Stuart Phillips

25 Monmouth Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7379 5304 Covent Garden 0.2 miles

One of London's leading salons, with a tranquil and luxurious environment. Stuart Phillips and his team are the official hairstylists to the BAFTAs, National Television Awards and ITV's Dancing on Ice with Torvill and Dean. Each client receives a Shiatsu / Acupressure head and scalp massage whilst relaxing on a Japanese shampoo bed.

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I have been to this salon several times and had an absolutely wonderful experience every time! It’s great - very stylish, lovely, cosy and professional at the same time. It has a fantastic, sociable atmosphere.

I usually talk through a few cut and colour options with Lara and mostly let her decide what exact cut would suit me best. I'm very happy with the results every time, she gets it spot on despite my vague instructions. She always does a great job cutting my hair and gives me lots of very helpful tips on how to style it day to day and what products would be best.

I feel very lucky being able to get such incredible service and have wonderfully shiny glossy hair and a super cut every time I need it.

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 by Anastacia, 22 Nov 2013
After reading the last two reviews clearly attacking Lara, I feel compelled to write a response. I personally have my hair cut by Tristan, who is amazing, but my husband sees Lara. We both went there based on recommendations from this site. The first time she cut his hair I was stunned how good it was. Since then he's been back numerous times and it is consistently excellent and easily the best haircut he's ever had (and I'm super fussy).

Is she a bit loud? Absolutely. Who gives a damn?? And since when did the length of time it takes to cut hair equate to the value?! Life is short, if you can get an awesome haircut in double quick time, then it's worth its weight in gold - over a lifetime that would probably add up to an extra week of your life back!!

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 by Naugthymonkey, 13 Nov 2013
The female stylist I had was quite good at colouring (although there were some patchy highlights) but she cut my hair so fast I didn't get my money's worth. I have to agree with some of the comments about her attitude - she loves herself so much it was sickening and she did not stop eyeing herself up and down in the mirror... so vain. Not a bad hair experience if you can stomach the falseness, but the price was over-inflated like this particular stylist's ego.

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 by no name supplied, 24 Oct 2013
This year was the first time I have been to a hair salon since having my children. I chose Stuart Phillips because my friend goes there and her hair always looks lovely.

I normally have an all over base colour but decided I wanted something a little bit different and modern, so me and the stylist decided on some highlights. Natalie did my colour for me. She was very understanding of what I wanted, very helpful and seemed like she had a lot of time for me. I could not be more happy with my colour! I love it, it really suits me and I have had a lot of comments at work on how lovely my hair looks since visiting Stuart Phillips.

I had my hair cut with Mitz, which is a big step for me as I don't like having my hair cut but I felt very relaxed with him. He made me feel very comfortable, and he took control like a true professional. It has been 8 weeks since my appointment at the salon now and my hair still sits perfectly.

I am really looking forward to my next appointment. I never used to feel that way when visiting the hairdressers but Stuart Phillips has changed my perception completely. Can't wait to go back!

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 by nataliecoulthard, 26 Sep 2013
I have felt compelled to write this review for a while. My trip to Stuart Phillips, which was recommended to me by a friend, was supposed to be a bit of pampering and a treat after a very stressful week. It turned in to the hour from hell!

My stylist was nothing but rude, patronising and even showed some attitude. I could not believe how I was treated. Needless to say, I will never be going back!

She did not stop talking the whole time, the whole time making me feel bad about myself, down-rating other hairdressers and bigging herself up. I am not washed by people's charms and I saw straight through her false persona. One thing that really struck me was how she would not stop saying that she doesn't have to talk about herself, like all the other hairdressers do.

What's more, she very uninvitingly referred to me as 'babe' or 'darling' after every other word. I am not a fake celeb type so had to tell her my name, and omg, what happened next, I was stunned to the point of wanting to get out of the seat and walk straight out! I was mortified by her attitude.

Lara, darling, babe, honey, you are definitely not all that and I have never heard other hairdressers big themselves up like you big yourself up. Babe, seriously, tone down your fakeness and attitude and learn some basic customer service skills. Maybe the next customer might have a more pleasant experience than I did.

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 by ss1, 12 Aug 2013
Russell Kane - be-coiffed comedian here. I felt compelled to write here about Lara at Stuart Phillips. When it comes to hairdos, she pretty much has my balls in a glass case. She's that good. Colouring, cutting - she's like Van Gogh moved to Covent Garden and cut hair. Genius hair-styling - and without her, I would go bald and die.

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 by rgrineau, 29 Jul 2013

I had my hair cut by Lara and can't recommend her highly enough. She gave me a fabulous cut that looked amazing after a salon blowdry, and also gave me lots of great, simple tips so that I could recreate the style myself at home.

Prices are very reasonable, especially for central London, and the level of service and expertise is brilliant.

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 by xineh, 04 Jul 2013
On my first visit to Stuart Phillips I was very excited but also a little nervous, as this was costing my husband over a $1000 including flight and accommodation for the night!

I met Stuart and Lara for the first time back in 2011. They both gave me a hair consultation, lasting about 40 minutes in total, which I've never experienced before - it felt like I was the only customer of the day (which, of course, I knew I wasn't). Both Stuart and Lara were very thorough and conscientious. Stuart spoke about all the possibilities and gave me 2 choices of hairstyle; I decided to go for the more radical one which meant I would be losing about 4-5inches! Lara also gave me a radical change of color, from blonde to a lovely warm brown for winter. I loved what Stuart and Lara had done; in fact, I phoned my husband from the salon - waking him up! - and told him how happy I was.

This is now my 4th visit to the salon. It has totally changed my life in ways that you wouldn't believe. I'm now more confident about myself; this reason alone is worth flying to London every couple of months. I am as happy with my style and color as I was the first visit. I cannot recommend this salon enough and look forward to my next visit just before Christmas.

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 by sanchez.suzy, 04 Dec 2012
I never would walk into a salon for cut or colour unless I was recommended. A couple of weeks back I was invited to a last-minute party, so thought no harm in walking in to a salon just for a blow-dry. My hair is very stubborn and is actually quite difficult to dry. I have tried other salons in the past, like Taylor Taylor and Vidal Sassoon, but they find it too difficult to dry my hair the way I like it.

I happened to be in my favorite part of London, Covent Garden, where I walked past Stuart Phillips salon. It looked very nice from the outside, and when I walked in I immediately felt the calm relaxing atmosphere, so I had a good feeling about the salon straight away.

Christina looked after me. She gave me a great blow dry but unfortunately she doesn't cut hair as she is just a colourist and blow dry stylist, otherwise I would have booked in to have her cut my hair another time. But as I now trusted Christina I asked her recommendation for a good cutter, since my old stylist has now moved abroad. Christina recommended 3 people but I decided to go for Stuart himself, so booked in with him.

I returned to the salon last week for my cut with Stuart. Stuart charges £200, which is a lot, but I thought I would try him, at least once. He gave me a very long but thorough consultation. I learned so much from this and was looking forward to the finished result.

I never thought I would be saying this but Stuart's time was worth every penny! I thoroughly enjoyed everything, from the head massage from the apprentice to the stylish cut from Stuart and the generally polite and attentive staff. Before I left, I booked my second appointment with Stuart and colour with Christina!

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 by jasmine555, 04 Dec 2012
I used to go to this salon 5 years ago and had some great haircuts by Stuart and good colour by Natalie. However, I went back recently and had my hair cut and coloured by the same people and it was not very good. Plus, because I had the colour a couple of days after the cut, the blow dry was the worst ever. I changed girl but the second one was just as useless, pulling my hair and no idea what she was doing. I don't go to this kind of salon for that. I go only to the top salons in London and Paris and have had my hair done enough times to know how it should be.

I think Stuart is doing other things away from the salon and is not concentrating. Maybe Stuart has had enough of looking after celebrities; now he is concentrating on becoming one himself. Good luck to him, but I won't be going there again.

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 by mf1, 25 Nov 2012
Stuart cut my hair last week and I'm pleased with the result. He spoke knowledgeably for half and hour about which length and style would suit me, as well as what to avoid. This is what I think differentiates Stuart, as he has a talented eye regarding what works and what does not. He was easy to talk to and I enjoyed the entire experience. Worth the money.

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 by jodie_2211, 09 Oct 2012
Great salon. Had a really good cut from Jasmine. Am very happy.

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 by henrytothejones, 30 Aug 2012
A real gem of a hair salon here, even for the guys. They consistently give my hair the TLC it needs to tame it. Highly recommended!

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 by l.salvietto, 25 Aug 2012
I have used this salon on serval occasions. If you want sensible everyday colour and cuts at a reasonable price look no further.

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 by lindapengelly, 24 Aug 2012
I usually go to East London type salons for a quirky cut, but thought I'd take a chance here as I was in the area. My stylist did a great job. Definitely going back.

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 by jon_nash_83, 23 Aug 2012
Lara Clark at Stuart Phillips Covent Garden has been cutting and colouring my hair for the past 7 years now. If I ever go anywhere else I always feel let down. So I don’t!! Lara always gives me a cut that suits me and that I am happy with. Over the last few years I have had my hair cut into a bob - something I would never had considered before I met Lara but, as always, she gave me a great haircut which I could maintain and loved. Lara has also just done some highlights that look really natural even though I have dark hair.

Over the past year Lara has helped me feel inspired about hair for my wedding. Extremely talented and very enthusiastic, she has created a lovely up-do which I am so happy with and looks amazing!

Visiting Stuart Phillips in Covent Garden is always a treat for me. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere means you can just chill out and enjoy the experience. Marley gives the best hair wash by far - brilliant head massage!

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 by faye_gowing, 10 Aug 2012
I usually see Natalie for color and she is very good. However, had my hair cut with Charlotte for the first time last week and will not be coming back. She was unpleasant to the point of being rude - not something one would expect from a reputable salon.

Useful review? 1
 by Elen, 26 Jul 2012
Tristan does my cuts here, and he is absolutely amazing at what he does. He understands hair and listens to his client's needs and hair routine. A true gem in Covent Garden!

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 by shepz14 (3 reviews), 19 Jul 2012
Lara cut my hair recently and has really transformed the way I look after giving me my first fringe. It's great fun when my friends and colleagues have to look twice to recognise me. Thanks Lara, you're the best!

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 by kerrybeckwith, 30 Apr 2012
Lara cut my hair about 3 weeks ago. She has totally transformed me. Before, I hated looking in the mirror and dreaded going out with friends; with my new hairstyle, she has shaped it perfectly for my face and brought out my best features. It's so cleverly cut, I can wear it straight or wavy and both look great!

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 by hovanessa, 02 Apr 2012

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