Trevor Sorbie

27 Floral Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7379 6901 Covent Garden 0.1 miles

Stylish unisex salon owned by the award-winning Sorbie.

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I've been a client for over 9 years and have never been disappointed. Colour by Chloe and cut by Anna. A really friendly salon and they really take care of their clients.

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 by SusieB, 03 Mar 2014
I had my hair cut and styled by Juan at Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden last week. Wonderful cut and style. Great care was taken to achieve perfection. Fantastic, friendly salon. Would recommend. Thank you Juan!

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 by Sandra23, 25 Feb 2012
I've been going to this salon for over a year. Staff are always very attentive and helpful. I have my hair cut by Juan, who is amazing and always does a fantastic job. I can't imagine going to anyone else. Highly recommended.

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 by LalalansyIluv, 05 Feb 2012
I've just had the most amazing colour. A complete change from my boring brown to a really sexy beach blonde. I feel fantastic. I had a trim too. From walking in, I felt like a real VIP. I'm converted - no more local salons for me! Happy Bunny. The barrista who brought me complimentary drinks was cute too.

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 by J_reviews, 06 Jul 2011
I had a cut/blow dry here about 4 weeks ago. Has grown out absolutely awful. Previously I went to Michaeljohn in Mayfair - again, terrible! I paid over £100 on both occasions. What a waste! I don't think these famous named hairdressers like the average woman on the street. We are not 'superstars' therefore they are not interested, but I pay my money and expect the same treatment. Why do hairdressers not listen to what we ask for?

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 by c.may, 08 Mar 2011
It was the worst hairdressing experience ever! My normal stylist was sick, so I was fitted in with another stylist. From the moment I sat down to the moment I left the chair I was made to feel uncomfortable. She had plenty of attitude. She proceeded to razor cut my hair even though I asked her not to. She had me almost in tears - absolutely awful, rude lady.

I knew my hair cut would not last long. After just 4 weeks have had it redone at a local salon (much cheaper) and I love it. I will NOT be allowing that awful person at TS near my hair ever again.

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 by Lollipop60, 21 Jan 2011
I went to Trevor Sorbie in Covent Garden and it was a fantastic experience. I was looked after by Anna, who gave me a brilliant cut that's so easy to look after myself. She was friendly all the way through, as were all the staff. I loved it.

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 by mandy.wool, 15 Sep 2010
The stylist I saw at Trevor Sorbie did a very bad job on my hair and was full of attitude. I would prefer to go to Mr Toppers next time.

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 by zara.ofc.lon, 18 Jun 2010
I've been going to the salon for 15 years and I can't imagine that I'll go anywhere else in the future. Nathan has always done an amazing job with the colour and both Angelo and Kate do brilliant cuts. I'm always complimented on the cut and colour by other hairdressers when I have blow-drys at salons local to me or when I am overseas. All the staff are really friendly (especially those on reception) and not at all 'up themselves', making the whole experience relaxed and fun rather than daunting. Have recommended the salon to a number of friends over the years and they are all now converts to the power of the Sorbie!

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 by princesssamanthaofgreenwich, 17 Apr 2010
I went to Trevor Sorbie in Covent Garden for the first time last week. From walking in the door I was impressed. I was well attended to at all times and felt as if I had been wrapped up in cotton wool. Finnula did my colour, which I was really pleased with, and Tom cut my hair just the way I wanted it. The girl who washed my hair gave me a brilliant head massage too - I nearly fell asleep! 10 out of 10. Definitely worth the money.

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 by srhughes3, 16 Feb 2010
On my first visit, my hair was cut very unevenly. I had one side of my hair cut considerably shorter than the other. My next visit to the salon was for my hair's correction, during which they did not bother to wash my hair. In other words, they did not treat me as they would a normal customer. The service I received on both occasions was not satisfactory. Never again.

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 by camah, 04 Feb 2010
I haven't been here for over two years but the times I have been the haircuts have been fabulous. It looked great growing out and felt right sitting on my head, if you know what I mean.

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 by ggirl (3 reviews), 08 Aug 2009
I went to have my hair cut today. A stylist named Julia gave me a haircut. It was an excellent job and I am very happy with the outcome. Way to go, Julia - keep it up!

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 by norlias, 31 Jul 2009
I went to have a haircut at this salon and decided to go for a complete style change. I had long, straight/wavy hair and after discussing what I wanted and double-checking with me 2 or 3 times that I was happy, my sytlist Julia gave me a layered, textured shoulder-length bob. It looks really nice, I'm getting lots of compliments and it feels great. She was competent, chatty and professional and I received just the kind of good service I would expect from a high-end salon of this kind.

The only slightly negative thing was the cashiers weren't very friendly or grateful when it came to paying the bill. But overall it was a great experience and I left very happy.

I read these reviews before I went and they scared me half to death. However, it turns out the negative ones should be taken with a pinch of salt because it seems they're talking about a completely different salon!

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 by donnadee, 25 Mar 2009
Worst hair cur ever. I went in with thick shoulder-length hair and asked for a slick bob. My hair is very curly and I warned the stylist that I couldn't have layers or my hair would stand out like a pyramid. After blowdrying it looked OK but once I'd washed it I saw that the cut had no symmetry, was up in once place and down in others, layers were all uneven and great chunks had been taken off the top layer of my hair to thin it. I look like a freak! I can't blow dry it because the cut is so bad, and I can't leave it because when it is dried naturally it goes wild and sticks up everywhere.

Beyond doubt the worst haircut I've ever had. This is not a bob, more like the old '70s 'shaggy dog' style. I am really, really NOT HAPPY!! Oh, and they were 30 mins late starting, and they took an hour and a half to do it (too long).

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 by sexy__lady, 01 Feb 2009
The colouring and haircut was to the standard I expected, however timing has been a problem: a quarter of an hour late, next time half an hour late and the last time three quarters of an hour late. Not acceptable. We missed the train we should have caught, which made us late for a party.

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 by margareta martin, 22 Nov 2008
It's my favourite salon. Also had Jess for colour. She's really nice and her work is so, so detailed. Was a bit less happy with the last haircut I had there. They changed the person I'd booked at the last minute because my colour took longer. This stylist's interpretation of a 'wavy' blowdry was a tiny bit OTT - I looked like Cher in Moonstruck. Still, I always go back because I just love the down-to-earth atmosphere and the energy.
And I also went back for a rather expensive cut with a senior top stylist, for £80, and it was the best cut I've ever had - endless compliments!

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 by fkoepping77, 03 Nov 2008
My first visit and I absolutely loved it. Kate cut my hair. I felt so confident with her - she cut my hair exactly how I wanted it. I felt like a million dollars when I walked out of the shop, which hasn't happened for a long, long time. I would highly recommend this salon, as the entire staff were extremely dedicated, conscientious and very friendly. Definitely going back.

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 by gpaterson713 (3 reviews), 05 Oct 2008
All they care about is taking your money. The colourist was so rushed - reception had booked in so many clients for him that he hardly had a minute for me and was rushing between two clients at once. Needless to say, my colour is a disaster, the worst I have ever had.

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 by bardie, 12 Jul 2008
After reading the reviews here, I decided to give the salon a whirl. Very impressed and will definitely be going back! Had highlights with Jess - best colour I have had in years - and a lovely restyle done by Elsa. All in all, well worth the money.

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 by scousegirl, 29 Feb 2008

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