11 Blenheim Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7491 2390 Bond Street 0.1 miles

This attractive salon is a joint venture between Ben White, Jason Welch, Christian B Toth and Sebastian Stetkiewicz, formerly of Fordham White in Soho. Their joint expertise allows them to offer an extensive service across all aspects of hairdressing. Jason is a Redken Platform Artist and leading authority on colour in the UK; Christian and Sebastian were the first people in the UK to offer Yuko Straightening outside of the Yuko Academy. Eleven is located just off New Bond Street.

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Today I had my hair done by Vasiliy at Eleven in Covent Garden and, like always, I left the salon with a big smile on my face. I've known him quite a long time already, since the first time I had my hair cut at Eleven in Mayfair. I have to say, I can't imagine another person doing their job as lovingly and professionally as he does. Even if I just go for a trim, he always does it perfectly. He's attentive and knows exactly what you need. Moreover, he advises and explains how to take care of your hair, which products you need to use for your hair type and so on. Definitely recommend him as a professional hairdresser!

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 by ula_deimante, 06 Feb 2014
After reading many reviews on this site I booked a cut with David. I really enjoyed the experience and the cut and would recommend this salon to anyone. It was quiet, elegant but relaxed. The staff are amazingly nice, polite and approachable. David himself is very easy to talk to (about hair or other), kind, gentle and a good listener. My hair is curly and therefore difficult to cut. He did a great job, with good skills and vision. I am sure David would appeal to many different styles of hair and personalities. I would recommend him highly. I also spoke to Jacqueline, who gave a gentleman next to me a great cut - elegant and just right.

I have had many traumatic experiences at hair salons, always feel awkward and nervous, but this time I felt quite relaxed and would definitely go back (I only went back twice to John Frieda but preferred the atmosphere at Eleven). Consistency is a problem with even good hairdressers (one or two great cuts followed by bad ones) and I can't comment on that yet, but if you are nervous, would like a good, stylish, personal hair cut in a classy yet warm and relaxed atmosphere then Eleven is for you.

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 by dartinet (2 reviews), 27 Sep 2013
Ben White, what can I say? When he moved, I moved with him. He's been doing my hair for years at the Mayfair salon, so the news of Eleven opening other salons was really exciting. The new salon is in the heart of Covent Garden and the standards and quality of the staff there are amazing. It's nice to see that quality service travels with the name Eleven. I thoroughly recommend people to go and visit them and see for yourself.

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 by scottstoten, 30 Jul 2013
I heart Eleven. I thoroughly look forward to my appointments there – friendly faces, hilarious banter, glass of wine... and I also happen to come out with an amazing hairstyle each time! Jason Welch has been my hairdresser for 10 years now and I love him, so much so that when he's moved I've moved with him. He weaves colour magic like no other and knows just how to effortlessly guide you into a new style.

If only I could move him down to Brighton I would but I'm happy to travel for my hair. From blonde, short and spiky to slick, blunt and dark brown, I've had many new looks. Thanks to Jason's ingenuity I always walk out of Eleven with a bounce and a smile and a happy hairdo.

I thoroughly recommend Eleven – top notch.

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 by tinaj, 29 May 2013
I am not as a rule a review writer (in fact, this is only the second one I have ever done) but I just had to write this to rave about the amazing Eleven Hair and, in particular, the fabulous Jacqueline Tarlier. She weaved utter magic on my incredibly long, very dull/dry-looking hair and turned it into a virtual replica of the Khloe Kardashian ombre picture I had showed her earlier. I adore it.

Jacqueline spent ages talking to me, going through all my concerns, knowing I wasn't a great fan of having my hair coloured after previous bad experiences, and she spent a mega 5 hours perfecting my look. No being on a conveyor belt in this salon, the stylists all seem to listen to exactly what each customer wants. She knew I'd travelled a long way and took her time. However, for those on a tight time frame, whist my colour was setting she also managed to do a total style makeover cut and mega blow dry on a lady in a major dash in an hour! I was open-mouthed at the transformation.

Not only is this salon super cool, it is super friendly - and that makes such a difference. Wine, lattes etc always on offer and it's really reasonably priced. The whole experience was fab. If you're wondering about going, do it!

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 by Tashandollie, 08 Apr 2013
I have been struggling to find a decent hairdresser for 5 years - the search is finally over. After reading reviews on this link, I decided to give Eleven a go and booked with Jacqueline. I had an ombre done and got a trim. I am over the moon with my colour and the cut was awesome as well. The salon was reasonably priced in comparison to some I've been to. I can't rave enough - I'll be back.

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 by kacampbell8, 27 Mar 2013
I have been having my colour done by Jason Welch for 13 years now, and I can honestly say that I have NEVER been disappointed (no mean feat for a "very fussy" blonde). During that time I have followed Jason to 3 different salons, but now that he is a joint partner at Eleven Hair I have never been happier! Walking in feels like arriving at a gathering with all my best friends - they are all so welcoming and fun. As long as Jason, Ben, Sebastian, Christian, Russell, David, Georgie and the rest of the team are there, I will never go anywhere else!!

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 by Shells2013, 15 Mar 2013
After many years I have finally found the perfect hairdresser - Jacqueline Tarlier. I have had bad experiences with hair colour, but she knew exactly what I wanted, and coloured and cut my hair so well, wasted no time, and got it right the first time! She definitely knows what she is doing. Because of her I finally have the hair colour I've wanted for ages. Staff at Eleven salon are so lovely and friendly. Sticking to this salon!

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 by Hansa, 10 Mar 2013
Jacqueline Tarlier is the best colourist I've come across in years, and her cuts are brilliant too. I'm lucky enough to have known her several years and she's the only one I let touch my hair. Her ombré skills are second to none and I always get exactly what I ask for. No surprises, just elation at the amazing new hair I have after seeing her. By far my favourite hair stylist I've ever had, I'm never letting her get away!

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 by kelseypadjen, 05 Feb 2013
I love Eleven Hair. Did my eyebrows with Lana the beautician and was so happy with it! Did my Ombre with Jacqueline and I, basically, came out of the store with a happy look on my face! It also helps that it's so close to my flat.

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 by yasminjsm, 31 Jan 2013
I went to Eleven recently, having made my decision following a lot of research. I wasn't disappointed. David worked absolute wonders on my hair. Before going to the salon I hadn't had my hair cut for 10 months. I was so fed up with bob after bob and stylists telling me the same old thing, which was: "You have so much hair".

To say the least, I was inspired and felt like a new woman when David had finished my hair, which is now not in a bob but is shoulder-length and flicky. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much David, for a great job.

Not only is David a lovely person but the salon as a whole is very friendly. Staff looked after my friend who travelled from Northamptonshire with me, keeping her going with chat and coffee, which was also quality like everything else about this salon.

Will definitely be going back.

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 by gloria9, 13 Dec 2012
I have lived in the UK for 5 years, and had never found a hairdresser that wouldn't ruin my hair, to the extent I would fly back to the South of France to have my hair cut... until David and Eleven Hair!! What a miracle maker! By far one of the best hairdressers I have experienced - and believe me I've had my share. On top of that, the service is excellent and the salon is so friendly and cosy. I am super happy, to the point I am sharing it with the world!

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 by Samia C., 15 Nov 2012
I started going to Eleven about 4 years ago, and have never looked back. I started off being cut by David, but prefer when hairdressers are not too perfectionist with my very fine and thin hair, as otherwise a haircut takes forever and I end up with less volume. I then changed to Russell, who is perfect for me - very chatty, knows exactly what I like instinctively, and always gets it right.

He is absolutely brilliant, and at a fraction of the cost of top salons like Daniel Galvin and Galvin Junior. He makes my thin, fine hair that is prone to split ends look good for months, full of volume and layers, swishable and simply beautiful.

In the past year, I tried avoiding going to the salon as much, because I was a bit cash-strapped. But I came running back soon enough, as my hair got in terrible condition. Already, in 2 visits, he's almost gotten it back to its usual health.

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 by kimberleyiwilliams, 01 Nov 2012
I've had a digital perm today with Christian and it was truly amazing. Result has exceeded my expectations by far - I am so very pleased! I will definitely try this salon for my next hair cut as well.

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 by londoncat8, 14 Sep 2012
I am one of those people that have often, in the past, left hairdressers on the verge of tears and once out the doors they flow. I had never actually been back to the same hairdressers twice. This all changed when I was introduced to Eleven in Blenheim Street.

I don't think I can fault anything with this place. David cuts my hair there and I will follow him around the world should need be. I have sometimes emerged from hairdressers looking like an electrocuted Rod Stewart or, as someone once said, an "old Dolly Parton". Not the case since David has been in my life. I've been going there for about two years now and have never had so many compliments on my hair!

The atmosphere in the salon is great - friendly and relaxed but you still feel like you are being spoilt. Delicious coffee and chats (if you fancy, not the usual obligatory hairdresser chat). I really can't find fault.

I have paid ridiculous prices for a haircut, both on the cheap and the expensive side, and I would say Eleven fits about in the middle. I can't unfortunately go the suggested every 6 to 8 weeks, as my purse is a little small. But it doesn't really seem to matter, as my haircut lasts - it grows just as beautifully as it was cut!

I gave David a tough challenge on my last visit. I was going to a 20 year school reunion and he had a couple of hours to make me look like I did when I was 17. He somehow managed it (well, at least in my eyes!).

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 by info27, 06 Sep 2012
Once again had brilliant re-style and colour by Russell. He is brilliant. He listens and then explains how we will get the look I want. More importantly he tells me if something will not work. It's great to know I can really rely on his skills and he has never let me down.

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 by pauljarv, 24 Jul 2012
David was brilliant, I cannot recommend him highly enough. He really listened to me. The first haircut I had with him was great, exactly what I wanted. The second was more daring - really what I wanted, but I was still nervous about trusting him. I should not have worried. David is an incredibly calm and capable hairdresser and the positive comments I got afterwards from my husband and friends made me realise that I can rely on him to give me something that suits me and looks great as well as being low maintenance and easy to do myself. I have NEVER had that from a hairdresser before. Usually they say it's easy to do at home but then I realise I need 4 pairs of hands to do a decent job, so I end up getting regular blowdrys. With David I have only had one. In 12 weeks!!

As a reasonably shy person, I must add that David is charming. If you like to chat he will but he is also happy to let you relax and read if you want, which is good as a 3 hour appointment is a long time to chat otherwise!

Plus, my colour is the best I have ever had. I have been asking hairdressers for 10 years for the colour that I got with David on the first visit!

I know I will be coming here for years, so thank you David and all the team!

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 by catherineH, 13 May 2012
Since going to Eleven I have never had a 'bad hair day'. Putting my hair in their hands 18 months ago was the best thing I could ever have done. Their experience and knowledge has turned me from hairdresser-phobic to a total follower.

Georgie is my colourist and stylist. She simply never puts a foot wrong. Prices are competitive and extremely good value. Thanks Georgie, and Eleven, for all you do for me. I can honestly say you have worked wonders.

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 by claire dawson, 23 Apr 2012
I have been going to Russell since he joined Eleven. I have my hair coloured with half head or whole head highlights and it looks wonderfully natural. Just exactly the impression I want. I was amazed when an air hostess on an Asian flight commented on what beautiful hair I had. I like the unpretentious style of the salon, the coffee and biscuits and the chatter. Russell is very reliable and I take his advice.

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 by florence2, 14 Mar 2012
After years of using irons on my hair, decided to straighten it chemically. Went to Eleven and had it done with Sebastian, who changed my frizz into shiny, straight hair. I just wish I had been to see Sebastian years ago!

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 by megan29, 08 Feb 2012

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