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45a Monmouth Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7240 6635 Covent Garden 0.1 miles

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Had the worst haircut in my life at this salon in August of last year. My hair is still a complete mess as I try to grow it out. I went in with a smooth mid-length bob and wanted a slightly shorter version. I came out with it looking like it had been shaved at the back. I felt like a man! It was so distressing and I haven't really recovered my confidence. They are so arrogant and have no idea the distress they cause with their stupid haircuts. Don't go - it will take you a year to recover.

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 by Sarahfenwick5, 18 Feb 2014
I get my hair cut here a couple of times a year and my usual stylist, Sandor, is brilliant. He's extremely skilled and professional and actually thinks about what style will suit you (and thankfully isn't massively chatty, which suits me fine). I always get loads of compliments on my hair afterwards. I've only had one so-so cut at the place and that was when I had another stylist who was not really that interested in what she was doing or what I wanted. It wasn't a bad cut, just a very boring one for the money.

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 by mudlark, 13 Feb 2014
First visit to VS Monmouth Street 5 weeks ago and I've never been happier with a cut, nor with the service and friendliness. Drinks and magazines were offered and I'm looking forward to my next appointment.

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 by evac, 07 Sep 2013
I recently had a haircut at this salon and am extremely pleased with the results. It is probably one of the best cuts I have ever had and I have received many compliments. My stylist was lovely, extremely competent, and I shall certainly be going back

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 by chribby, 12 Jun 2013
Very bad service and dismissive staff. You go there and even with an appointment they sometimes turn you away - so no guarantee they will see you at the time they agreed with you, or even at all. I was turned away because they said they were 'too busy' to honour every appointment.

The staff are also very slow and sometimes their English language skills aren't that great. They don't get the difference between 'can' and 'can't' so you have to be very sure they have grasped exactly what you want done.

Try another salon first to avoid disappointment.

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 by vmontague30, 21 May 2013
First class haircut, first class service. My experience has been really good in every way. Nothing was rushed, I was given professional advice, taken really good care of and came out with a great result. This is a really well managed salon with a strong focus on the client. That filters through, as all the staff seem to take a great deal of pride in what they do.

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 by Jacqueline McLean, 18 Apr 2013
I also can't believe these negative reviews - what is going on? I have been going to VS in Covent Garden for years, have had several stylists consecutively, and have always had marvellous results. They treat me with friendly respect, listen to what I want and I have always been pleased with the result. I understand it's the whole philosophy of Vidal Sassoon that you do what the customer wants. I went there yesterday, just to get the ends of my long hair cut off, and the stylist didn't try and persuade me to have anything else, but gave me a fantastic cut. I had a conditioning treatment too, and that was brilliant - two days later my hair still looks great.

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 by graymalkin, 09 Feb 2013
I find it hard to believe the people giving these negative reviews went to the same Vidal Sassoon salon as I did!

The last time I went to a VS salon was as a student in the '70s, so having read these reviews on my way to the appointment I was getting very nervous, especially as I was using a magazine discount voucher so thought they might be very dismissive of me. But everyone I met there was warm, friendly and normal, from reception to shampoo and then with Geri who cut my hair and Ferne who advised on possible future colouring options. Geri cut my hair brilliantly and this morning when I washed and dried it at home it still looks fab - the real test of a great cut!

So don't be put off by any of these negative reviews, the team at VS Covent Garden are friendly and very good hairdressers. Well worth the investment.

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 by PhilippaJ, 03 Feb 2013
Have recently been for a cut and blow dry at Vidal Sassoon Covent Garden. Left with a terrible cut and poor service. Have tried many high-end hairdressers as like to see what they're all offering. Will never go back to Vidal Sassoon ever again!

I got there 15 minutes before my appointment and sat on the folding chairs patiently waiting. No one offered to take my coat, which I thought was odd. I was kept waiting 10 minutes after my scheduled appointment, but no one even bothered to let me know the hairdresser was over-running. Still no offer to take my coat when the girl was putting my gown on.

Scalp massage was torture, and then the cut... Hairdresser didn't bother making chat during the cut, which is fine, but I wasn't even offered any magazines. Whilst I was the last appointment of the day, it felt like he couldn't wait to get out of there as other employees were leaving. Having long hair, I just wanted a basic trim, which obviously meant to him take off more on the ends than I asked for. What also really bothered me were the crap layers put around the frame of my face. Too short and too disconnected with the rest of the cut. At the end I commented it didn't look right, but there wasn't really a solution other than to run straighteners through it. Hate having straighteners used on my hair during a cut.

I was then waiting for longer than should have been necessary to pay, due to incompetence on the tills.

Really very poor. Will be returning to Andrew Barton in the future. Much better service, cut and value for money.

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 by Sevilla83, 07 Oct 2012
I have had layered hair with a side fringe for many years now but never have I had the layers and fringe cut as poorly as this. It is not what I asked for, much shorter than I specified and as a whole the cut is poor quality - certainly not worth the price. I'm going to have to pay for another haircut just to sort out the damage. Avoid.

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 by kate101, 09 Sep 2012
Made terrible mistake to go here for colour. The older gent who said he was Director Colour Technician seemed sick of his job. And I didn't get the color I had asked for, although my hair was all natural. He just did what he wanted to do without even listening to what I wanted. He was continuously making faces and smiling sarcastically with the other, younger members of his team, which I found very weird and rude. I think he was making fun of his customers. After the blow dry, I made it clear that I was not happy with the colour and that it was very far from what I had asked for. I had asked for a brunette tone and he had made my hair RED!

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 by jojo90, 01 Jul 2012
I have recently been to the training school at St Pauls. I have to say that I usually have to allow a long time, but I accept that it is a training school with high standards and that is usually what I get. When I went recently, I was greeted by a lovely chatty stylist, Blue. She paid a lot of attention to what I said I wanted and then gave me her opinion of what she thought might suit my skin tone (a first for me), so I went for a red Autumn colour. OMG, I am so happy, it is amazing! I have never had such a beautiful colour or so many compliments! I am so impressed with my experience with this girl that I am seriously thinking of following her to the VS salon she goes to and paying full price. Believe me, I hate spending money, but she is definitely worth it. With Christmas coming up, go and treat yourself - trust me, you won't forget it.

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 by Vanessie, 04 Nov 2011
My mum went to the VS saloon in South Molton Street in London. As she doesn't speak English, I went with her. They cut her hair so badly, you don't have to be a professional to see that one side was longer than the other and actually not even straight! I actually thought if they charge so much for a haircut, they'd at least cut it straight!

I called them up, explained what had happened. So we went back to get it corrected. We didn't argue, I was actually pretty polite and showed the so-called stylist what was wrong. Apparently, no one had even told her that we called! So anyway, the hair was 'corrected' by their 'Creative Director'. Obviously this time no one offered us as much as a glass of water. It felt like it was our fault that they couldn't get it right! I was amazed at the way we were treated. So this 'Creative Director' was cutting my mum's dry (!) hair! My mum was in tears. When the woman was done, she didn't even bother to clean off the cut hair from my mum's clothes and face!

I have never experienced such rudeness before. Seriously, do not go there! More than half of the staff have nothing to do, they just wander around the salon. I guess their salaries are all included in the price you pay for the haircut. Also, I want to mention another thing. They have all these 'levels': level one stylist, level two, three, four, five, then you get Creative Director, UK Creative Stylist, International Stylist and whatnot. The funny part is, when I asked the receptionist before booking an appointment what the difference is between all these levels, she couldn't explain!

All in all, on top of being rude to us they seemed to be judgmental towards us as well. We spent money in there and they treated us as if they were doing a job for us for free.

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 by Natascha, 18 Oct 2011
I actually travel to London for the treat of a cut with Austin at the Covent Garden Vidal Sassoon (if I lived there, I'd go more regularly!). I first walked in off the street 2 years ago and was blown away by how professional but friendly everyone was. I felt very scruffy and 'older woman' when I walked in... I still was when I left but my hair was the best it had been for a long time and I felt great, really pampered. Austin puts a lot of thought and craft into his cutting and, bless him, works cheerfully within the restrictions of customer wishes! It felt like someone was really interested in my complex hair - he got the best out of it and the cut lasts and lasts. Also, last time I was there the lively girl who washed my hair fetched her own phone charger to rescue mine... nothing too much trouble. From some comments on here, I don't recognise the same place (*suspicious*!!) Totally recommend!

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 by Louise101, 07 Oct 2011
I will never visit a Vidal Sassoon salon again. A stylist at the Covent Garden salon cut my layers so badly, leaving me with one side longer than the other, which I only noticed later on.

VS is overrated and overpriced. Simply, DO NOT USE.

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 by sylviapereira1, 31 Aug 2011
I was extremely satisfied with my last haircut, done by Austin Taeldeman, Covent Garden branch. Pleasant consultation, patient and accurate cut, and calm conversation. Austin seemed sensitive and did the haircut according to my personality. I will certainly go back.

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 by uschi.pulyer, 13 Jul 2011
I always have my hair cut at Vidal Sassoon, because their staff are highly trained and talented professionals who take your bone structure, hair texture, body shape and lifestyle into account during the consultation. It is important to realise that, unlike most high street salons, VS have a very strong philosophy - they passionately believe in creating bespoke styles that are beautifully tailored and easy to keep. You go to Sassoon in order to obtain expert advice and a beautiful cut/colour, rather than simply dictating how you want your hair cut, or demanding whatever the latest celebrity style is. Of course, you must clearly make your feelings known during the consultation, but be prepared to experiment with a new look and fantastic advice. In my experience, Vidal Sassoon seldom lets you down.

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 by sutherlandsmith, 18 Mar 2011
I've been going to Sassoon's for a few years now, and have to say I have never been more happy. Every visit is pleasant in all salons (I tend to hop around). I have also recently started having colour, which I also love. I have long wavy hair and when I leave the salon it is still long and wavy... but better!! I would and have recommended people to go to Sassoon's. Most of the times I don't have to, as I always get comments about my how great my hair looks...

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 by glossy locks, 04 Feb 2011
I have been going to Vidal Sassoon for years on and off. I have also been to the training school, although that was some years ago. Some of my best haircuts were at the training school, but it takes so long and I can't stand sitting about for hours. I have had some really lovely cuts, and a few that I have really not been happy with. I think at the end of the day it depends on the individual stylist that you get. The problem is that when you find one that you are happy with they may be gone next time you visit.

I do understand the comments about staff being snooty. I must admit, that really puts me off. Some staff could do with lessons in basic manners and communication skills. Of course, others are well-mannered and do make the effort to try and appear interested in what they are doing.

My last appointment was a year ago and I have not had my hair cut there since. This is because the girl who cut my hair the night before my graduation did not listen to me. I specifically said that I did not want my bob to sit on my jaw line. So guess where it sat? Yes you've guessed it, right on my jaw line. I hate my graduation photos. It wouldn't have been so bad but I explained it so clearly. I nearly cried.

I am sitting here about to book another appointment - wish me luck!

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 by Angel Hart, 04 Dec 2010
NO star rating from me either. I had a mid-length curly bob when I went to the salon nearly 2 and half years ago, that I wanted to continue growing out, but I wanted a bit of a tidy up, a trim and some conditioning - that was it. I asked for the senior stylist, as having very thick curly hair I've experienced some awful cuts in the past and thought VS would be reputable. Forget it. Don't go there! Not unless you want to have all your hair thinned down to a straggly mess and come out looking like you're GI Jane.

I had a consultation with the stylist first and explained I was growing my hair down longer. What a joke. Now two and a half years later I've just about managed to grow my hair back to the length it was before I went in there! I was really annoyed by the experience and complained continually to Vidal Sassoon's head office about how their 'top stylist' at Covent Garden had wrecked my hair. Eventually I got a written apology from them, but they encouraged me to go to another stylist at another one of their salons to help me out as now I was having the awful experience of growing it out, and growing out curly hair is really difficult! It was so short that it looked like I'd practically had my head shaved. I paid about £95 for that abuse of my head when I could have just gone to a barbers and asked them to shave it all off for £5. Now my hair is growing back I feel slightly calmer about the experience but I went through 2 years of growing hell thanks to these idiots. I also noticed that everyone (customer that is) in the salon had these ultra short haircuts, so basically they do it to everyone that goes in there.

Why they call themselves 'hairdressers' is a mystery to me. I learnt my lesson and haven't been in a hairdressers since - I just try and trim it myself now. I'd advise you to avoid this place like the plague!! Total con.

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 by GI Jane, 06 Nov 2010

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