Urban Retreat

Harrods, 87 Brompton Road
Knightsbridge, London
Tel: 020 7893 8333 Knightsbridge 0.2 miles

Harrods redesigned hair and beauty salon on the fifth floor offers a huge range of treatments including London's only Crème de la Mer facials.

Urban Retreat

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Do not go to Shavata Studio at Urban Retreat in Knightsbridge. I went for a brow shape with Shavata herself. She is extremely arrogant and very much lacks people skills. She made me wait 15 mins whilst she was chatting away to another client about some completely nonsensical subject, even though she was aware that I was waiting and that she was running late. She didn't even apologise when she finally came over. Her success must be entirely due to her business acumen because it certainly cannot be for her customer care. Her eyebrow shape was average, not worth the price tag. I will stick to my local eyebrow shaper next time!

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 by fesarfir, 20 Jan 2014
Best Balayage in town! My hair colour looks amazing! Mattia is the person to ask for. Definitely recommend this salon.

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 by RosieRo, 09 Oct 2013
I have been a model for many years, lived in Monaco and Milan, so I am extremely fussy about my nails and my hair and I will only recommend someone if I am very satisfied, which isn't often. I had a haircut to correct so I chanced my luck and booked in with Emine (she's the Hair Director at Urban Retreat) for a trim and blowdry. I can sincerely say that she knows what she's doing. She's quick, gives a great cut and an amazing blowdry - definitely an experienced hairdresser.

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 by Kayt, 12 Feb 2013
Just had an amazing massage with Rosa at Urban Retreat. Having travelled around the world for 15 years, this has been the best yet. I've finally found a therapist I can return to on a regular basis.

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 by deamo79, 06 Jan 2013
I am used to having nice big blow dries, Italian style. In London I usually go to Nicky Clarke. But this time I decided to try Urban Retreat in Harrods as it was nearer to my hotel. I booked with their Art Director, who is supposed to be the best they've got. Well, let me just say, if that's the best they have, I think I would be running out of this place in tears had I made the mistake of sitting in that seat with anyone else chopping my hair. This man was all about creating fake charisma around himself. As for my hair, it was droopy, lifeless, and boring, after him working on it for 1.5 hrs. What a shame. I will never return and would never recommend anyone to waste their time and money here.

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 by ItalianPrincezz, 01 Jul 2012
Don't go to Shavata at House of Fraser either! Unless you want to pay £17 for a burn on your eyebrow that is red and very painful!! Very disappointed. Don't let them convince you to buy a course either.

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 by louise_jones, 06 Jun 2012
Went to brow studio. Very very disappointed. Kept waiting for 15 mins, came out with eyebrows that didn't match and was charged £45.00 for the service. Will never ever return.

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 by jj23, 21 May 2012
I booked to have the Creme de la Mer Ultimate Facial at Urban Retreat Harrods. I had high expectations. The foot massage was good, but the facial itself wasn't that amazing. I would say it was averag, comparing it to Guinot and others. The lady was supposed to finish off with a hand massage, which she didn't, and she finished more than 5 minutes early (it was definitely not 1hr 30 mins). Disappointed.

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 by zarina_001, 03 Jun 2011
Sorry Urban Retreat, I was very disappointed with such an expensive facial. I have only just recovered from the pain in my neck from the back massage. Also, the therapist didn't understand that lasered skin is to be treated gently and was much too rough. Rooms are quite small too. Shame, as I had been really looking foward to this for weeks.

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 by bethanne, 10 Apr 2011
OMG, after visiting Selfridges and Harvey Nichols I went to Urban Retreat at Harrods and I can personally say that the staff were really helpful, a fantastic knowledge of all brands, I definitely will be going back to purchase my beauty products. I love it!

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 by suzy miller, 23 Mar 2011
I am very disappointed with Urban Retreat at Harrods. I called them to book an appointment and I was told the professional I asked for doesn't work there; however, I knew he was there because I had contacted him on his personal mobile as he is a friend of mine.

After 4 emails to the customer services and call centre, I had a reply saying that the team member from reception would call me to arrange an appointment, but this never happened. I would still be waiting after 15 days, if was not for the professional who is a friend of mine and who booked an appointment for me.

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 by mmishida, 15 Dec 2010
Oh dear, I really wish I had read these reviews before I had my eyebrow appointment with Shavata's eyebrow studio. My therapist was running 30 minutes late, only one person on duty, and she kept running out saying 'sorry'. When I got in there she didn't listen to one word that I said. I have thick eyebrows and wanted them kept that way. I showed her in the mirror what I wanted and she did the total opposite. They are now way too thin and uneven. I was shocked and left but rang later to complain and ask for my money back. That took three phone calls. They had no intention of ringing me back and then were very reluctant to refund my money. Awful experience.

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 by ginger2, 21 Nov 2010
They did a brilliant job. Thanks so much to Rosa (Brazilian blow dry) and Claudio (cut & blow dry) - love it!!

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 by spady, 14 Sep 2010
I booked an appointment at Shavata's eyebrow studio and was really looking forward to it. I have been growing them for a year and chose Shavata as I had been buying her products for years. I was seated for half an hour after being checked in without being acknowledged. I felt appalled at the way that I was spoken to. After being informed that my brows were too thin for my face, I was advised that there was little that could be done with them. I was also told that I could see one of the other girls in future. The whole experience was very upsetting.
I feel so strongly about the way that I was treated that I will be writing to Harrods. I would not want any other person to be put through such a humiliating experience.

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 by martinhatters, 03 Aug 2010
Had haircut here. What a nightmare. The stylist I had tells everybody her problems and just spends the entire time moaning about the place. Get another job! Would not go here again if you paid me.

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 by dg2, 10 Jun 2010
Was worried, after reading all the negative comments, about going to Urban Retreat but had a great day. Had a Creme de la Mer body treatment, which was fabulous! The massage was so soothing. Also had a tint and cut and blow dry that made me feel like a celebrity! Flavien, who cut my hair, is a genius.

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 by RinkuB, 04 May 2010
I had been going to Jo Hansford to get my hair coloured for months and had been really happy, but decided to try out Urban Retreat. What a disappointment. I wanted to maintain my natural brown colour, just cover up the few greys that were beginning to show. Let's just say my hair is black now! It is really awful. I will not be back. The salon is dirty and people generally very unfriendly.

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 by 40021501, 25 Apr 2010
Last Tuesday I had an eyebrow shaping with Shavata herself. I had grown my eyebrows for 9 months, and wanted them to be perfect and was willing to pay the price. I have very huge, crazy eyebrows. I have had them done successfully in the past, but that girl got married and moved far away, unfortunately...

Shavata made me wait 10 mins, nobody offered me a drink or anything, and people in the salon just ignored me. Then it finally came to getting my eyebrows done and I trusted her totally. But when she'd finished, to my horror, they were sooo thin! What about when they grow, it will be awful - and I'd eplained all this to her beforehand!! Not only that, one eyebrow was higher than the other and they just did not suit my face. I now have to fake facial expressions all the time so no one notices I have uneven, assymmetrical eyebrows!

Shavata had the nerve to say next time I could just book in with one of the girls, they are just as good! No bloody way! And at £34! I was left extremely unhappy and disappointed. It's going to take me time to grow my eyebrows again, but when I do I will be going to Vaishaly clinic after this awful experience - she's had excellent reviews and is trusted by celebs.

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 by sof786, 26 Mar 2010
I booked an appointment to have my eyebrows shaped by Saloni at Urban Retreat after reading a recommendation on this website. I must say, I was not disappointed. I would definitely recommend seeing Saloni if you are considering having your eyebrows done.

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 by AliC, 22 Feb 2010
I have been to the Shavata Eyebrow Studio at Urban Retreat a couple of times through the recommendations of magazines. However, on my last visit they had messed up my appointment and the gentleman at reception offered me a general beauty therapist instead. As I was desperate, I accepted.

The therapist, a lady named Saloni, was as professional and as experienced as can be. She treated me in a private room and shaped my eyebrows (without the painful thread) to perfection. Plus, seeing her was cheaper than Shavata!

1* for Urban Retreat's Eyebrow Studio and 5* for Saloni (a true hidden talent) and the kind receptionist that fitted me in with her.

Useful review? 1
 by msjean, 30 Dec 2009

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