25 Albemarle Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7629 6969 Green Park 0.2 miles

This legendary London salon offers the consistently high standards that have built its reputation over 40 years in recently refurbished luxurious and contemporary surroundings. As well as stylish cuts and perfect colour, Michaeljohn are hair extension specialists and also have a spa area, a full range of beauty treatments, manicures and pedicures.

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I came here a few times some years back and saw a couple of different stylists. While it's a very nice salon, nothing compelled me to keep coming back. Then a few years ago I was booked in for a cut and blow-dry with CJ, who is lovely and personable, never pushy and very talented. I haven't gone to any other hairdresser in London since. Michaeljohn is a good salon but it's really all about the stylist, in my opinion.

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 by japes11, 02 Aug 2013
Awful salon. The hairdresser just wanted me out of the door as quickly as possible. The actual haircut was done in 20 minutes and my hair looks the same or worse. I don't care how long or short a time it takes as long as my hair looks good, but this salon is just a disgrace. For £100 I expected better.

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 by Liv9980729, 20 Jul 2013
Not sure how the people who have left negative reviews managed to have a bad time here. I went for the first time last week. Everyone was very kind, friendly and polite even though my previous haircut was a bit of a mess, and my hair is now vastly improved in both colour and cut. I would recommend the salon highly.

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 by CGuk, 07 Jun 2013
I managed to get an appointment with Alexander and can say it is the best colour I have ever had! Very subtle and classic and just the most perfect tones in different lighting. A friend recommended him to me and I'm so glad she did as it turns out he has one of the top colour degrees in the world! A truly uplifting experience. Thanks so much.

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 by Marina1, 01 Jun 2013
I went to Michaeljohn last week feeling that I was going to have a long wait for an unbalanced, boxy, overly short haircut to grow out. With great dexterity, Michele re-balanced the layers, subtly trimming and re-shaping my hair. He was very respectful of my desire to maintain the length and grow my hair longer. I now have a style I feel confident with. I know it will grow down wonderfully too!

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 by Kapri20, 20 Apr 2013
We just got in from Australia and we got booked in asap for a cut. Great salon.

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 by carolread193, 10 Apr 2013
I love this salon - nice atmosphere, very friendly and professional. The Spanish lady at the cloakroom is the sweetest touch, but the real treasure is Michele Antiga. I fly to London just to see him! Last time he gave me a Anne Hathaway inspired haircut combined with a lighter tone of brown to complement my complexion. I left feeling 10 years younger! Amazing!!

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 by Hannah SM, 04 Apr 2013
This is a horrible place! I had my colour done and then I was told to blow dry my own hair! The manager came round when I had my colour and was just standing behind me with a stupid smile on her face. Paid an absolute fortune for something I could have got done at a hairdresser around the corner and would probably have got my hair styled too. NEVER AGAIN.

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 by Shalong, 18 Mar 2013
I went to Michaeljohn a while back after looking around for a quality hairdresser that could provide natural-looking blonde highlights. I am looking again and came across this site, which seems to have an inordinate amount of 5 star reviews for this salon. I have to say, my experience was completely different and it was one of the worst experiences in a hairdressers I have ever encountered.

Where do I start? No consultation about my colour, my hair was roughly handled, hardly a word was said to me and, after paying a rather large sum of money (I work at a hedge fund around the corner in Mayfair, hence thought this would be wonderfully convenient), I was asked to blow dry my own hair! I was gobsmacked as I have never ever had that before. I was so shocked that I attempted it, although I am horrendous at blow-drying my own long hair. No one walking past looked at me twice or thought this was unusual. My hairdresser had said she was 'too busy' and I would have to blow dry my own hair.

Needless to say, I would never go back...

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 by Polochick, 30 Jan 2013
This is a brilliant salon. The service was fantastic start to finish. Even the cloak ladies were absolutely lovely! But best of all was my colourist. Rebecca took the time to chat with me for 15 minutes the day before, and talk through all the various options for my colour. Even did a few strand tests so she could plan the best way to go back to blonde. She was patient, thorough, and truly passionate about helping me get the blonde I wanted. Highly HIGHLY recommend.

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 by adellekrussell, 14 Jan 2013
Michaeljohn is an amazing salon. The service and the people are great, it is always a pleasure going there. Michele Antiga is the star of the salon though. It is thanks to Michele that I am able to grow my hair long for the first time in years. He has an amazing eye and an amazing technique. The cut lasts for at least 8 weeks and does not even require blow drying. Michele is so good and dedicated to what he does that once he even opened the salon for me at 7am for a blow-dry. Michele is the reason I keep coming back to Michaeljohn.

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 by zomigthegreat, 17 Dec 2012
Relaxed and confident, Michele Antiga excels at colour, shape, finish and overall health of the hair molecule. He is one of Michaeljohn's secret weapons!

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 by dsheriff, 18 Oct 2012
Just had a superb re-style with Daniel Balbes. Previous salon had ruined my hair and the layers were a total mess, but Daniel managed to transform my whole hair. A real professional.

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 by BelindaM, 17 Oct 2012
I recently went to Michaeljohn to have extensions put in again. I have been having them done with Adrianne Jones for 2 years now and they are always perfect. Most of my friends have no idea that I have them at all, because they look so natural. I have also found that my hair is in better condition now than it was before I had extensions and it has grown so long. I would recommend Adrianne for extensions any time. If you are blonde, Bruno is a must-see for higlights. Between them Bruno and Adrianne matched the extensions with my highlights beautifully. The salon is so luxurious too. A trip to Michaljohn never disappoints me.

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 by janina, 17 Oct 2012
I have had my hair done by Michele Antiga for years now. After many other hairdressers failed and cut my hair without taking into account my personal needs, he understood the way my hair grows and was able to cut it accordingly, giving me a personalised haircut with a superb technique. This also applies to my highlights. He can advise on the appropriate tones according to the time of year and the activities I am undertaking. A true hair technician. Great colour, great cut!

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 by jol.eagles, 22 Sep 2012
Michele Antiga, thank you! You are to me the king of layers! Simply love my cut today. Worth coming in from NYC or KL to Michaeljohn to see Michele.

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 by ALISSA, 13 Sep 2012
Whenever I'm in town I always choose to pop in and see Alexander for the best highlights and colour anyone could ever want. The salon is beautiful too and just an amazing experience all round.

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 by Carolinetee, 19 Aug 2012
I have been going to MJ for quite a few years, getting my hair done by the wonderful Michele Antiga himself. It is always a wonderfully relaxing experience resulting in a truly magnificent haircut. I have even sent my son there, who returned with the best haircut he has ever had! Go for the haircut, return for the experience.

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 by leahn.bradley, 13 Aug 2012
A little piece of heaven. I have been going to Michaeljohn since my hairdresser and mind reader of many years, Michele Antiga, moved there. It has all been refurbished and is beautiful - a lovely place to spend a couple of relaxing hours of pampering. There is no snobbery or airs and graces about the place, despite its location in the heart of Mayfair. OK, it's not a cheap spot, but it is well worth EVERY penny. The staff are charming, attentive and VERY professional. I would point anyone in their direction.

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 by suze.hedges, 24 Jul 2012
Just left MJ after the most relaxing afternoon getting a set of hair extensions for the first time. Wonderful Joesphine (who has done my blonde colour better than anyone ever in both London and NYC) really took the time and care to make sure I was totally happy with my new look - a real labour of love. I could not be more pleased with the result. And with full wifi in the salon, it meant re-location of my afternoon office was an absolute pleasure. Thank you!

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 by sccross84, 19 Jul 2012

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