Jones & Payne

73 Curtain Road
Shoreditch, London
Tel: 020 7613 6550 Old Street 0.4 miles

First independent venture of leading London stylist Ricky Lee Jones (ex of Taylor Taylor) and experienced salon manager Stewart Payne. This new salon nestled in the heart of Shoreditch aims to blend East End cool and creativity with West End standards of service and attention to detail. Jones certainly has the credentials for it, having delivered London Fashion Week looks for Vivienne Westwood as well as counting artists such as Ellie Goulding and The Kills amongst his clients.

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Disgraceful and pretentious. Going to this salon seems like a good idea after reading these reviews but believe me it is NOT! The haircut was atrocious, completely uneven and just plain sloppy. The guy rushed through the 'consultation' after making me wait for 15 minutes. I felt like an inconvenience to him the whole time whilst in the salon. Completely obnoxious and stuck up environment. I will be going back to Foster around the corner, they will be able to fix the mess that is now my hair...

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 by timtam, 01 Mar 2014
Charlotte and Craig are my saviours! After a disaster of a cut and colour at another salon, I visited Jones & Payne for them to save my hair. And save my hair is exactly what they did; in fact I am more happy with it than ever.

First up was Charlotte. She is the Head of Colour at the salon and I can definitely see why. She was firm with telling me what would work and what wouldn't and I really appreciated that as I didn't want another hair disaster. My hair had gone yellow and we decided to do a full head of highlights and colour to get rid of that. It turned out a beautiful soft and natural blonde with some lighter highlights. Success!

Craig was also excellent. He took care of the cut with confidence and again was clear about what would work and what wouldn't. He tidied up the layers and put a side fringe in for me, which I was a little worried about but went with his expert advice and I am thrilled with it.

I will never trust anyone else with my hair from now on. They won best hair salon London in 2013 and I can see why!

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 by jjlangstaff (2 reviews), 28 Jan 2014
It baffles me that anyone would have anything bad to say about such a wonderful place. Having been recommended by a friend (which meant I got 15% off!) I saw Craig, who does her hair too. He was lovely, as was my cut, the massage chair and a cheeky champagne belini or three. Go to Jones & Payne, go to Craig, and get drunk while you're at it!

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 by lotsofloving, 17 Apr 2013
I don't recognise the salon from the positive reviews. It's the worst hairdressers I have been to in years! Totally pretentious atmosphere and some staff are really unfriendly to say the least. You don't feel welcome or comfortable. My cut and colour was a massive waste of money. Would not recommend at all. AVOID!

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 by kerry85, 06 Mar 2013
Urban path has saved me again and pointed me in the direction of this wonderful place. After a hair disaster (yellow hair), Charlotte saved my colour and gave me the best colour I have ever had, when I thought the only option was going to be to chop it off. I will now be shouting at everyone to go to Jones & Payne at any given moment, starting with this review! Thank you Charlotte!!

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 by sylviasylvia, 25 Sep 2012
Amazing! Lewis is literally a dream come true. Nicest guy ever and the best cut I have ever had. The guy who washed my hair was a little eccentric but super friendly and gave a nice head massage! I'll be back!

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 by Susiepoosie33, 14 Sep 2012
I went to this salon about 2 months ago. I had my hair done by Ricky who, after reading the reviews, I thought would do a good job. Sadly my haircut was just no good (especially for £60) and now I have to wait until it grows to cut it again. I will not go back there. It is really not worth the money. The reviews are only good because they give you 10% discount if you write a review. I really don't recommend this place.

Useful review?
 by MaryA, 30 Aug 2012
I visited Jones & Payne after moving to London. I needed to find a new hairdresser and, having read the positive reviews about Jones & Payne, I gave them a go. The salon is lovely, the staff are extremely friendly and welcoming, and I had a great cut by Claire, who listened carefully to what I was looking for.

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 by louise_olford, 28 Aug 2012
Top notch! Loved my chat with Chris, super nice guy and the sharpest cut I have ever had. Spot on mate, thank you!

Useful review?
 by Rich1980 (2 reviews), 01 Jun 2012
Have to agree with the person reviewing below. My haircut was average, and the hairdresser ignored what I had asked to be done and was uncommunicative. I will not be going back there again. Like the person below, I had hoped that the good reviews were a sign of a good salon. Unfortunately it seems they are just a cheap marketing gimmick.

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 by madhurj, 16 Apr 2012
After reading such amazing reviews about the place I was very excited to go and get my haircut from them. I was sorely disappointed.

Firstly, please do not believe that this a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, it really is not. The salon has a strong air of pretension and the staff are stuck up – normally a sign that the place is very good and knows it. How very wrong of them to assume this of themselves. When I entered I immediately felt as if I did not belong there, a big no-no when you are the customer.

Secondly, when I did sit down and get my hair cut the hairdresser gave me a cut which was something I would expect in Super Cuts, for 15 quid. It falls awfully and even had an entire one inch chunk of hair that was longer than the rest! I went home and cut it myself!

I was so disappointed with the service and the cut, and I would go back to get it re-done if I did not feel super uncomfortable in the place - when I was there I was counting the seconds till I could get out! The staff looked at me as if I did not belong there (if you don’t wear skinny jeans with Converse and have half your head shaved and a septum piercing, then you probably don’t belong there). When the hairdresser sat down to give me my 'consultation' it took 30 seconds. He told me he understood what I wanted and told me to trust him, then did the worst job ever.

Stuck up, pretentious, bad hair cut, bad atmosphere and overpriced. I paid £57 to have an awful hair cut, and I don’t even want to return to get it sorted out as they are so stuck up. I am going to pay another 50 quid to get my hair cut by friendly and skilled staff rather than get it sorted out by them for free. The great reviews they get are probably written by their own staff or owners. Do yourself a favour and don’t go here.

Useful review? 4
 by HairAngel, 02 Mar 2012
Wonderful people, wonderful place, wonderful hair. Ricky made my hair look fabulous, giving me what I wanted after rounds of disappointing experiences with other 'top-rated' and overpriced establishments. Kyle and team were welcoming, helpful and accommodating. No pretentiousness. Beautiful setting. Absolutely coming back.

Useful review?
 by ts86, 27 Jan 2012
They make me feel like royalty whenever I visit. With the trendy decor, you could get tips on how to decorate your flat whilst waiting for your colour to set. Tea served in vintage pots is on the house, as are their scrumptious lattes. Oh, and they cut and colour hair well. They know their stuff and will tell you that, no matter how good they are (which they are), they can't make you look like (enter celebrity's name) twin.

Useful review?
 by tkpereira, 24 Jan 2012
Really enjoyed my visit to Jones & Payne. I booked in for a half-head of highlights and cut with Claire (personally recommended) after not having my hair coloured for many years. She was really lovely and chatty and the colour is perfect. Really tight into the roots (my hair grows quite quickly so I'm fussy about this!). I'm also growing my hair for my upcoming wedding so begged her to only take the very necessary off the ends - which she did to perfection! Definitely going back when I need my colour re-done.

I thought it was expensive, but that's probably just being out of touch with the cost of highlights after so long rather than it being overpriced!

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 by cyd_spicer, 16 Jan 2012
Great place but I wouldn't go there again. Yes, they offer free drinks... but when I go to the hairdresser I want my hair to look great, and if I'm thirsty I can always stop somewhere on my way. I was seen by a different person than I made a booking for. I had stripes on my head even after being assured over the phone, by the owner, that their staff create perfect highlights. I am very disappointed because I didn't get what I paid for.

Useful review? 2
 by mm.abramek, 14 Jan 2012
Impressed by all the 5* reviews, I booked an appointment to come down from rural Cambridgeshire for a birthday treat of a really good haircut. I was not disappointed. The whole experience was welcoming, calm and unhurried, with no element of pretension or 'glitz'.

I had been recommended Chris when I rang to make the booking. He was really delightful and gave me his undivided attention for over an hour and a half to initially discuss my thoughts and give me some ideas, and then - after a wonderful wash and lengthy head massage from Kyle - cut it absolutely beautifully, exactly as I had wanted. Whenever possible, I will continue to make the train journey down to see Chris to keep my hair looking good. (The price was incredibly reasonable... and the coffee and bikkies were free!)

Useful review?
 by young oldie, 13 Jan 2012
I was really dubious about the salon, as all the good reviews seemed too good to be true. Sadly enough, I spent ages reading through online comments and the profiles of the hairdressers online and decided to go with it and book with Craig. For a guy, I'm really fussy about my hair; I was also gearing up to visit my other half in the US and wanted something great - so was very nervous.

My worry wasn't put to rest, to be honest. Craig hardly said anything and barely listened when I told him what I wanted. He said he knew what I meant and that he'd get on with it. I just hoped he could back up his confidence... and he could. The haircut was fantastic - he really took his time and it was exactly what I wanted. Probably one of the best cuts I've had in a long time, and I was so happy when I left. I saw him cutting the hair of the woman before me, and he looked like an absolute pro.

On the downside, wasn't offered a drink at all, let alone one of those cakes people seemed to keep mentioning. However, I wanted a good cut and - despite my thirst, Craig's silence or seeming overconfidence - it was better than I could have hoped.

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 by Jack Le Fevre (2 reviews), 11 Jan 2012
Really, really great salon, just like all the other reviews have said. The staff are lovely, they offer excellent drinks, and even give you something to snack on. The highlights I got done by Claire are equally as fantastic as everything else in the salon, and the guy who did my blowout (I'm so sad I forgot his name!!) was hilarious, and I got along really well with him. Also, the price is very reasonable for what you get. Already have another appointment booked. Awesome!

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 by sabrunka, 04 Jan 2012
Have been to Jones & Payne twice now and have been really really impressed. Charlotte gave me wonderful and really natural highlights and Lewis is the only hair stylist who has ever made me love my curly hair! The stylists are personable and easy to talk to and the free cocktails are lovely. Highly recommended.

Useful review?
 by Seacilin, 27 Nov 2011
Have been going to Jones & Payne now for a year, booking in to see Craig Saunders, who I'm not ashamed to say I stalked from his last hair salon. He always gives me exactly the cut I want, despite my donkey descriptions, and is charming and funny whilst being utterly competent and professional. The salon is warm and welcoming and, yes, they give you fantastic cakes and a great headrub with your shampoo! Perfect.

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 by sabina900, 21 Aug 2011

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