Gielly Green

42-44 George Street
Marylebone, London
Tel: 020 7034 3060 Marble Arch 0.4 miles

Gielly Green is a boutique hair and beauty salon dedicated to helping clients wind down from busy city life. Step inside the Marylebone salon and you'll be greeted with relaxing music, scented candles, books and magazines to read and a juice bar where you can relax between treatments. The staff here are all experts in their field and know how to make your visit truly memorable so all you have to do is kick back and let yourself be pampered.

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I've been going to Gielly Green for years and love it. It is very relaxed, and not like most salons where bright lighting and flamboyant stylists can make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

I see Holly for facials, Benita for brows and Poppy for colour. I could not be happier with my beauty team.

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 by social, 13 Mar 2013
I love this salon. When I walk in I feel like I'm at home.

I always see Poppy and Shai. Between them they have taken my hair from a frizzy white/blonde to a wavy caramel. We took it slow and tried lots of things, and I felt each time I went in they really listened to me and what I was asking for.

The details here are really important. They don't charge extra for a scalp massage, and you can have as many drinks as you like. I HATE it when salons offer you extras you then find tacked onto your bill.

Another thing I like about the salon is that I can go there for all of my beauty requirements instead of jogging all around town. They have a great new brow bar by Shavata, a nice range of facials, and a variety of mani and pedicures.

By far my favourite salon in London, and I have been to QUITE a few!

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 by heartbeauty, 07 Dec 2011
My first experience here was quite smooth and therefore I returned. Since I wanted to go from dark brown to light, the suggestion was a full head of highlights. The shade achieved was more medium brown. The second time I had again a full head with some nice cool lighter brown being achieved but also some ends that had been overprocessed.

When I called to explain I had a few whiteish ends, they suggested I come in and get them 'toned up'. By the time I went in I had regrowth of my black roots, so the advice was tint the roots and tone up the whiteish ends. I had already had spent £950 on hair extensions to match the main ash brown highlights going through my hair.

I had mostly achieved the colour I wanted and told them I did not want to change it, only to freshen up the black roots and get rid of the whiteish ends. Unfortunately the tint applied left my roots almost the same colour. But the biggest issue was that the toner had been applied not just on the whiteish strands but over my whole hair - including my ash brown highlighted hair extensions! The result left me with a completely different colour and look and took away all the highlights, leaving one colour: medium brown.

So after having two lots of full head highlights at this salon and putting my hair through this intense process, the colourist put me back where I started before I came to the salon. I would now AGAIN need to have a full head of highlights if I wanted to be my preferred ash brown.

The colourist knew the history of my hair and she knew that I had planned and managed over 6 weeks and two visits to go from very dark to ash brown highlights. I spent a total of £280 to achieve this. Then, in one visit, she took me back to square one and the advice was, "It will fade". I have since washed it 8 times - it has not faded and the extensions I paid for still are coloured with the colour she applied instead of their original colour when they were put in.

I will not go back there again, as they have ruined the hair colour/extensions. The interesting thing is, the lady who made me this boring darker one shade and coloured over my highlights always wears highlights herself. Some people just suit this look more than the one colour look. I am sure if she had the same done she would feel unhappy with it, so I'm surprised she could not apply the same perspective to someone who could have been a loyal customer.

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 by bellaella (5 reviews), 27 Oct 2011
I followed my colourist, Poppy, who had previously worked at Michaeljohn, to this salon. (I had lost Poppy for a couple of years, so am thrilled to now know where to find her. She is so lovely and friendly too!) I was very happy to come here, as it is the most beautiful salon ever!

I had my usual fab highlights, but also had the best hairwash I have ever had on a backwash that turns into a bed so that you lie down, and in my case almost fall asleep. I had an amazing massage with gorgeous products which are their own brand, very luxurious and smell lovely. I bought some to take home as they were so good.

The salon is so nice, and I recognised lots of familiar faces who had also worked at Michaeljohn (they all seem to have defected here!). They have a smart beauty area as well, which I can't wait to try, as I remember having a facial with Amanda Birch a long time ago - great to see that she is also here. Chilled vibe, friendly staff and very cool.

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 by JackieJ, 22 Oct 2010

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