Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa

82 Duke of York Square
Chelsea, London
Tel: 020 7730 1222 Sloane Square 0.2 miles

After 7 years on Sloane Street, Richard Ward packs his shears and moves to a huge, state-of-the-art salon in Duke of York Square. All the services and beauty treatments you'd expect are available but you can also enjoy a drink at the bar, charge your iPod and they'll even take your dog for a walk.

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Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa reviews

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Nice buzzy salon, very professional staff and cool ambience.

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 by celina mohsen, 19 Feb 2014
Since I will shortly be moving outside London, I decided to try Richard Ward salon. I hadn't had a particular recommendation but considered that the Royal Wedding team must be good. I was certainly right!

From my initial booking and guidance for a colourist and stylist, to calling for directions and speaking to Chloe, everything went smoothly.

Meeting Shelley, who did the colour, was super. She is exceptionally talented and I am delighted with the colour highlights. Joel then washed my hair. What a lovely young stylist in the making, who knows his products too.

Cristiano then cut my hair beautifully and chatted. All the staff were so welcoming to me and made me feel very at home. Patrick blow dried and styled my hair - the best blow dry ever! Both he and Cristiano read me well. Finally, Bianca gave me the best brow shape of my life - no exaggeration.

I am thrilled. What a superb experience. You have a new client. Thank you.

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 by DeputyAlice, 11 Jul 2013
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Come here all the time, have been for several years. Quirky staff so friendly and always look trendy. The receptionists are super friendly and always helpful and the atmosphere is great. Proud too say I go to the same hairdressers as the Duchess Of Cambridge!

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 by sophiep11234, 29 Mar 2013
My husband treated me to a top-to-toe day at the salon as an anniversary treat. I loved every minute of it. There was a real busy atmosphere throughout the place. I was so happy that everyone looked after me, as I was quite nervous going into such a large place for the first time. I loved all my treatments and have walked away with the best haircut from a fab French guy called Patrick. We don't live in London but I will try and talk my husband into letting me visit again!

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 by bertiebassett, 18 Mar 2013
The reception staff here are the worst, the rudest ever! Stylist wasn't too bad though.

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 by eskowronek, 12 Mar 2013
I have been going for about a year. I see David for fantastic colour and either Ashleigh or Foster for cutting. Both are lovely and do great blow dries. Really happy with laid back staff and always great service. Great food and raw juices made to order. They always manage to fit me in, even at very short notice, and I always leave feeling pampered and looking great.

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 by fairy sporty, 30 Dec 2012
I've thought about writing a review about the Richard Ward Salon for the past year or so now after some very mixed experiences at the salon. I want to say that it's a great salon and I really enjoy all my visits... but that would not be true. A lot of the junior staff are delightful and I've had a couple of really enjoyable visits, but sadly my experience of quite a few of the colouring team is that they can be surprisingly arrogant and off-hand.

It is your typical hairdressers and they do live up to the reputation here - extremely cliquey with favourite clients and quite haughty with those who aren't. It's also really quite suburban and not massively sophisticated or very high-end London. To be honest, I've always been quite surprised that Kate Middleton goes here, as she strikes me as extremely grounded, understated and sophisticated, which doesn't quite correlate with the cliquey middle-class suburban culture and image of the salon. But I imagine she has always had preferential treatment and her hair does always look amazing, so that would keep anyone coming back. To be honest, that's what sold the salon to me and, as a result, I've often been underwhelmed by the finished product and the service.

I started going about 18 months ago and after multiple quite shockingly bad highlight sessions and subsequent mini corrections with several fairly senior members of the colour team, I ended up with very overdyed hair that was simply a mess. So as a result I was understandably underwhelmed by the skill and attitude of the colouring team and the work they were happy to turn out. After persevering for about 12 months I was eventually forced by the state of my hair to make a complaint. In the process I met Helen Ward, who I have to say was really delightful and very customer service orientated - which sadly does not seem to trickle through to her colouring team. To their credit they did fully rectify the problem and I still go now, but my experience is sadly never very joyful. My colourist is very off-hand and seems highly irritated if I ever ask too many questions and never makes conversation. I've tried quite a few of the colouring team but they just aren't very friendly and respond very badly to customer input on the colour choices, even when they are getting it wrong. It may just be that I'm now blacklisted after making a complaint, or they just find me too particular and demanding, but living in Chelsea I'm used to immaculate customer service from shopping at high-end designer stores and have come to expect the same level of service at any so-called high-end service provider. And I expect my hair to look amazing if I'm paying a high price.

It's an expensive salon, I pay a premium to go there, so it would be nice if it was a real pleasure to be there and I walked out with exceptional hair. My hair colour is good now but never out of this world and it was a herculean task to communicate about the colour I wanted successfully. I see women in magazines with amazing colour hair and wonder why I can't have the same; how does Kate look so good when she leaves and I don't! Having colour done always seem such a risk and until I get another good personal recommendation, I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to move yet, even though I feel right now I'm getting second best! I think this salon is just a matter of personal taste in terms of culture and hair service and it just isn't really working for me... but for now I am stuck.

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 by Lady London, 10 Dec 2012
Old fashioned, terrible, staffed by The Only Way Is Essex look-a-likes with a fashion sense to match. Tacky, bad taste. I will never be back. The most awful experience.

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 by pushkin, 30 Nov 2012
I have been using this salon for years and just felt the need to write something positive about what a great place this is to hang out at, since a girlfriend pointed out the last two reviews (what hog wash!).

I have been seeing Adam for colour since he first qualified. Not only is he magical with colour, he can actually hold a decent conversation while you are with him, which is always a pleasure. Request Stephan if you want a great shampoo and treatment - he's the best head massage man. For my cuts I'll always keep the costs down and stick with the more junior stylists - Tommy, KC and Joey are all equally fab.

I always enjoy my time spent here as everyone is always so approachable, chilled and ready for a giggle. For me, Richard Ward always rocks it!

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 by electricvixen, 19 Apr 2012
Having had my hair colour ruined at a salon in Paris, I decided to have it corrected at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa due to the good things I had heard about it through various media outlets. I was sceptical and incredibly dubious at first but was greeted by what seemed to be the happiest reception desk I think I've ever seen. This calmed me down extremely and the fear turned to mild excitement.

My appointment was with Sharree, who I understand is one of the longer standing hair colorists. The consultation was thorough and I knew we were speaking the same language from the beginning. She was very enthusiastic, which also helped calm the few nerves that I had left. One thing that I appreciated was that she wasn't pushy with products. She advised me instead of forcing them on me (we all know how annoying and awkward that can be!). She put the dye on with the assistance of a trainee called Stephen. Together they make a great team and made me feel very comfortable with the right amount of chatter. He then gave me the best wash I've EVER had in a salon (and trust me, I've been around!) and then roughly dried my hair. The result was perfect, exactly what we discussed.

I have nothing but great things to say about this salon and will definitely be returning when I'm next in London. Thanks Sharree and Stephen!

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 by TN73, 17 Apr 2012
Only packaging and marketing, no content or professionalism whatsoever. No client service (my colour turned out orange instead of chestnut and the technician just defended herself instead of trying to solve it). No perfectly trained staff (I felt the long fingernails of the girl washing my hair all along, and when she massaged my head it was a moment of misery as she did not know what she was doing). No respect for the client (they are all saving their jobs and don't care a bit about you the client). Plus, be aware that they ask you to pay for the coffee! Where on earth does a salon, especially a so-called 'couture' salon, make you pay for your coffee?! A total scam, not worth the money at all.

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 by mahastimohammadi, 16 Apr 2012
Terrible, rude, and an awful experience sums up this salon perfectly.

Was kept waiting for over 25 mins to start with. Then had a 10 min chat about what I wanted to do, followed by the stylist saying she couldn't fit me in (as she was running late) and I would have to wait another 30 mins for another incredibly grumpy stylist to see me. Over 1 hour 15 minutes later I had still not been seen, so I walked out. (They even tried to charge me for a cup of tea, which tends to be free in most hair salons).

Incredibly rude and think they are superior. The truth is, they're simply not... and not worth the effort to go and see them either.

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 by FR, 17 Feb 2012
Be very careful here - my hair was ruined by leaving the bleach in too long... not what you would expect or worry about from a high profile salon. It is going to take a long time to recover.
I wasn't even offered my money back. The colourist was helpful in sending me products to help, but ultimately I don't have the hair I used to have.

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 by jane18, 16 Jan 2012
I haven't been there myself but sent my Mum, Aunty and two cousins there for a treat before a birthday lunch. They all loved it and looked fantastic when I collected them. I don't know what was in the water there but they were all very giggly.
Thank you to all those who looked after my family.

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 by gavin1 (2 reviews), 23 Nov 2011
A terrific experience today with Huseyin. He gave me a great haircut, exactly what I wanted, and was so friendly and welcoming to me, a first-timer from out of town. Worth every penny. This is a top salon but not intimidating at all.

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 by sian10e, 23 Nov 2011
I absolutely love this salon. I went for the first time after having a bad experience at another salon. I was not happy with my hair at the time and the staff at Richard Ward really listened to what I wanted and gave me their professional advice. Since going to Richard Ward my hair is in fantastic condition. I always look forward to my next appointment. I would highly recommend this salon.

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 by Dev Chandarana, 17 Nov 2011
Absolutley amazing service! I had my 3-year-old daughter with me (who has since been in to have her hair trimmed too) and all the staff helped keep her entertained while I got myself the best haircut I've ever had. The spa itself is beautiful, and all the additional services add to the touch of luxury. I have already recommended the spa to friends, and also to my clients - which I would only do if I was 100% sure!

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 by ljt150583, 16 Nov 2011
I went for the first time last weekend to have my hair coloured. Was impressed by the end result but not with the professionalism of the staff however. I found them to be extremely condescending and walked away not sure whether the hair colour was worth having to be subjected to their bad manners. Check the price on the website against the final bill too, as I was asked to pay for a conditioning treatment that I hadn't agreed to.

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 by hannahwattsuk, 20 Sep 2011
I have been going to Richard Ward salon for 3 years and I've always been happy with my hair. But on my last visit, whilst waiting to put my jacket in the cloakroom, I was very unimpressed by the lack of professionalism of the reception male manager who was talking very loudy and being very derogatory about other colleagues and clients. Not what you expect to hear when you arrive at a 'top London salon'. Maybe all this 'Royal' press has gone to their heads... I won't be going back!

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 by mary100, 11 Jul 2011
Visited Richard Ward today for the first time for a pre-wedding pedicure. I was with Bianca and have to say it was just absolutely average to slightly below average. I regularly go for mani/pedis at VY's nail spa in Earls Court, which is small, tidy, comparatively cheap and actually does a really really good job. As this was for my wedding, I wanted to treat myself and go for a luxury pedicure with my biggest concerns being dead skin removal. I told Bianca that this was my main concern and hence I am really disappointed. I checked my feet only once everything was done and I had just left the place and could still find lots of areas that she simply just brushed over instead of focusing on them.

For the price of this pedicure, it's simply not worth it albeit it was a nice experience. Hands down, my regular salon would have done a better job... so now I have spent £30 more than usual and am less happy. Maybe great for hair, but definitely save yourself the money on the beauty treatments.

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 by chbechtold, 01 Jul 2011

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