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Other branches of Mulberry in London:

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Mulberry reviews

Bought my daughter a Mulberry bag for Christmas, but got the wrong one. I was just outside their 28 day return policy. They absolutely would not exchange the bag. Spoke to the managers and phoned customer services. Might as well shop at BHS.

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 by teresa.sutherland, 12 Feb 2013
I bought a Mulberry 'Alexa sparkling tweed'. The quality is positively awful! I used it a handful of times and noticed the sparkle coming away, so stopped using it before sending it on to customer service. They think that even though it is obvious the bag has not been used, it is normal wear and tear! I have a number of Mulberry bags and cannot understand why such a poor quality leather has been used. I will not be buying from Mulberry again.

Useful review?
 by michoque, 02 Jan 2013
As a temp employee without a care in the world, I'd like to say that 80-90% of Mulberry's bags are made in China/Spain/Turkey with only the Bayswaters really coming from England. Markup is at least 350% from 'cost' price and usually closer to 450%. Quality is far worse than I'd expect from an ~£800 bag, and the best quality/least flawed products are all sent to the Far East (Korea, China, Japan) and the USA. Europe is less fussy apparently. Quality standards have been slipping recently too, with more and more flawed bags going out to supply the high demand. The company spends around $110 plus materials on getting an average Bayswater-size bag made. Just things to bear in mind next time you see someone drooling over one...

Useful review? 1
 by not-disgruntled, 30 Aug 2011
I love my (genuine, bought at Mulberry shop) Alexa bag but am slightly disappointed to see it is made in Turkey. As the Mulberry company is always promoted as being very British, I assumed it would have been made in England. Maybe that is the reason some bags are poor quality.

Useful review?
 by bm.lockett, 24 Jul 2011
One mulberry purchase, sparkle tweed bag, absolute disaster, customer service is poor. Will not be going anywhere near Mulberry for a long long time.

Useful review? 1
 by thelmaequi, 28 Mar 2011
I've been a fan of Mulberry for a long time and whilst I do think that some of the items are not as good quality as they were years ago, they are still very good classic bags. I spray mine with Collonil as soon as I get them to waterproof them (especially important for lighter coloured bags) and wipe them with a dry cloth after use to keep my bags clean. I've had a little problem with colour transfer on a light coloured bag (butter Alexa) but this came off easily with a baby wipe.

For the people complaining about bags breaking after a couple hours, did you even try Mulberry customer services? I know a couple of people who've had problems with their bags and Mulberry CS have pretty much always been helpful. Yes, the bags are expensive but that doesn't mean that Mulberry don't care after the bags are sold!

Useful review?
 by ali19 (2 reviews), 09 Sep 2010
Half the overhyped, ludicrously expensive gear is out of stock for god's sake.

Useful review? 2 1
 by bonkerz9, 09 Aug 2010
I bought a Maggie bag 12 months ago and now the strap has broken on the front. The design is weak and the way the strap is stitched on could not support the weight of the bag, let alone any contents. I am very disappointed, as I presumed that this £800 bag was for life.

Useful review? 3
 by dexterdog, 25 Nov 2009
I have 5 Mulberry bags - they are brilliant. I have been out in the rain many times with my daytime bag and it has never stained. We are taking a daughter out this Saturday to buy her a Mulberry to celebrate her news of becoming pregnant.

Useful review?
 by dinah may, 01 Oct 2009
I work for Mulberry and we ALWAYS have Collonil waterstop spray (£5.95, or you can also mail order it from us for an extra £3 within the UK). Spray the bag before you use it, then once a month.

Useful review?
 by tiduj81, 11 Sep 2008
I bought myself a 600 quid messenger bag and have been left feeling foolish. The leather was marked within days and the strap broke after only 3 weeks. Perhaps my bag was a one-off, but I'm left regarding Mulberry as overhyped, cheap tat with exclusive price tags.

Useful review? 2
 by justinteractive (3 reviews), 11 Jun 2008
I bought a Mulberry Emmy bag for my birthday last year and love it! However, when it rains it does stain the leather, which shouldn't happen to such an expensive item (and I did spray protect it the day I got it). Also, the rubber which protects the side of the straps has started to peel off, which has left it looking a bit tacky. For the sort of money it cost you wouldn't expect this kind of thing to happen. Overall, though I thought that this bag would be a great durable item which would last for years, I feel it's become quite delicate. Nevertheless, I still love it... I just hope it will still look great in 10 years' time.

Useful review? 1
 by roxy2328, 31 May 2008
Fine product, appears well made with unique design features. I immediately applied a Waterstop-like product, as I do for all of my fine leather purchases. Looking forward to spending many years with my Mulberry briefcase!

Useful review? 1
 by chest5, 07 Nov 2007
I followed the advice of the note inside the bag and sprayed mine with the Waterstop spray before I used the bag. Got the spray online from which was the cheapest I could find on the net, taking P&P etc into account.

I bought the Collonil Premium Lotion conditioning cream at the same time, which is great now that I've had the bag a while as it keeps the leather dead soft. You always need to re-waterproof the bag first with the Waterstop spray before putting the cream on, but it's well worth the effort.

I'm so loving my bag - it's just goregous!

Useful review?
 by jessicafordham, 11 Oct 2007
Only had bag 1 month when caught in the rain - bag ruined.

Useful review? 2 1
 by Anonymous, 20 May 2006
Mulberry bags just get better with age. I have three now. I find Collonil Waterstop from keeps them in order. Mulberry recommend it but do not sell it!

Useful review?
 by Baglady, 01 Mar 2006
Mulberry is, quite simply, the leader in their field. Fantastic products, which last for years, shot through with a mixture of innovation and classic style. Perfection.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 03 Aug 2005
I have recently bought a Mulberry bag and I am really pleased with it. It is well made and although expensive I feel it is an investment and will have it for years looking like it is brand new.

Useful review? 1 1
 by Anonymous, 12 Apr 2005

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