233 King's Road
Chelsea, London
Tel: 020 7349 8722 South Kensington 0.6 miles

Hairdresser to the A-list for 30 years, Iranian-born Hari Salem knows a thing or two about his trade. Not one to sit back and rest on his laurels, his new King's Road salon - sister to the famous Brompton Road branch - boasts a hot, young creative team and an interior that is characteristically fun and quirky (check out the hair stations designed by up-and-coming artists). Late night openings, resident DJ, live music on Sundays and an on-site bar complete the picture.

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I recently found myself on the King's Road for a spot of Sunday brunch and decided on a whim to get my hair done. Having been recommended Hari's in the past, I was delighted to note that it was open on a Sunday! I went in and thankfully one of their clients had just cancelled so I managed to get in for a marvellous cut with a charming and attentive stylist called Phu and fabulous autumnal lowlights with a colourist called Salvadore, who was so inspiring. I left feeling so special and would highly recommend going back - on all 7 days of the week!

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 by lovelyemmy, 10 Oct 2013
After having a great cut by the talented Greg, I thought I'd return to Hari's today after booking an appointment last week. I arrived about 10 mins early and all I could see was more staff than customers. I was offered a gown and someone took my jacket to hang up. I was seated in a chair while a girl asked me if I was to have my hair washed and if it was clean. I said yes, I had washed my hair the night before and explained also that I had just had a hospital procedure that had made my scalp very sensitive.

A messy man with long hair and some sort of beard appeared and took one look at me and said, "We can't do your hair without a wash, it's filthy". I said that it had been washed and the reason why I didn't want it washed again was because I'd had this medical procedure on my scalp which had made it very sore. I said, "I don't want you to cut my hair, I want Greg to do it. I'm booked with him and he did it fine last time". The man said, "Well I'm the manager and you should have some decency to wash your hair, you're dirty".

I felt terrible, horrified and humiliated by this arrogant, rude unprofessional, so-called manager. I told him to treat me with better manners since I was a customer (I could have turned around and said he looked like some hippy living on a campsite). This so-called manager walked away from me, so I decided to get up and at least say hi to Greg before leaving. Greg apologised, saying it wasn't his fault; it seemed this manager was having a bad day.

I'm suffering from a lot of stress at the moment and just wish some people could learn to have more compassion.

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 by the human, 17 Apr 2013
I was recommended to Hari's by a friend. I'm new to London and had a great colourist in NYC. I was very nervous as I know methods and techniques vary in the UK. I made an appointment with senior colourist Melanie for a colour change. I was incredibly at ease with her consultation and approach, very professional and friendly. Final result? Wow, best colour I've had so far! Highly recommend her.

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 by ralyse23, 18 Dec 2012
[Whoops, I originally posted this to the Brompton branch by mistake - this review is for Kings Road branch!]

Ignore the sour reviews (mostly written, it seems, by those who went on a models' day looking for a freebie), I’ve been to Haris Kings Road four times now as a paying customer and found it to be a wonderful place. Here's why:

I’m the sort of person who doesn’t generally like hairdressers, but on each occasion the atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and generally not at all like I imagined the Kings Road to be. I found everyone - from the receptionist to the assistants that take you coat and bring you drinks, and those that wash your hair and give you a head massage, right up to the senior stylists - to be completely unpretentious and extremely friendly. I have always been treated to perfect customer service from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I was helped on with my coat as I left.

As for the quality of the cutting, I’m a man but had shoulder-length hair until recently. The first time I went I saw Phu, who understood exactly what was needed to make my hair 'travel friendly'. It was a great cut that needed no hard maintenance when on the road. When I came back to London I made the mistake of going to one of the more famous East End salons where I knew one of the staff, and got quite simply the worst cut for the most money I've ever had (so how other reviews can call Hari's overpriced I don’t know). So back to Hari's... I returned and had my hair rescued by Sabrina. The last two times I've seen Jake who, at my request, shortened my hair considerably and gave me, without doubt, the best haircut I've ever had in my life. Complimented by one and all, it just sits perfectly and grows gently into itself between cuts.

Good people, good fun, good cuts... I recommend it highly.

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 by David A, 18 Dec 2012
I went as a hair model on a Sunday afternoon and had a fantastic experience. My hair was cut by a trainee who was nearing the end of her traineeship and she did a great job. My coat was immediately taken and I was quickly offered a drink. Great atmosphere, really friendly staff and a hair wash that almost put me to sleep. Don't let the other model reviews scare you, it depends on who you get!

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 by prfrancesca, 25 Nov 2012
Went on a Model Day. Total waste of time - no interaction from senior members of staff, no refreshments offered and a dreadful haircut to top it all.

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 by ghassam, 25 Sep 2012
Ordinary salon. Rushed from pillar to post, no offer of any drink. Not impressed. High prices totally unjustified.

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 by gorbit, 04 Sep 2012
Overpriced and uncomfortably pretentious.

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 by moonbeam15, 27 Jun 2012
I have been to Hari's for over a year. Very happy, there are lots of good stylists and if you go on a different day they can usually fit you in with someone else. It is lively and quite noisy but friendly. Only annoying thing is the cafe seems not to work on Sundays.

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 by Holliday, 24 Jun 2012
Ditto!! Avoid like the plague on Model Day. They should re-name it Guinea Pig Day! You literally are there just to be practised on by very inexperienced juniors. Still trying to sort my hair out 6 weeks later. No interaction from senior staff. What a dreadful experience...

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 by heavensabove, 29 May 2012
I was a loyal customer for years for cut, colour, and keratin treatments at the Kings Road salon. I ceased going to Hari's after I booked an appointment, was called hours before my visit and told that my stylist had quit and that they were doing me a favour to let me move to another stylist. They then scheduled me for such a short window to perform the colour and cut that the manager and the stylist expressed annoyance at me. As I typically spend anywhere from £200-£400 per visit, I cancelled the appointment and won't be back. The salon manager was unbelievably rude, without any customer service skills. Somehow, their frustations on staffing challenges were misdirected to me, the customer!

I called another salon, who scheduled me in on the same day (without complaint) and performed beautifully with professionalism and charm. It's a shame that this salon has lost the plot on what it means to provide a service.

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 by lmnop, 24 May 2012
Totally agree 100% with the last comment. I also went on Model Day and was very disappointed. No supervision from senior staff at all. Left feeling it was a waste of time.

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 by yorkie, 22 May 2012
I wouldn't recommend going to Hari's on a Model Day. I had hoped my haircut would be supervised but it wasn't. Consequently not worth going - ok, it's free, but I'd rather pay next time. A bit more interaction from the more experienced stylists would be appreciated!

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 by thunder, 15 May 2012
I have just seen the last 2 reviews on here. It sounds like they are reviewing a different salon to the Hari's I know! I have been a client of Hari's for almost 2 years now and go at all different times of the day and week.

It's a friendly salon that has always been professional, I highly recommend them. I go to Andre for colour and Jake for haircuts and use all the junior stylists for blow drys in between. I'm spoilt for choice. It's a bonus that I can have a 'Friday night' glass of wine while I am there as it eases me into the weekend with a blow dry that will last for days.

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 by JTurner83, 14 May 2012
For the prices charged, I wasn't overly impressed. Quite an ordinary salon with extraordinary prices.

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 by blur, 12 May 2012
Hari's was recommended to me by a friend and I was so disappointed. I went on a model day for a colour and a cut. The junior stylist suggested three shades of highlights and the senior stylist came over and confirmed this was a good choice without acknowledging me at all. Very unwelcoming (probably because I wasn't paying the full price). The colour was a big disappointment - I stated I really wanted to get rid of the yellow brassy tones in my hair but, guess what, they didn't. The young girl who cut my hair had obviously never cut hair before and I had to tell her one side was too long. There was no supervision from the senior staff, they were more interested in knocking back the wine at 'Hari's bar' and socialising with other staff. A very pretentious, overpriced and ordinary salon. Will not be returning.

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 by helenfalzon, 03 May 2012
I visited Hari's after reading all the good comments on this site and was not disappointed. Made an appointment with Andre (colorist), who did a FAB job, and Dar, the stylist - both of them are absolute stars! I'm from Belgium and will travel all the way to London to see Dar again for my next haircut... do I need to say more?! Wizard with scissors, plus his happy and energetic personality makes my trip even more fun!

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 by nessdc1, 26 Feb 2012
This is the second time I have been to Hari's on Kings Road and both visits have been excellent. Dar styled my hair the first time and cut it the second time and I have to say he did an amazing job both times! Great cut and finish. He is the best hairdresser I have been to and I would highly recommend him and Hari's Salon.

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 by NeetaD, 19 Jan 2012
Really disappointing blow dry at Hari's. I told the stylist exactly what I wanted and he nodded and smiled but clearly wasn't paying any attention and instead gave me his signature look. Also always feels very rushed whenever I am there. Not a bad establishment but also not worth the price.

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 by maryb1, 19 Dec 2011
I love going to the new salon on the Kings Road, it has a much better layout than the original Hari's on Brompton Road and feels really buzzy. Dar cuts my hair and always does an amazing job. Wouldn't think about going anywhere else!

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 by fiakamal, 09 Nov 2011

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