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Well, I love Italian stuff, and I have Tod's shoes - I won't buy anything else. Luxury means durability. For example, I am a Swiss watch collector and I pay huge amounts for these humungous watches, most of which are made of steel not gold. So why is it so? Because they work for generations, unlike cheap Japanese or Chinese watches which usually break on the way home from the shop. Similarly, Tod's is a luxury brand and has 100% durability. It delivers what it says.

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 by woundedtiger40, 08 Feb 2011
As other reviewers have said, this store has shocking customer service. One thing to watch out for is the way they play fast and loose with your statutory rights. Don't be fobbed off with the comment that they are an Italian company and not bound by UK trading legislation! For faulty goods they MUST offer a refund (though good luck with this option) or a free repair of the damaged item. Word of warning in that the repair will likely take 4-6 weeks and will never be of the same quality the product should have been sold at. I recently have had to move heaven and earth to get them to repair a faulty bag (the stitching holding the straps on was coming apart). And I disagree with the reviewer who said one shouldn't equate luxury with durability - either you are a store employee or have been woefully misled on marketing. When paying £800-1000 for a bag it most certainly should last years, and most definitely last past 6 months!

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 by LondonBag80, 15 Apr 2010
I think that everyone that has commented in such a child-like manner must have nothing better to do in life. If you can't just deal with it for the quality of the wonderful products, then go elsewhere. I've bought numerous pairs of shoes and a few bags and never had a problem. Some people expect to be treated like royalty because they are buying expensive! Stop being so precious!!

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 by roslyn19, 02 Apr 2010
Though I've heard so many great things about the quality and comfort of Tod's shoes for men, the store in Sloane Square has the most ridiculously confused and bored staff. One of them actually called me to say they had my size in the store, but when I went in on Saturday with my partner, they couldn't find it. As reviewers below noted, they were completely uninterested in helping, which I think is sad considering the economic situation. No loss for me. I crossed the street and purchased a more beautiful pair of boots at YSL.

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 by ck1, 29 Sep 2009
I bought a pair of Tod's classic design shoes in black at Sloane Street branch in 2003. I liked them so much I went back to try and buy another pair. I've been back numerous times since then but have so far failed to purchase an identical pair (although have bought other similar pairs on some of these visits). The store has never had the original shoes in stock in my chosen colour (black) at any time that I've returned to the store. The staff have always appeared either unable or unwilling to try and locate a pair for me.

The last time I was in the store I was served by an inexperienced assistant with poor command of English (unlike the Paris branch, where they speak impeccable English and actually appear to want to help customers). I found it hard to understand a word she was saying while three other assistants looked on (possibly having ascertained I was not going to be buying anything, I could be used for 'staff training'). On that occasion the store did have one pair of the shoes in stock in black, only not in my size. I tried a pair on and they were hanging off my feet but the assistant appeared surprised that I did not want them!

It was, of course, not possible for the store to try and order a pair for me that actually fitted. They were reluctant to provide me with an email address but gave me their office telephone number, which I called several times but no answer.
In one last recent bid to get these shoes, I sent an online communication to Tod's website and asked whether it would be possible to have a pair despatched to Sloane Street because I would be back the following Monday (24th August). I received a reply redirecting me to the website - I responded that the info not available on the website and this email was returned undelivered. I went to the shop anyway, and found it closed for refurbishment. I think I'm going to give up... Do Tod's actually want to do business?

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 by Christie, 26 Aug 2009
Beautiful shoes for men and women and the service is impeccable. Congratulations on a great team. I hope to visit the Sloane Street store again soon.

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 by jackhawkins, 19 Jul 2009
Most arrogant staff, not to be compared with the friendliness I encountered at Bond Street branch.

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 by stefanievietor (2 reviews), 17 Jun 2009
Well, if I want something I don't really care if the staff are snobby or not. If they are snobby and horrible, let them be frustrated!

And if you expect to buy an expensive bag, make it your everyday bag and expect it to last decades, sorry but you'll be disappointed. You're paying for a luxury item, which needs to be taken care of. If you equate price with robustness you'll sadly be disappointed!

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 by Luxury lover, 04 Jan 2009
The shoes there are great - so easy to fall in love with!

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 by Miss B, 21 Jun 2007
A note on the Bicester Village outlet store: it's exciting when you first walk in, as you think you'll get some fantastic bargains; however, they did not have my size in ANY style I wanted, and that was after a seriously long wait for service (it wasn't even that busy). The shoes were very comfortable though, and I fell in love with one overpriced bag in particular.

Go to Tod's in Italy, where the products are more reasonably priced and the staff more friendly.

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 by bobbypants (52 reviews), 17 Jun 2007
Staff in the Bond Street store are incredibly arrogant, rude and patronising. Will never go in there again! I still like their bags though, so what I do is go to their outlet store in Bicester Village, where staff are nice and you get their stuff for less than half the price you pay elsewhere!

Useful review? 1
 by Miriam2, 13 Jun 2007
Absolutely appalling products. I purchased a light tan suede bag in the sale 18 months ago (still £300 in the sale). After using it just once, the bag was very grubby - the suede obviously hadn't been suede protected during the manufacturing process. I took it to a dry cleaner's but they were unable to clean it, as they were concerned that the plastic feet would melt during the process. I called Tod's to ask whether they have a cleaning service or, failing that, a specialist cleaner that they could recommend, but the staff were really unhelpful. They don't offer any kind of cleaning service, which is ridiculous when you consider how much their products cost. They just told me to buy some suede protector! Utterly disgraceful in my opinion.

I would NEVER buy from Tod's again. My recommendation is Mulberry - their bags last for years and the quality and craftsmanship is excellent.

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 by hannahalex, 23 Feb 2007
Appalling service. Enquired after some loafers - one pair left that were faulty. They couldn't be bothered to help out other than say they'd have to return them to the factory (no suggestion of "We'll try to get you another pair"). Staff were half asleep and arrogant.

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 by phillip, 10 Dec 2006
Amazing shoes. Who cares about price? You get what you pay for. Service isn't that bad. Just helps if you're fairly affluent I suppose.

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 by Anonymous, 18 Sep 2006
The staff there are trained in hell... treat you like an idiot!

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 by Anonymous, 15 Aug 2006
Really poor customer service for something that's so ridiculously priced.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Jun 2006
Stuck up clientele and staff. Guess they deserve each other around Chelsea. Bloody snobs.

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 by Anonymous, 17 Jun 2006
Tod's where did it come from and why is it here? Is it Italian and then the Yanks took it hostage. They like that unsexy male-woman thing.

Who does it appeal to now...asexual rich Sloanies? Hard to say. Horrid hard leather shapless narrow flats with bulky hard bags. Instantly recognisable that must be it.

Useful review? 1
 by tired of stuff (3 reviews), 20 May 2006
Have excellent suede shoes.

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 by Anonymous, 25 Mar 2006
Tod's has the worst client service ever! I bought a pair of boots a month ago and wore them for one day on which it happened to snow in Edinburgh. The leather is completely destroyed and they told me it's my fault!

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 by Gregoritsa, 17 Mar 2006

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