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Favourite among the Knightsbridge elite, Equus has been going strong since 1953, making it one of London's most well-established hair salons. It is one of very few places in the UK to offer Balayage highlights, apparently hugely popular in New York and Paris. Balayage (from the French 'to sweep') creates a softer, less 'stripy' and more natural-looking effect than traditional foil highlights, with less obvious re-growth. Also popular are its straightening treatments. These include the fabulous Yuko, as well as a protein-based formula from Brocato that transforms tangled frizz to lustrous, manageable locks without the use of harsh chemicals.

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I also went on the £55 voucher for a half head of highlights, conditioning treatment, cut and blow dry.

First, the highlights: I had an extremely brief chat with the guy doing colour before he disappeared off to do the mix up. He gave my hair only a cursory glance and didn't pay much attention to what I said I wanted. As such, I didn't get what I wanted - I'm lighter than I had hoped to be. As for the technique, he slapped the colours on very quickly without much skill or blending them in properly with my existing colour (I'm used to going to Toni & Guy and every colourist I've had takes the time and effort to do this). I'm visibly stripy.

Conditioning treatment? What conditioning treatment? Absolutely no mention of this.

Then the cut: again, I wasn't listened to by the guy when I tried to explain what I wanted - I think he fancied himself as an 'artist' and did as he pleased. He did layer it through as I described but the top layers are far, far too short and even though I was visibly uncomfortable he kept going. It is also quite uneven, as he kept saying he liked my type of hair (thick and wavy) to be 'natural' even though I explained I straighten it. I think a good hair stylist should listen to you regarding your hair care routine at home and how the style will fit in your life, and he certainly didn't do this.

The salon itself: it is a 'Knightsbridge society' salon and, as such, is full of rich Sloaney women aged over 50. I'm 23 and felt very out of place!

I won't be going back..

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 by ejbar, 27 Feb 2012
Equus hair salon on Brompton Rd - the worst hair salon experience I have had to date!

I am not quite sure where to start... I received a voucher for this salon for a half head of highlights, a conditioning treatment and a cut and blow dry. Firstly, I had to wait 10 minutes just for the receptionist to acknowledge me (she wasn't particularly busy and was dismissive). The colourist didn't have a colour chart and just asked what colour I wanted. As expected, the end result wasn't what I wanted! When I expressed this, the colourist had no time to change the colour the same day and requested I make another appointment. I found this very unprofessional; it meant not only that I had to walk around with a colour I did not like for a few days but I had to pay for transport back another day! Meanwhile, there was another colourist sitting around doing nothing, who could have fixed my hair! They seemed to have forgotton about the deep conditioning treatment altogether. The hair cut was okay but not the best I've had.

I returned a couple of days later. This time I had to wait 25 minutes for the colourist to finish with a client. All the while he was having a lengthy chat with the other client without bothering to let me know he was running a little late. So I had to sit there and wait! When he finally did get to me, he asked what the problem was and made it difficult for me to explain what I wanted. He was being very defensive without wanting to sort my hair colour. He still didn't produce a colour chart! After the colour the colourist washed my hair and said he would give me a hairdryer! He left and didn't come back to me. I had to ask another staff member for a hairdryer and brush and quickly blow-dried my hair myself. I felt very uncomfortable by this point. I know I didn't want a blowdry as I didn't feel I should be paying for it since they had made a mistake with the colour, hence the reason for my second visit. So out of courtesy they should have dried my hair for me; I didn't expect a full blow dry and set, but perhaps simple finger drying would have done. I left the salon as quickly as I could.

What was supposed to be a pampering experience turned out to be the most humiliating experience. I witnessed the highest level of snobbery and disregard towards me as a client. I expected a better result from this exclusive salon, being as it is in Knightsbridge, but was bitterly disappointed. This is the first time I have felt compelled to review an establishment in this way.

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 by timetoreview, 26 Feb 2012
Firstly, I have never written a review. I found Equus through Urbanpath and it is the first time I have been to a salon without a personal recommendation. I had an appointment yesterday, and I am absolutely delighted to report that Stephania, who coloured and cut my hair, is AMAZING. Stephania was calm, confident and so knowledgeable, with the incredible ability to decipher my request, quash my fears and give me, in my opinion, hair that looks sophisticated with a total natural look. All the staff were warm and welcoming. It was not cheap BUT I would have paid double for the outcome! I have already made my next appointment.

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 by DawnBackup, 12 Nov 2011
I’ve recently had Balayage at Equus. It was my first experience of this colouring technique, having had the usual foil highlights for years, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the results. Jack Howard, who specialises in this method, performed the ‘painting’ technique with confidence and expertise. I came away, after a good cut and restorative protein treatment, with healthy-looking hair radiant with natural-looking blonde highlights. ‘Summer sunshine’ without the sun and the perfect mood-lifter!

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 by Julia Oji (2 reviews), 01 Aug 2011

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