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Soho, London
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Flush from the success of the hit television series 'The Salon' two of its stars Paul Merritt and Adee Phelan have created a new grooming hotspot. Celebs and VIP clientele prove this modern indulgent holistic spa and hair salon is the place for excellence and fresh styles. Get ready to be blown away.

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I am a regular at Bloww for a reason. I love the staff, they are very friendly and make you feel comfortable. I also go to the spa once a month for a wax. Even though it is expensive - but hey, London is expensive - it is totally worth it. The girls are very respectful and nice. The spa is very hygienic and I look forward to my appointment every month. I would certainly recommend.

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 by mechteld2, 31 Oct 2011
I went to Bloww a few weeks ago and was so impressed. The salon was beautiful and everyone was really friendly. I had my colour and cut done by a stylist called Jo. I have never been so happy! I was anxious at first, as she was only stylist level, but she made me feel comfortable straight away and seemed very experienced. My colour looks much more natural and elegant and my cut is great and is growing out really well. Will definitely be back!

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 by mary_lee25, 28 Sep 2011
I just recently had a haircut by a stylist here and I am beyond disappointed. She insisted that she use hair straighteners on my hair. My hair is very thin and very dry, so I asked her not to. This obviously upset her and she proceeded with the hair dryer on full power on each strand of hair for about a minute. A few times I almost jumped up because my scalp was so hot, it was painful. Now my hair feels so dry. I am trying different intensive treatments and nothing works. It was never this bad.
My advice: at all costs, AVOID.

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 by dinadayadrid, 10 Apr 2011
I had my first hair treatment recently. The staff were polite, friendly, and made me feel at ease. However, I waited for nearly 2 hours to get my hair done which, considering the end product and the fact that I came on time, I was not happy with at all. I felt like my hair was being rushed so the hairdresser could go home. Not worth the money at all. Lovely atmosphere but rubbish end results.

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 by Andreia, 30 Jan 2011
I recently had my hair done here as well as a manicure and pedicure in the spa. I found the staff to be very professional and friendly and felt well looked after all day. Ashley and Bea did a wonderful job and I was very happy with the whole experience.

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 by ward.j12, 07 Dec 2010
I had a great experience at Bloww! Really friendly and funny. My stylist, Charley, was fantastic! I will be going back.

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 by mamaminky, 03 Oct 2010
This was the first time I've been to Bloww and I'm pleased to say my last! The stylist didn't listen to any of my requests at all, and as for the customer service it was awful. The manager smelled of fags and looked awful. Truly a terrible experience.

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 by elizaburt, 22 Sep 2010
I have to disagree. I have never experienced so much attitude when receiving customer service. I can deal with snobbishness but they are just rude.

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 by samer, 06 Sep 2010
I loved my experience at Bloww. Friendly, skilled staff, and the cut I got from Thomas was great. Nice to have the hair and spa combined in one spot.

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 by dkspace, 01 Aug 2010
The worst West End salon I have ever been to. No customer service, rude, and very disorganised indeed. I was sat in reception waiting for nearly an hour. I won't be going back to this salon, that's for sure.

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 by jamieyousef999, 16 Apr 2010
My wife has a haircut with Ashley. Best cut she has ever had.
Salon is really nice - a bit imposing when you first walk in, but staff are really friendly.

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 by headlineshair, 15 Mar 2010
I went to the new spa at Bloww, called Kuno Tierra. I had a facial and wax with Verity. It was amazing. Highly recommend.

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 by rchenari, 10 Mar 2010
There still happens to be a celebrity stylist at Bloww. His name is Charlie and he did all the hair on Strictly. He does a fab blow dry.

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 by charley399, 10 Mar 2010
Salon was amazing - great service, nice atmosphere, and I had an amazing haircut.

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 by ant_b36, 09 Mar 2010
There are no 'celeb' stylists at Bloww any more. They've all moved on to other salons. Such a shame.

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 by wenchie100, 05 Mar 2010
The new look 'spa' downstairs below the salon has been decorated to a higher standard, and so I thought this would be the case for the staff. I wanted to see what all the fuss is about, but these new people seem like robots with nothing natural about them at all, and no humbleness - it's too OTT.

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 by Cherrybaby, 25 Feb 2010
Same here... My experience this week was truly awful. There are no longer familiar faces on reception and the bar, (they used to hang coats and make wonderful refreshments with a smile). Some lady with short, blonde hair has a voice that just goes right through you - very annoying! The 'manager' looked dreadful, hair all over the place, and smelled of cigarettes. Where the hell has Paul Merritt gone??

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 by shallsea909, 25 Feb 2010
Been going to Bloww/Stafford's/Bloww. Great haircut, but where's the big guy in the bar? He was fantastic and very professional. On my latest visit my coffee was terrible, no one took my coat (it just hung on my chair), and all round the service was awful.

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 by greatbikes, 17 Jan 2010
Although there have been many changes at Bloww (it became 'Staffords' for a while, and now back to Bloww), I am very happy with the new look. The service is wonderful, the atmosphere is fantastic, and the whole team seem like a big happy family. I always feel welcome. The prices have changed for the better and the reception staff are 5* all the way. Thank you Bloww team!

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 by girlinlondon, 03 Dec 2009
I have been going to Bloww since it was taken over and became Lee Stafford's. It's a fantastic salon. Everyone is really friendly and I always leave feeling pampered, with a great haircut. Simon, my stylist, has been cutting my hair for over three years. I used to work with him in Charles Worthington and he is a brilliant stylist. I recommend everyone to try him. He is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for!

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 by gem d, 10 Nov 2009

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