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Recently relocated from Covent Garden, Saco offers a complete range of hair services personalised for the individual. Experienced stylists deliver a friendly, high quality service designed to capture beauty, suitability and the latest in wearable trends.

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I visited this salon last week, having been initially attracted by the discounted Brazilian blow dry promotion (25% discount!)poster they had outside the salon.

But, as always, I decided to check reviews before visiting this Charlotte Place salon and that's when I came across this site. To be honest, I wasn't at all fazed by the negative reviews below for model haircuts as I would be a paying client and not giving my hair up for experimentation! There were plenty of rave reviews from the salon clients, which I decided to trust.

I was not disappointed. The salon felt relaxed and the staff were very friendly - not pretentious at all. I left with beautiful, silky, shiny hair and will definitely be back!

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 by Jess1, 26 Feb 2014
Originally approached by JR to be his model for a class and was very pleased with the result. I have since returned as a paying client when I'm in London. He is thorough and understands the difficulty I have styling my curly hair. I trust him completely. It is quite expensive, but in London everywhere is. I recommend him!

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 by onya12z, 28 Jul 2013
I also had a bad experience. I thought the trainer knew what he was doing. We agreed on something, then I was waiting for him to instruct the trainee to do what we agreed on and he said, "That is just not going to happen today". I was speechless. How can they treat people this way? I thought maybe it was just this one stylist but reading other reviews I realise he's not the only one. It seems to be a trait of the brand.

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 by schk1, 17 Jun 2013
Don't go. Just don't. I was handed a card in Topshop to be a hair model and, as money is tight right now, thought this could save me some cash. Unfortunately, despite asking that they didn't take more than three inches off, I now have what can only be described as a mullet. My hair has been cut in the middle section to two inches long, with a fringe and dyed black at the front. I look ridiculous. They are only interested in practising hair cuts, not in giving you anything flattering or doing what you'd like. I was so shocked at the end, I left and went to buy a hat. My hair was thick and in good condition but now it's been 'thinned' so it looks unhealthy. The layers must be about six different lengths... Horrible.

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 by micropig (10 reviews), 20 May 2013
DON'T GO HERE!! I am a student and had my hair cut here back in November 2012. I left so upset as the hair cut they gave me - supposedly 'cutting edge' - looked more like somebody had got no idea how to cut hair!

The man that runs the foreign students who cut your hair for free was rude and said my hair looked 'dated' and 'old' (rich coming from him, seeing as he had grey hair which looked not very up-to-date). And the hairstyles he must have been directing the foreign students to cut all looked dated. A girl seated 2 seats down had grey highlights put through her hair and they had cut most of it off! I don't know who I felt more sorry for, myself or her!

The person cutting my hair walked off numerous times; in total it took about 3-4 hours just to cut my bob! My hair looked better before I went in. I came out with it far too short and with a straight, bulky, DATED fringe (which I'd insisted on not having cut in, and they did it anyway!) Worst haircut of my life. Customer service is poor. I am surprised they are still open and somebody hasn't shut them down. It is true when they say 'nothing in life is for free'.

End point: don't go here, resist the free hair cut temptation! What an awful experience! In terms of ratings, I would give this no stars if I could!

Useful review?
 by holly m, 15 Jan 2013
I just had my hair done for free in Saco, something I had never done before but thought I'd give it a go. This is the WORST haircut I've ever had, I look awful. The layers are ridiculously short, I absolutely hate it. They also told me on the phone it would take 2 hours but I was there for 4.5 hrs! Not even offered a glass of water. I would pay the cost of a decent haircut to get the last few hours of my life back and would look a lot better for it. I would advise against ever going here, paying or not.

Useful review?
 by rozblundell, 07 Jan 2013
Hair models beware. I had my hair done for free in Saco on Thursday and have waited until now to leave a review to make sure I wasn't doing it too hastily.

Despite taking a photograph to show what I was planning to do with my hair within the next couple of months and asking several times that they didn't cut it too short, my hair was taken from shoulder length-ish to VERY short (1cm in places), especially at the back.

The guy who did my hair was very rough with it, despite already commenting on it being damaged from over-dying (he also said it had made me look cheap, thanks for that!). He combed it very roughly and painfully with a fine toothed comb then smugly showed me all the hair on the comb that had broken off while he did so.

My hair was cut in front of a room full of trainees and I couldn't see a mirror the whole time, but was really unhappy when I found they had cut it all off at the back. Obviously I realised it was too late to do anything about it, but while saying to the receptionist that I was unhappy, the stylist interrupted and rudely told me it would grow.

I work as a retail manager and need to be confident for my job, but I haven't felt confident enough to take my hat (which I went straight from the salon to buy) off since the haircut - at work, out with friend or even at home with my boyfriend. I know it's shallow to be so upset about a haircut but it is SO short despite me asking and asking for it not to be, and will take many months to grow back.

On the positive side, the girl who did my colour was LOVELY and the other colourist who was there on the day seemed so too.

While I appreciate I got cut and colour for free, I didn't feel the service was great (there for 6 hours total, left waiting around while trainees and staff went for lunch, offered no drinks, handbag taken off me to an office and had to ask 3 times to get it back).

It may be different for paying customers, but be warned: make it VERY clear what you want, and they may just go ahead and do whatever style they want to anyway.

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 by followthewigglyline, 21 Oct 2012
Poor service and overpriced.

Useful review?
 by Jo4 (2 reviews), 19 Oct 2012
Had the lovely JR do my hair a few weeks back and I really owe him this review!! I love the style - it was a bit of an overhaul; he was great company too, so looking forward to visiting again soon. Plus, great head massages... the best bit really! Sold me some really good products that are actually suitable for my hair instead of the normal sales pitch you get from some hairdressers when the products just don't work. Thanks Saco team.

Useful review?
 by Alex.c, 03 Feb 2012
Today I had the most wonderful experience at Saco. Not only were the people there amazing but it had a great atmosphere. Will certainly be going back!

Useful review?
 by robyn2012, 14 Jan 2012
Excellent hairstyle by the very capable Brett. But at over 80 quid a cut (without colour), it is too steep for most. Cut your prices and I will come back!

Useful review? 1
 by aboutanewcareer (2 reviews), 13 Oct 2011
I have been going to Saco ever since I moved to London 3 years ago and have always been extremely pleased with the service. The staff are all really friendly and the salon has a nice, relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. Saron has been my hairdresser throughout this time and she always gives me a great haircut. As I have such thick hair I am so pleased to have finally found a hairdresser who is not obsessed with thinning and layering it! Saron is a little gem and, apart from the great haircuts, she is good to chat with and always has a good band to recommend. Several of my friends are now regulars there after I recommended Saron and no one has been disappointed. I have told her many a time she can never leave as it took me 22 years to find a hairdresser I like. Well worth the visit.

Useful review?
 by hannah_fenech, 05 Oct 2011
Believe all the good reviews about this place! I'm very glad I did. I now regularly have my haircuts with Patricia. She listens to what I ask for but knows better than me how to make my hair look the way I want. The salon is refreshingly unpretentious and the prices extremely competitive.

Useful review?
 by MissClaire78, 30 Sep 2011
This place is great. The staff are fantastic and I always have a fab cut from Patricia. She knows what she is doing and what is going to look amazing, and she is also a really nice person. I couldn't be happier, especially when my colleagues tell me that I look 5 years younger! Definitely would recommend this salon to others. Friendly and affordable.

Useful review?
 by KateKate, 14 Sep 2011
Excellently presented and designed salon. Very professional. Always winning awards.

Useful review?
 by dessange, 13 Sep 2011
I went in for a colour change this weekend, from platinum blonde to a bit darker. My stylist, Anna, was lovely and absolutely brilliant. Thankyou, Anna, for not giving up on my stubborn hair! I really enjoyed the whole experience and will definitely be back.

Useful review?
 by triinkambek, 01 Aug 2011
I used to go to either Essensuals or (occasionally) Rush and, although I was always pleased with what the stylists did, they were never quite able to get my hair exactly right.

I then went to Saco and had my hair done by Saron, who understood exactly what I was going for when I explained it to her. She actually knew about retro/modern hairstyles rather than what a Toni & Guy catalogue says, as I had experienced with the other places. All in all, she did an excellent job. When a friend of mine saw my hair, they noted that it was the first time I'd actually got the hairstyle I'd been trying to get for the past year.

I now only go and get my hair cut by Saron, so obviously Saco comes very recommended!

Useful review?
 by EddieTheEad, 12 Jul 2011
Totally professional on every level. When I discovered Leila last year, I finally felt I'd found the stylist for me. And I was devastated when she left 6 months later! I was, however, recommended another stylist, Alfie, and I really couldn't have been more pleased with the results. He's lovely - extremely professional, understanding and took on board everything I said. I have had so many compliments. Three cuts and two colours in and I certainly won't go anywhere else. Thank you Saco!

Useful review?
 by Honolulu, 11 Jan 2011
My sister recommended Saco to me a few years ago and I have been going to the salon ever since. I like its laid-back professionalism and always feel I am in good hands. My haircuts and highlights have been the best I've ever had. Even had people at bus stops ask me where I get my hair cut!

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 by Amanda Lyttle, 06 Dec 2010
Saw this salon at Salon International and was impressed. On a visit to London had my hair cut by Tai Chi. Great cut, excellent friendly service, great value for money and a cool forward-thinking group.

P.S. I'm a hairdesser!

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 by Jill08, 24 Oct 2010

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