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Chelsea, London
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With over 30 years in the business, Hari's salon is one of London's most established hair and beauty salons offering innovative, luxurious and pampering treatments. Situated in the heart of Chelsea, Hari and his team have been styling the UK's glossiest stars for many years.

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My visits to Hari's are always pleasurable and without doubt they are exceptional at what they do here. The staff are hospitable, competent and professional. In particular, Dar is highly intuitive and talented. The guy practically sculpts my hair in no time at all, while alleviating my many issues - every time. Not only does my hair behave, always look great, suit me and my lifestyle, but knowing the health of my hair is being taken care of - on both a short term and a long term basis - is simply priceless.

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 by Mrs.A, 12 Jan 2014
Fab cut, loved the new look. Always trust you guys. Thanks.

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 by Hahamach, 10 Oct 2013
Pretentious, overpriced and very average. Extremely disappointed. Staff too interested in socialising and their own reflections.

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 by jasperbert, 02 Mar 2013
5-star everything, from the second I walk in to the second I walk out. I have my hair cut by my regular, Jenny. She always knows exactly what I want, even without asking. I arrived a little early for my last appointment and she was already ready.

I love Hari's. I've been going there for the last 10 years and I don't plan on going anywhere else. Quality treatment, service, and standards - can't ask for much more from a salon.

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 by ram.amelia, 03 Dec 2012
Only average. Went in for highlights and did not get what I asked for. Extremely expensive for average service.

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 by KatieC, 09 Nov 2012
I am a VERY picky person, but I have been going to see Yasmin at the Brompton Road branch for a long time and she is fabulous. She listens and does my blow dry EXACTLY how I like it. A £25 blow dry? Should be an £80 blow dry. Hari, great job putting her on the price list!

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 by Nicole04 (2 reviews), 23 Sep 2012
I have never had such a terrible haircut in my life. The stylist could not even cut layers properly into my long thick hair. They were not symmetrical, without any structure, and look really haphazard. When I went back and complained, she said this was 'the look' and it was meant to look choppy.

Afterwards I went to another hairdresser to see if anything could be done to rescue my hair. But he said best not to touch it for four to six months and then come back. Basically, my hair will need six months to grow out this mess. So please, if you love your hair, just stay away. They refunded my money but the damage and pain of growing it out and having to walk around with this every day is just too much. Don't waste your money and time.

The salon actually defended the stylist in question, saying she trained under Hari for 17 years. I could not believe it. Certainly not worth £110. I feel like they should be compensating me for the bad hair I have to live with.

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 by truereview, 24 May 2012
I love coming to Hari's, it's always a great experience. First impressions are everything and I'm always made to feel welcome by the smiling faces of the vibrant reception team. The service is relaxed, with an air of professionalism I struggle to find elsewhere. All my appointments are booked for the year. Can't wait to go back.

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 by anto_bur, 28 Mar 2012
Had my first appointment at Hari's after a few friends had raved about it. Came out feeling like a million dollars. Had so many great comments about how my hair looks. Colour stylist suggested something completely different, which I wasn't sure about but I went for it. It looks amazing. Cut's subtle but 100% fabulous! So pleased with the end result. Will definitely be back there. Love it, love it, love it!

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 by phinee, 08 Jan 2012
Been to Hari's about 5 times and with each visit the service was worse and worse. I usually just get my hair coloured - mainly the roots - and a rough dry. I have had highlights there but they did not look nice (very orange). The last two times I went there the colourist didn't even bother to check her work. The last time I went there I asked at the time of booking for a rough dry; they handed me a blow drier and I was told to do it myself. They didn't comb out my hair or even towel dry it, they didn't even show me to a chair, she just handed me a blow drier... so I walked out with wet hair. I will never go back there. Expensive, rude, and very average results.

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 by Frosty15, 06 Jan 2012
Hari's is by far the worst salon I have ever been to, and I have been to plenty. The atmosphere is terrible - lots of bitching and telling juniors off in front of clients.

In particular, I found the receptionist at the desk to be very rude. While I paid, she told me matter-of-factly that the boss's wife times how long the stylist takes to blow dry my hair! Excuse me? Then the same receptionist said, "Oh, it has nothing to do with you personally but she takes too long blow drying your hair and the boss's wife is not happy about it"; she then went on to tell me the stylist could make more money for the salon by cutting another 3 people's hair in the time it takes to blow dry my hair. How unprofessional and greedy! WOW! She may as well have said, "Line up sheep and give us lots of your money but don't expect anything more than an average job with a time limit as we have other sheep waiting to part with their cash"! So why tell me if it is nothing to do with me? That was after taking £75 off me for an average blow dry...

By the way, the stylist was a lovely woman; shame about half of the others, and especially the receptionist! RUDE is an understatement!

The colourist, who I asked to lighten my hair with highlights, decided to make it very dark without my permission. I wanted more blonde highlights but she decided to do it her way as it most likely took less time and effort (clock-watching boss I imagine) and I ended up very dark. Not what I asked for, it was a very average colour that did nothing for me at all. But I was still charged the earth - which I wouldn't have minded if I had loved it, but I could have done better myself buying off the shelves.

I am very surprised I stayed with Hari's as long as I did (a couple of months or so), but I was lazy and the salon is situated near my home. After a couple of months and after the above comment from the receptionist, I'd had enough. I finally found a top salon that caters to you and your needs. Hari's staff are so rude, unfriendly, unprofessional and overrated. This is not what I want from a salon, never mind a so-called top salon. Don't waste your money!

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 by angellizbiz (2 reviews), 08 Oct 2011
I had the most amazing haircut of my life. Kumi is an amazing hair stylist. She was paying a lot of attention to all the small details and knew exactly what she needed to do my hair. It is better than what I was expecting. The salon was great also. I had a very nice hair wash and head massage. Service was very pleasant. Thanks Hari's, and thanks Kumi.

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 by ak78, 20 Sep 2011
The best hair salon, without doubt, I have been to. I felt so nurtured with the time and care that Dar took to find the right hair cut for me. I recommend him without hesitation - he is the best!

Andre is also fantastic for colour.

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 by leolonsdale, 30 Jun 2011
Hari and his team know exactly which cut and style one needs in order to look your very best. I have been going there for 4 years now and got great results no matter if I booked with senior or the more junior staff. And yes, the place is buzzing most of the time but this is due to Hari's phenomenal long-term high standards track record, which makes the salon special. No matter if Hari still picks up the scissors himself or not, he will always be closely involved in the day-to-day running of his business, be it staff training or keeping his eye on customer satisfaction. And that is why his business deserves a place amongst the very best salons in London.

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 by claudias, 16 Jan 2011
I always go to Hari's. Kumi is great in the Brompton Road salon, providing really contemporary styles to match your wish. I would strongly recommend her. The King's Road salon is new, fresh and funky and great for the younger bunch.

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 by rory_shearer, 25 Nov 2010
After a 'no holds barred' consultation with the man himself, he worked hairstyle magic with the scissor spell and the blow-dry wand. I now know why the place has a loyal clientele and a cast-iron reputation.

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 by Webbster, 24 Nov 2010
AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. I went in for a cut and highlights; the cut was actually okay, except for the fact I was styled like Edward Scissorhands afterwards. But in hindsight, this was probably to cover the arse of the girl who did my highlights. If a blind man with Parkinson's dipped a paintbrush in bleach and dragged it through my hair it probably would have come out more even than the orange stripes I've ended up with. I'm not adverse to spending money on my hair, but I expect some return. Go to John Frieda instead, this is where I'll be going to correct the post-apocalyptic wasteland on top of my head.

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 by russiankitten, 18 Nov 2010
I found Hari's through Urban Path over three years ago, having spent years trying different places but never being completely happy. It's a great salon. It's unpretentious, friendly and - most important of all - consistently good. Try Clare for colouring and Hari for cut, if you can get them.

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 by Liz.R, 27 Oct 2010
I've just returned from Sydney Australia, where trying to find a decent hairdresser is next to impossible. (I came back to London not to get my hair cut but for a holiday.) I came across Hari's and the place looked great, so I thought, why not?

Best decision I ever made. Staff were really polite and friendly, there was tea, coffee and mags, but - most importantly - my cut was great. I was really impressed with my new look and I left on a real high. All my friends were also impressed and asked where I'd had my hair cut.

I would certainly recommend anyone to give Hari's a go. I certainly will be going back before my return trip to Oz.

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 by parryan_3, 21 Oct 2010
Awful. Just awful. I said what I hated most about my current hairstyle was that it flipped out at the ends, and that the new cut should avoid that at all costs. Guess what? It flips out. I explained that I had a low hairline at the base, and that the hairdresser was just going to have to work with it - she said at least I didn't have that on the front of my face. My hair was looking flat the day I went for a haircut, and I said this was not how I wanted it to look - the hairdresser asked me how often I washed my hair, and basically insinuated it was because I didn't wash very often. It was also looking out of form when I arrived, and again, it was insinuated that 'most of our customers maintain their hair and come in every 6 weeks'.

When you pay their prices, you expect to be treated like a princess, and come away with a great haircut that gets compliments from your friends. Instead, I get insulted by the hairdresser and made to feel second-rate... which I could have endured if I'd come away with a great haircut, but I look at it every morning and it annoys the hell out of me. Awful. All style, no substance.

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 by common people, 07 Oct 2010

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