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I had my hair cut recently by Nicky himself and was outraged at the lack of hygiene coming from him. His nails were dirty and he kept slurring his words. Horrible, horrible experience

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 by amyb, 10 Jan 2014
I had my hair cut here by NC himself. I walked in with lovely hair but now have awful hair. It's a total mess and I am really upset. Trying to get someone to call you back is a nightmare. Ended up me having a row with Nicky Clarke and he shouted over me, refused a refund and slammed the phone down. Never again. Avoid like the plague.

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 by lucky53, 25 Jul 2013
Fantastic haircut, great experience and friendly staff. Highly recommend. Shall be going again next month!

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 by mattkidd, 21 Jun 2013
I treated my mum for her 50th with the 'luxury day experience' at Nicky Clarke. Not impressed. We weren't told they had no hot water and my mum had her hair washed with freezing cold water, no apologies. She didn't recieve her scalp massage. There were at least 5 people crowding around reception when we arrived but we found it very unwelcoming.

On the positive side, Leonie did an amazing cut on my mum's hair. She was very professional and really listened to what my mum asked for. As for the other staff, I felt they came across as miserable. We weren't even given our products. I was told the manager would contact me... Still waiting! So disappointed.

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 by leemar, 05 Dec 2012
Visited Nicky Clarke only a week ago. It had been about a year since I returned, as the haircut I last received was amazing (courtesy of Tito). However, I was shocked to see such a change to management (I hear they 'don't last long'). Hugely disappointed in the feel of the salon, mainly due to the low morale of the new manager.

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 by Angel B, 06 Nov 2012
I was treated by my daughters as a 60th birthday surprise to have my hair cut and restyled by Nicky Clarke himself. I must say, I had to wait 2 hours as there was a film crew there and they kept interrupting him, but both him and his staff couldn't have done enough for me. They offered extra products free to say sorry and I had a conditioning treatment which was not part of the package. A young girl called Charlie couldn't have been more helpful, despite getting a lot of abuse from one member of the public who had been waiting a while. So credit where credit's due.

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 by firegirl, 15 Sep 2012
This salon is the worst of all. Not only do they treat their clients like crap, but their staff too. I have been going to this salon for 4 years for one person only, the one who does my hair. The salon is run by people who talk down to you and think that you owe them something for allowing you to enter the building. They have a new manager who is arrogant and rude and does nothing other than swan around thinking she is the bee's knees. My advice: don't bother.

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 by Angie.amy, 09 Aug 2012
Wouldn't go back. The guy who cut my hair couldn't have been less interested and seemed in a very bad mood. I don't mind paying a lot as long as I get the desired result - I looked like I'd been scalped!

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 by lw (2 reviews), 17 Jul 2012
Avoid like the plague! I booked an appointment for a Brazilian blow dry without the formaldehyde. I have Afro hair that has been relaxed, which was made clear when I made the appointment. They only had lunchtime slots and told me this would take just under 2 hours. I was pleased, so I moved my meetings around to accommodate this appointment, having told my PMO (my boss) that I would be taking a longer break for this appointment but would make up the time.

I rushed to the West End in the heat that was strong on a beautiful London day, whilst my team were lunching in the park, only to be told after I had sat in the hairdressers chair that they have not tested this product on Afro relaxed hair. They said they could try but it might not work and that it could be an expensive test (this I'm guessing was their disclaimer). The sweat was still on my brow from my dash across London to be told basically that they could not cater to my hair type - this when their website stated that it could and the appointment booker knew my hair type when I booked the appointment. I asked the hairdresser (who at that point looked a little bit frightened) if they had done Afro hair before and she said yes, but that this product was new and they had not tested it on Afro hair. I asked why I hadn't been told this when I booked the appointment, and asked for the manager.

They apologised and then started ringing around other salons. Hmmm, Errol Douglas they said was good, they know how to do Afro hair (I've been to Errol Douglas before and it ain't nothing special, plus they were booked and I had limited time). They then suggested Julianna at Vita, she's great they said, she does Nicky's wife's hair, we used to stock Julianna's products but she doesn't supply us any more they say. I then in my mind conclude that I have had a lucky escape. Nicky Clark's wife goes to another salon to get her hair done (Brazilian blow dry at least). They ring Julianna at Vita and ask if she has appointments for today and if shes does Afro hair. Meanwhile they continue a frantic dialogue with the girl who was going to do my hair and again apologise, saying the appointment booker is not a hairdresser and he didn't know, we keep telling the guys at reception to be careful when making appointments, etc. My mind is ticking over again: yes, a lucky escape, as I conclude that this salon is not the most professional. Shocking.

They manage to book me in with Julianna at Vita in Bromptom Road. I run back to work, exhausted, with hair that's more frizzed by the heat than when I left. People look at my hair at work, confused as it looks worse than when I left, and remain silent about my new bad mood.

Long story short, Julianna and her staff at Vita are amazing. A complete professional who knows about the science of your hair, who will give you the most amazing consultation. Went there on Thursday and I am going back on Tuesday. If they will have me for life I will be their customer for life. Complete professionals. I've been looking for a good hairdresser for a while and she's been found.

If you need a professional service that has experience with all hair types/conditions then please avoid the Nicky Clark's near Bond Street. Nicky Clark himself is obviously all about his brand and products. I wouldn't touch his hair salons with a barge pole. Upon further investigation, the Nicky Clark horror stories from old clients of that salon make me feel blessed. The one star is for passing me on to Julianna. This experience in this salon deserves no stars. Please avoid and be careful here, there are serious horror stories about treatments that have gone terribly wrong on past clients.

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 by Miranda28, 30 Jun 2012
The perfect place to go if you want to get spoken to like a child by a very arrogant, rude, undermining salon manager.
I had booked an appointment and when I arrived the so-called manager told me it had been cancelled and to book another day. Never mind the fact I'd travelled from Scotland. When I tried to argue my reason for being angry, she basically turned round and said "What do you want me to do about it?" She then said she would call her superior and see what they could do. They offered me a complimentary conditioning treatment. Well, my hair is not coloured and neither is it damaged, thank you.

I feel sorry for the people who work for these muppets. Because if they treat clients this way, I can only imagine how the staff are treated.

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 by annie78, 28 May 2012
I went to this prestigious salon for a colour and cut. On arrival, I was told my regular colourist, Carl, had left the salon (they hadn't phoned me or texted me to let me know a few days before). However, the young lad on reception was extremely helpful and I was most grateful when he found another colourist willing to colour my hair for me. They also let a junior stylist blow dry my hair by way of a apology for the inconvenience.

Instead of my usual colour, I decided to have a veg colour put on, as Carl was the only one to ever get my hair spot on. However, at the same price as a tint it didn't make much of a differece.

A young girl came to blow dry my hair for me but she wasn't a junior stylist. I usually saw Ben (who left last year) or Theonie, both fab stylists. This girl wasn't fully qualified, she was still a training junior. It took over an hour to blow dry my hair, by which point I was a little disappointed by the lack of care and service from the staff.

I'm afraid to say that, although I have been visiting the salon for the last 2 years, in the last 9 months I feel there has been a massive turnover of staff. It's beginning to get more and more noticeable as the receptionist is different on each visist and juniors seem to be changed around constantly. I'm sad to say that Nicky Clarke has lost its appeal, as the personal touches and the familiar staff just don't exist there any more... it's just another hair salon.

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 by hayley-jeffery, 25 Jan 2012
I go to a stylist called Lee Radley. I have been seeing him for years and years (followed him from his previous salon, John Frieda) and I would highly recommend him. Not only is he a styling wizard who gives consistently fantastic and edgy cuts, he is such a lovely and kind-hearted guy. I hope he will always cut my hair.

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 by Kandi, 30 Nov 2011
After my stylist, Matthew, left I moved over to another stylist at the Nicky Clarke salon. I was promised that this new guy had a lot of experience and was an extremely talented hairdresser. This perhaps is true; however, after having a Toni & Guy neck collar put around my neck, I realised he had not even been trained in this so-called five star salon!

After having a hair cut with this man, who spent most of the time admiring his own reflection in the mirror, my hair was finished in a mere 45 minutes, whereas Matthew would spend a full hour with me. The haircut was not great and was just straightened with irons for the finish.

I sat and had a glass of water and was left on my own (no one said goodbye or took me to reception), so on leaving I got my own coat from the cloakroom. I got to reception, where I was given my bill. It had gone up a fair amount for this new guy to cut it - I refused to pay, as it's not my fault my usual stylist is no longer there! On top of that, I was charged £3 for a glass of water... are they crazy??

I have been going to the salon for a few years but have been totally let down in the last 6 months I'm afraid. So I will be going back to Matthew, who I only just found out did not leave for another salon but opened up his own. I am looking forward to a relaxing experience there in the future, as a valued customer.

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 by Ellena Rodes, 01 Nov 2011
My stylist, Lee, is very good and a lovely man, but I slightly dislike the 'Nickey Clarke' experience. They are always finding ways to charge you that little bit more (eg coffee, tips for the cloakroom lady, and they even use a premium rate phone number so they can charge you to wait for them to answer the phone!!). I only go because Lee is so good.

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 by JaneDO, 13 Oct 2011
I had a horrible experience with a stylist here. He ignored my requests and just did what he felt like. When I complained, I was treated like a liar and made to feel like I wasn't important enough to be in there anyway. Horrid place.

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 by giafox123 (2 reviews), 09 Sep 2011
The stylist who cut my hair butchered it and was the rudest man I've ever met. Never again. Still growing it out 8 months later!!

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 by olivia_o39neill, 26 Aug 2011
I was treated to a visit to Nicky Clarke's salon in London to have a restyle by the man himself as a birthday treat - this was about 15 years ago. It seems he is still treating non-celebs the same as I was treated. My appointment was for 2pm. I had to wait over 3 hours before I saw him. When he did arrive, I felt that I was quickly dispatched and left very disappointed with the whole experience. Restyle was nothing special. If you're not a celeb, don't bother. I still feel angry about it.

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 by june.smith110, 14 Jun 2011
Went into Nicky Clarke's as a treat for my 30th birthday. Put it this way, I won't be going back! Just because I'm not a celeb, I was still a paying customer, but was treated like a nobody. I was hoping for some advice on my thick hair, but never seemed to get any, just a few grunts and shrugs. The hair cut was ok, but not worth the money.

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 by viv1981, 29 Mar 2011
Had my hair cut with a junior stylist Theonie because my stylist was sick well what a fantastic job she did..

I will never go back to my original stylist. Not only did she listen take her time and make me look wonderful. She is half the price I will be going back to her. She was amazing!

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 by x (2 reviews), 24 Mar 2011
So, I've spent the last 10 years, both in NYC and now London, searching for a colourist. I am extremely picky. I have coarse, thick, wavy hair. My natural colour is very dark brown, and I've had absolutely no luck with stylists. They've all said "we'll make you look fabulous", and then they do something that THEY want, and I don't get the effect I want. I've had every colour under the sun, I've had stripey highlights, I've paid £25 and £400. Nothing has worked. I wanted something that looked natural, but that was a shade lighter than my natural colour, something that was healthy looking, a bit lighter on the ends, no stripey highlights.

And then I met EVE. I read some pretty bad reviews about her on here, and I was a bit wary. But she told me what she would recommend without me even coaching her. I was satisfied. Still wary, but satisfied.

So when I came in for my appointment, the things that made me nervous were that the salon was overbooked, there was no water pressure, and people seemed really rushed and stressed... including Eve. I was starting to sweat. Eve spent time on the first stage of my colour, ran off to a different client, and the shampoo girl that shampooed the colour off for the next stage didn't wash the colour clean off my scalp. Strike ONE. Not impressed. However, they quickly rectified it with a lovely girl that shampooed and massaged my scalp. Bliss.

Okay, the second stage of my colour was a bit more rushed. Eve seemed a bit distracted and stressed, but explained to me what she was doing, and asked if I was happy with it so far. She took my suggestions to heart, added what I wanted and reassured me when I started getting nervous. She then suggested a finishing gloss, which she warned me would temporarily darken my hair a bit, but would make it shiny. Did I want it? She asked me first... Well, I thought, isn't that YOUR job to tell me what I SHOULD have? And then I thought, NO, that's the sign of a stylist that doesn't want to overcharge and wants the client prepared for what it might look like. So I trusted that if she brought it up, it would be a good result. AND IT WAS. It was a tad bit darker after they blow dried it, however over the next few days I've seen her handiwork emerge. She created highlights without using foils, by picking out my natural hair and not colouring it with the darker tones.

The results are awesome. My hair is shiny, has depth and tone to it, is healthy, and after 4 hours of sitting in the chair worrying why it was taking so long and if she was making any mistakes, I was proven wrong. I am an extremely hard client to please, because my hair always has to look camera-ready and healthy, and I am not disappointed. In fact, I gave her a hefty tip and walked out of that salon vowing that despite the lack of water pressure, some inept shampoo girls, and a fair bit of waiting around for someone to attend to my colour, it was probably just a bad day at Nicky Clarke.

I am following Eve around for as long as she'll colour my hair. I am EXTREMELY pleased, and will be also trying out a stylist for a haircut as well, which I'll also be a bit nervous about (lots of long layers, thick hair... nightmare!). I don't know who would have a problem with Eve, but I have to recommend that people need to be patient with colourists and explain to them what you want/don't want, and listen to their suggestions as well. It will never look exactly like the pictures in the magazines, but I promise it will be a very good experience. Plus, over a week after her colour, my hair (which is always notoriously dry and porous) is deliciously shiny, without putting ANY product in it.

Thank you Eve. I promised myself that if you did a good job, I would shout your praises from the rooftops, and I really hope that everyone who reads this review comes banging down your door!!

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 by lolafaloola, 08 Oct 2010

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