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SallyBowles - friend of Sandra by any chance?! I have to agree with factory girl on this one. Sandra is absolutely useless with blonde hair. My cousin had a similar experience - Sandra made a botch up of her blonde hair, with highlights that looked like she had zebra stripes! It was a disaster. She was in tears. Marylebone is a much better bet.

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 by lipstickprincess (2 reviews), 12 May 2013
Was looking for a new stylist and was recommended by a friend to go to Andreas at John Frieda Mayfair. I have to say it was honestly the best hairdressing experience I have ever had. He listened to me and I walked out a happy new woman. Will definitely be back.

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 by angekyriacou, 29 Mar 2013
Have been using this salon for 2 years now. Alex does miracles with my hair and it looks a million dollars every time she cuts it. 10 out of 10 every single time. Highly recommend.

Useful review? 1
 by Heeln711, 08 Jun 2012
Hated my hair colour when I went in and really loved it when I came out. Jo went to a lot of trouble to correct the previously awful colour. Followed by the best blow dry I've ever had.

Useful review?
 by morris_cheryl, 17 Oct 2011
I was very disappointed with my hair colouring results, what with all that money I had to pay for it (£260). I asked for hair balayage blonde tones, but the colour was nothing like I wanted at all, it was all about orange tones. They also short-changed me by £10 when I paid. The staff are friendly but I would never recommend this salon to anyone. I was very, very disappointed with the results considering it is a big name salon. Any around the corner hair salon would've done a much better job.

Useful review?
 by passantelshafaie, 29 Sep 2011
The other day was was my birthday and I was visiting London as a tourist. I called this place and they found time to fix my hair. They were totally booked up and busy, but I still had 100% attention. Very friendly staff. Jake, the Irish guy, took care of my miserable hair and made a miracle of it. He listened carefully to my wants and don't wants and did a great haircut. After the first wash at home and minimum styling it still looks great. It is a little overpriced (I paid £120 for wash and haircut), but it's worth every penny. Now I have a good reason to go to London again!

Useful review?
 by lamorevero (2 reviews), 18 Sep 2011
Used to get my hair cut by Paul, who was fantastic. I have frizzy hair and always used straighteners, but after he cut it I could just blow dry and it would look great! Lovely atmosphere and friendly people.

Useful review?
 by Citygirl121, 23 Jul 2011
I went twice to the salon to see the girl who is very good with curly hair. She did salvage the worst cut ever (sustained at their salon in Marylebone) but it wasn't exactly my style. I went back with a pretty good idea about what I wanted and she did not listen to me at all! And whilst she was friendly enough the first time, she seemed moody the second time. Frankly, paying £90 for a moody stylist who does not listen to you is not a good experience. I think generally John Frieda's cuts are technically very good but it is still hit and miss. Is that the same everywhere?

Useful review?
 by dartinet (2 reviews), 11 Dec 2010
There's nothing about this place that isn't feel-good. You'll leave with spring in your step and sparkle in your hair. If you're lucky, you may even spot a few celebs en route! I always get my hair coloured here and they work wonders.

Useful review?
 by amanda.thomas37, 24 Oct 2010
The people couldn't be nicer or more helpful. The colour and cut are competent. I never had a hair disaster occur here, and that's saying something. However, I stopped going. My hair was getting shorter and shorter over time and more and more boring. It just wasn't me. I was tired of the middle-aged, mid-length blowout look.

Useful review?
 by fern, 05 Jul 2010
Couldn't disagree more. Sitera and Joel have saved my hair. It looks wonderful now and I get loads of comments on it (good ones). If you see them, you can't go wrong.

Useful review?
 by helliebabie, 01 Mar 2010
I agree with the last two reviews. I visited quite a while ago and never went back!

Useful review?
 by susanharri (7 reviews), 26 Jan 2010
Heard a lot about the place, went there and was really disappointed. I left with much worse colour and haircut than what I'd come in with, and all of that for a ridiculous price.

Useful review?
 by khvatovakatia, 19 Jan 2010
Had whole head foil highlights. Very disappointed with outcome. Colour was better before. Told stylist that I wanted layered cut as was not happy with current blunt cut. He chose to give me exactly the same cut with a slight razoring at the back, which has left a gap at the end of one side of the head of my very fine hair that I did not notice until I tried to style it myself. He was only interested in talking about how wonderful he was. Neither the colourist or the stylist LISTENED TO WHAT I ASKED FOR. Will never go back. Very expensive and really not worth a penny. Lots of preening stylists, both male and female.

Useful review?
 by Mac1, 26 Dec 2009
Had my hair done in the past couple of weeks by Paul. Very happy with it - it sits really nicely even when I do it myself, and my hair isn't the easiest to manage at the best of times. It's nice to get someone who really listens to what you want. Thanks Paul.

Useful review? 1
 by Gemma Birchall, 18 Dec 2009
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Sandra when you had your hair coloured, but I had my blonde hair done by Sandra last week and it was amazing - the girl is the best colourist in the business! I have been to some of the best and Sandra comes up top. I could not fault her. So if anyone is reading this and looking for great colour, then Sandra is your lady.

Useful review? 1
 by SallyBowles, 19 Nov 2009
An amazing salon, by far the best in London! The cut was great, the ambience was good and the salon made me feel a million dollars. Ask to have your hair washed by the Indian boy (I think his name is Jazz) - he does the most incredible head massage! They charge for drinks but the menu has some tempting food dishes.

Useful review?
 by lorri09, 28 Aug 2009
I had my hair coloured by Sandra and it was an utter disaster. After assuring me that she understood what I wanted, she coloured my roots a DARKER shade so the rest of my light blonde locks looked ridiculous with even darker roots. To add insult to injury she then put bleach blonde highlights over the dark tint which made me look as though I had zebra stripes on each side of my head. It wasn't until the dye was all washed off that I saw the mess she had made. The woman clearly has no idea how to deal with blonde hair. Even the receptionist was appalled and called over the manager. After another gruelling 3 hours my hair was coloured an all-over block tint, that then began breaking off within a fortnight. Avoid at all costs!

Useful review? 1
 by factory girl, 16 Aug 2009
I was in serious need of a good hair cut and can only confirm all the positive reviews posted about the John Frieda salon in Mayfair. Joel did a brilliant job and I have really 'difficult' hair. The service was first-rate and very friendly. If you are looking for a makeover or simply a cut that holds and is easy to maintain, don't look any further - just ask for Joel.

Useful review?
 by beautifulsongs, 15 Jun 2009
I'm so surprised to see so many good reviews! Myself and a colleague have both had awful service at this place. The cut was mediocre and cost the best part of £90! Awful, awful, awful.

Useful review?
 by doodaaday (2 reviews), 12 Jun 2009

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