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I have been living in London for 6 years and this is the worst experience I have had in a restaurant. The manager is so rude and has no respect for clients whatsoever. He insulted my girlfriend just because she borrowed a chair from another table. I'm surprised by the poor quality of management in this place and I would urge people in charge to work on improving it. Customers do not expect to be humiliated whilst paying high prices for the service and food.

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 by Eddie82junior, 14 Sep 2011
I don't agree with the reviews. I often go to Momo and the service has always been one of the best in London. The staff are always polite and friendly.

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 by my_karma (2 reviews), 04 Aug 2011
I agree with many of your reviewers - incredibly rude service, certainly not worth the money. Don't go there!

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 by esther_bloom, 19 Jun 2011
I was entirely let down by Momo's. I will certainly never go there again. Having turned up with important clients, I was shocked that the staff could be quite so embarrassingly rude. The food was substandard and overpriced. The atmosphere was close to what you would expect at a Weatherspoons. Avoid at all costs.

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 by psheridan, 14 Nov 2009
A friend of mine recently hosted her birthday dinner at this fabulous restaurant. When we arrived, we were greeted by both charming staff and amazing smells coming from the open kitchen - a great first impression. I often holiday in Morocco and have always found it near impossible to find good North African restaurants in London, so I was excited about trying the food and wasn't disappointed. The Harira vegetable soup is the best I've ever had and my main course, an amazing seafood tagine, was divine. After dinner we enjoyed some of Momo's special cocktails - a perfect way to end a wonderful evening.

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 by Myners, 19 Oct 2009
Service was horrible and food was nothing but average. Manager and waiters harrassed us to order more food and wine and manager was particularly rude when confronted - no class. Will definitely not go back there again. There are better restaurants in London, who respect their clientele.

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 by alicimo, 18 Oct 2009
Great atmosphere, uncomfortable seating and truly glacial service. My wife and I failed to have lunch here because we gave up waiting for the food to arrive after about 40 minutes. It wasn't even as if the place was packed - it was less than half full. The staff were attentive enough when it came to pouring the wine (which was very good) and offering us even more water but not when it came to actually delivering food to the table. So we left (after paying for the wine). We won't be going back in a hurry.

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 by conormmcauley, 14 Mar 2009
What a fantastic experience! I celebrated my birthday at Momo with my friends. None of us had been there before. The food is simply delicious, staff are so friendly and warm, decor is great and the setting is both vibrant and cosy at the same time. The combination of restaurant, Tea Room next door and the bar downstairs means you can have a complete evening out in one place. Highly recommended. Try it!

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 by roshan-ara, 23 Nov 2008
I totally love Momo's delicious Moroccan cuisine! It's not the first time I have been there and it definitely won't be the last. The staff are very helpful and nice. A great place to eat.

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 by ghizzledabizzle, 12 Oct 2008
Momo's used to be fantastic but has no idea how to provide good customer service now. Had a very disappointing meal - food OK but expensive and not particularly representative of North African cuisine. Atmosphere nice but a little loud at times. The owner, however, needs a serious reality check. He is one of the rudest men I have ever met - yelling at our table for not paying the service charge without finding out why and then telling us off for speaking to the people sitting next to us! I can honestly say I would never eat here again.

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 by sarah.parkinson, 29 Aug 2008
Surrealistic experience to say the least. We got asked 3 times if we wanted to have water with our meal as we were sitting down, so we told our waitress (very politely) that we did not want any. Next thing we had our 'main' waiter telling us off, as he said we had upset her! Then he told us off for calling him with our hand and not by his name!! Surreal to say the least. I thought the food was lovely but I really believe some of the staff need a reality check!

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 by foodie1234, 23 Jan 2008
We were there on a Saturday night. There was no space in the restaurant but we decided to go downstairs, where you can eat tapas. The staff were very nice and friendly. Great atmosphere and food. Really a fine place to eat and have a good time.

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 by Dut's, 28 Nov 2007
Had a great night! Staff very friendly, and I thought the portions were very generous (we couldn't finish our meals). Was loud and lively - great for a group night out, but perhaps not the kind of place for a romantic dinner.

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 by l2lnjh, 30 Oct 2007
Although the atmosphere is good, the food was very disappointing. The dishes that were trying to be more innovative were generally unexciting and the food itself dull. There are far better and cheaper places to eat Moroccan food in London.

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 by VanessaL (3 reviews), 30 Jul 2007
Momo was a fantastic restaurant a few years ago, but not any more in my opinion. Firstly, I really don't like the minimum order rule. The food isn't cheap and the portions are not big either, so anyone who eats here will order enough - hence minimum order rule is ridiculous. The waitresses/waiters are very nice but the person on reception is always very rude and ill-mannered. Ambiance and decor is great but it can get extremely noisy, to a point where you are actually shouting to your guests. Food used to be great but last time I visited it failed to impress me.

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 by audrey (29 reviews), 11 Jun 2007
Despite advice not to go, I thought I would try it out any way. Sadly, I learnt the hard way. The manager is enough of a reason not to come here, but there are a lot of other reasons...

Staff were inattentive throughout the evening. It was unbelieveably hot, and to make matters worse we were sat near the kitchen section. Only two toliets = ridiculous queues. The food was OK, but a small menu. Be prepared to sit through several theatrical performances throughout the evening as people's birthdays are celebrated with a ritual dance by the circus lead staff! Awful.

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 by sezz (3 reviews), 04 Feb 2007
Good, lively place. Went there with a group of 8 work colleagues and it went down well.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Jan 2007
Fabulous! Fantastic food, smell, decor, kindness... It really has a flavour of Marrakesh about it - even the toilet is great, in the dark, with a bit of light that makes it more intimate.

I always go to Momo when I'm in London. The lamb tagine is my favourite dish.

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 by roberta_g (2 reviews), 18 Dec 2006
Disappointing! I had previously dined here and was suitably impressed - the food and atmostphere were great! Last night I took some friends there hoping for a repeat performance - and was sorely disappointed. The food and atmosphere are still fantastic, but to be brought our coats at the end of the meal without our asking is a tad too rude - there are ways of dealing with two sittings, but this is definitely NOT one of them! We had been there less than 2 hours in total; when it was mentioned to the staff upon leaving, it was met with indifference.

Really wasn't impressed - won't be going back there again! For the prices charged you do expect superior service. They shouldn't be so arrogant to think this doesn't matter...

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 by Felicity, 30 Nov 2006
Momo is the typical London restaurant that's built a reputation and now they're cashing in on it. Our pushy waitress was constantly over our heads trying to sell, sell, sell! We didn't manage to relax for a moment because she was always asking if we wanted more wine (while the bottle was still full), if we wanted the special cocktails, if we wanted to order more food (while we were still eating)... However, do not ask for tap water because you will die of dehydration! After 20 minutes they decided that they would bring a jug, fill a glass and take the jug away!! Can you believe it?!

When we asked to go downstairs (we've been there before without being 'members') the floor manager decided to be difficult and said he was going to "think about it". I don't know why we bothered to get dressed up for Momo's because the so-called members down at the bar were the worst dressed people I've seen.

The attitude and standard of service from people who earn half my salary ruined our lovely food. AND 13% service charge - my backside!! Definitely not going back. Instead we're going to Morocco in February.

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 by Mis-Jules, 27 Nov 2006

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