it in a tone that did not take into consideration my feelings towards my cut, which should've been the most important thing since I assume customer satisfaction is paramount.

I walked out of the salon feeling like I had been told off and what I felt didn't matter. I will never return to the salon and I will not recommend them to my friends.

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 by KG10, 13 Oct 2013
A very nice salon with really welcoming staff. The stylist that cuts my hair is amazing! I have curly, frizzy, thick hair and she knows exactly how to cut it so that it suits my face, curly or straight. On top of this, she listened to what I wanted in terms of colour. While I was quite vague, she has some amazing ideas. I will continue going to this salon as I have never had a better cut or colour!

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 by fionameaney, 14 Oct 2012
I don't usually write reviews, but Katie has been cutting my hair for so long I thought I'd tell people how good she is at what she does. She's always welcoming and friendly and a joy to chat to throughout. You really get the impression that not only does she love what she does but also that making the customer relaxed and happy is always at the forefront of her mind. Thanks Katie, you're awesome!

It doesn't hurt also that the salon is bright and vibrant and clean and welcoming. Just a great atmosphere overall.

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 by jlh82, 11 Oct 2012
Absolutely great. I had a very good experience with Sonia and now she always does my hair... and I love it! She understands what clients want or need. But all of them are really good. I definitely recommend this place.

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 by LetiPos, 06 Jul 2012
I'm not a reviewer but I've just read all the reviews and I want to give an account of my experience. I went to this place today as I needed a fresh haircut. I just decided to go inside because a member of staff was at the entrance, smiling, and I just thought it seemed nice and trendy! It's true that there was no one at the reception, but a French guy welcomed me and cut my hair like never before. He was quick, efficient and paid great attention to detail. I felt the atmosphere was very professional (because, to be honest, I hate it when your hairdresser asks you a lot of personal things about your life). I definitely recommend this place.

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 by tomtom291, 23 Jun 2012
I recently went to Andrew Jose for the first time and I will certainly be going back. I'm not usually one to write reviews but thought I needed to on this occasion as the guy who did my hair, Matt, was incredible. Love my new hair, and everyone has commented on it! Matt was a lovely guy, really friendly, and looked after me. I will be going back to him all the time from now on and have recommended him to all my friends. The salon has a great atmosphere too.

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 by jonnobrown, 23 Jun 2012
I'm never one for writing reviews, I usually just read them!
I booked a deal through, giving this salon the benefit of the doubt, but totally regret it now!

I called in to make an appointment. The receptionist sounded bored and was rude. They called me the next day to move the appointment because of a mix up with developing time. I fell ill the day before my appointment and called to reschedule for the following day or weekend. I was told it was not within the 24 hour cancellation period and that they would be keeping the money (£100) I had paid and cancelling my appointment! I asked for a call back from the manager but haven't heard a thing... Not impressed.

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 by Chloehilton06, 05 Jun 2012
Horrendous service - do not use. Bought a voucher off Living Social, however never got to use it. Turned up at the salon and was left waiting for 10 mins before anyone acknowledged me. Then when I was eventually seen by my stylist, she spent 15 mins telling me very rudely how awful my hair was and how she couldn't do anything with it as it was in such bad condition. I asked for solutions but she couldn't offer anything except to continue to tell me how bad my hair was. So I left in tears without having anything done. Went to a salon around the corner and am really happy with the results. I would like to point out that my hair is nowhere near as bad as this woman made out and she seemed to take joy in humiliating me. DO NOT GO HERE.

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 by jhar26, 02 Jun 2012
I got a deal through Groupon and loved it. First time I've been really happy with the colour and cut. Sadly can't afford to go normally. Two thumbs up from me!

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 by Helen A, 19 Dec 2011
I was about to buy the Groupon voucher as I need something done to my hair, but 'wow' am I glad I checked reviews first (as one has to with Groupon). Thanks everyone for posting. The point is: why, as a business, do Groupon if your staff can't cope or be their best (professional in the least)? Hair is sacred to a person. I won't be going.

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 by dollyxx (2 reviews), 09 Dec 2011
I resent being conned into having a toner when I clearly stated I did not have the funds to cover this. They use the Groupon voucher as an excuse to make more money out of you. Shame, as the colourist was ok (although left the bleach on my hair for an hour). The cut was mediocre.

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 by Crimbs, 13 Oct 2011
Excellent salon. Katie is absolutely awesome and always makes me look and feel amazing at every appointment!

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 by jo.s.shand, 22 Sep 2011
I have been having my hair cut by Katie for well over 5 years now and followed her when she moved to Andrew Jose about 18 months ago. As someone that didn't like getting my hair cut, the service and atmosphere at Andrew Jose is great - relaxed, bright and airy; makes you feel it's a treat whilst not being too posh!

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 by sazza beee, 05 Sep 2011
Been to Andrew Jose a few times. Absolutely great - especially Katie, who really understands what clients want. Other staff in the salon are very nice and professional as well. They always make you feel welcome and they always provide helpful service. Some of my friends now visit this salon regularly as well. I would certainly recommend, it's excellent!

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 by Vickycho11, 03 Sep 2011
After visiting many top-end salons around London, I have decided that this is my favourite. Treated to a warm smile from the receptionist as I entered and immediately offered a drink, it put me at ease. A lady called Katie did my hair. She was extremely efficient and thorough, talking through what kind of style/colour would suit my face shape and complexion. The result was the best I have ever seen, leaving me with soft hair which had a bit of an edge to it! The salon had a relaxed, warm atmosphere. I shall definitely be returning and would not hesitate to recommend the salon, or my stylist.

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 by beth.237, 03 Sep 2011
I recently had a cut at Andrew Jose, as I'd had a bad experience at a different hair salon. They completely sorted my hair out and did the exact style I had in my head. I can honestly say it is one of the best cuts I have had. They really looked after me and were really concentrated on what I wanted. I have re-booked for a colour with Katie, the same stylist who cut my hair. She highlighted my friend's hair and it looked so natural and well done.

I was really well looked after and have no clue why people are slating the service here. People should definitely ignore some of the comments on here. I urge those people to give it another go, as it may have been a one-off... or perhaps people are saying bad stuff on here for no reason or just to be mean. I really like this place and strongly urge people to give it a go. I read the reviews on here before I went but gave it the benefit of the doubt and was very pleasantly surprised and impressed.

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 by LouLou9191, 02 Sep 2011
One of the best salons I've ever been to. Very good service, amazing stylist, good vibe. I truly recommend this place to anyone who wants an excellent five star service.

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 by CMateus, 02 Sep 2011
I had my hair coloured and cut last night using a Groupon voucher at Andrew Jose, and I will not be returning. My appointment was at 5:45 and I was not seen until 6:15 - half an hour sitting there waiting. If I hadn't already paid for the voucher, then I would have left.

I had Sonia, who was very nice, and the colour was put on quickly. But I was then left for nearly an hour with colour on my hair, and not offered a magazine, a drink or anything. The cut was not consulted on before the colour went on, and when my hair had been washed she just said, "You want a trim". I did... but what if I didn't?! Aren't hairdressers supposed to look at your hair dry first?!

After 2 and 3/4 hours I left the salon. My hair did look nice, and I am pleased with it. But in terms of service, it is appalling. I should have read the reviews before I paid for the voucher. I should have known it was going to be a bad experience when I arrived at the reception only to have to wait for the 2 men to finish their conversation before they even said hello. Rude, poor service. Never, ever again!!

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 by iggylizzy, 01 Sep 2011
I tried this salon for the first time recently and had highlights and a cut.

I have to say that the lack of a welcome (I was left standing for 10 mins before being approached), very off-ish receptionist, and length of time I waited with wet hair, weren't great. The people working there generally seemed pretty fed up and, I agree, were pretty scruffy. However, I was really pleased with the results - the colour was natural and cut was great. Although not overly friendly at first, the hairdresser did seem to listen to what I asked for and warmed up by the end of the appointment.

From past reviews, it sounds like experiences at this salon can be mixed. It's certainly not luxury in its approach to the client experience (and the receptionist really needs to get rid of his attitude), but I would return just to repeat the cut and colour that I received.

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 by dearsarahh, 24 Aug 2011
I got a perm done at Andrew Jose, as I thought in a high-end salon I would be in good hands. But it didn't even last a week and I paid £130 for it. When I confronted the manager about it and asked for at least a partial refund, he was incredibly rude and just said that I didn't want tight curls but big waves. My hair is still damaged now but was never properly wavy/curly. The most annoying thing is that I think the stylist realized what was happening and tried to cover it up by sending me out with still very damp hair. Honestly, DO NOT GO TO THIS HAIRDRESSER.

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 by michaela83, 03 Aug 2011

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