Mad Lillies

34 Heath Street
Hampstead, London
Tel: 020 7435 3869 Hampstead 0.1 miles

Based in Hampstead, this popular unisex salon attracts talented stylists capable of transforming the latest catwalk looks into manageable styles that keep your personality firmly in mind. Relax, have a cuppa or take advantage of free WiFi whilst one of the stylists gets to work on your locks.

Mad Lillies Salon London

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After moving to Hampstead 2 years ago I wanted to find a new hairdressers. I was a bit concerned that the local hairdressers might be a bit snooty. Someone recommended Mad Lillies so I gave it a go and I've been going there ever since.

Everyone is very friendly and customer-focused. When I'm sat in the chair with a head full of foils and doing a bit of people watching I can see that there are a lot of regulars who have really good relationships with their stylists. The stylists all appear to be pretty cool but there is no "too cool for school-ness" like you find in some other salons. I have my hair done with Atul and I'm always really pleased with the result. I'd happily recommend a visit there.

Would just like to add that one of the reviews on your site is by a woman who says that she went to Mad Lilles because she couldn't get to her usual salon but yet if you look at her other reviews seems to have reviewed about 6 different salons in 2 years and 2 for a haircut on the same day! There is no review of her so-called regular salon in Shoreditch either, which seems strange to say the least!

I am very glad I actually found Mad Lillies before I found your review site, as this woman may have put me off and that would have been tragic for me. Go and check it out for yourselves, I don't think you will be disappointed.

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 by Sid 55, 17 Oct 2013
My girlfriend went to Mad Lillies last week and I feel compelled as her boyfriend to review the haircut. After she had had an experience with an unknown stylist at another salon, she went with a salon with reviews. She came back and as soon as she walked in through the door at home, I instantly saw a difference in her hair and more of a difference in her as she was very happy with the cut and style. We had a wedding over the weekend and my missus looked a million bucks and in my eyes better than the bride.

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 by Danny was, 16 Oct 2013
Terrible experience. All started off ok. Nice salon. Explained to the hairdresser what I wanted and he seemed to listen. Then was taken downstairs to get hair washed, which was all fine. All went wrong when the cut started...

The guy who was cutting my hair had a face like a slapped bum and ignored me, so I just sat there in silence while he hacked away with the sternest growl. I asked for loose curls to be put in after blow dry; as it was my birthday, I was going to go out straight after. He cut my hair for only 12 minutes and made my fringe so short it was ridiculous. He then styled it into what can only be described as the worst '90s do ever - think long version of the awful Rachel cut. I looked awful. As he'd tried and failed to curl it, I couldn't properly see the cut itself; all I knew is that it wasn't sitting right.

Went home to wash and restyle it myself, which was so irritating as I had paid for a blow dry and I was now late for my own party. Tried to style it myself and saw just how bad the cut was. There was no effort put in at all, just cheap looking quick layers like they would do in these 'dry cut for £10' salons. Except I paid £60!!

Total rip off and horrible, horrible service. Ruined my birthday as it's horrible when you've had a bad cut on your big day and I had to put my hair up. Don't use (and especially don't see Damon - worst, most miserable, incompetent hairdresser yet).

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 by natpan, 26 Nov 2012
Mad Lillies has been seducing me with all her charms since 2009. I actually was there on business the first time I entered the shop but I had been looking for somewhere new ever since experiencing a 'scare-cut' at one of the central Rush salons. I agreed to try out one of the senior stylists, Savannah, and the rest is history. The wonderful atmosphere is evident the moment you set foot in the door. Karen and team, you have a great business model.

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 by richardormond, 13 Jul 2012
I went to this hairdresser as I have just moved into the area and I did not have time to go to my usual hairdresser in Shoreditch. I made the mistake of choosing the junior stylist/ colourist. The colour was not up to scratch and I had to ask for it to be retouched (the colourist did not mention she made a mistake). I have a fringe and it was cut too short, despite having shown a picture to the stylist.

Overall, not a positive experience. The salon is very busy but I would suggest choosing a more experienced stylist/colourist. Not worth £90 at all. I would go back to my usual next time.

On the positive side, the service is OK (except for the female receptionist who is very abrupt and looks bored all the time) and the blow dry was excellent.

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 by ibrusat (8 reviews), 08 Jun 2012
I have been going to Mad Lillies for over 13 years now. That alone shows you how happy I am with this salon. Fantastically friendly yet very professional staff. I have used Jenni for colour for years and never walk out disappointed. A brilliant salon indeed!

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 by ceholter, 14 May 2012
This is without a doubt the best salon in London, with staff you're always pleased to see and stylists that cut your hair how you'd asked (take note Toni & Guy). Been a regular for 3 years now and intend to stay.

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 by rich1, 15 Oct 2011
If you want to find a very friendly, very buzzy atmosphere with great hairdressers, look no further!

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 by hilarypresky, 31 Mar 2011

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