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The pictures on the websites do not do this place justice. We had a view over Hyde Park and the atmosphere was superb. The food was excellent and our waitress, Lara, also impeccable. She managed to steer us through the menu and then literally ordered for us once she had established our likes and dislikes. The bill was not that bad considering it's in the top 10 places to eat in the world, and at the end of the day it's just the drinks that push it up (but that's the same everywhere except Strada!). I for one can't wait to go again.

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 by wilsman77, 15 Feb 2010
Absolutely amazing place! Best meal, best service and finally a great designed restaurant! Will definitely go back.

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 by anna-B, 28 Feb 2009
If you think you see a celebrity when you're eating here, trust me you are... Really great food. Drinks are pricey (but the lychee martini is worth it!). The furniture is kind of odd - not really plush.

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 by Miss Hoxton (6 reviews), 22 Dec 2008
Excellent service, impeccable food, delicious and mouthwatering. Even managed to fit us in at an hour's notice. Not too expensive if you don't have wine. Cocktails are divine however.

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 by cystalhaze (20 reviews), 06 Oct 2007
We had been to Nobu once before, so our expectations were quite high and we were not disappointed.

For simplicity and ease (there were 6 of us and it was a birthday celebration) we chose the £50.00 lunch menu. Every dish was sublime. The tartar of salmon and the black cod (I had this the last time we were there, and for me this is one of the greatest dishes I have tasted in any restaurant anywhere) were simply amazing. The final savoury dish of beef, while good, was not as outstanding as the others; but that may be because I am not a great fan of beef.

We drank champagne (Billecart Salmon) and a small flask of cold Saki. The espresso was the best by some margin that I have had anywhere.

The service, while friendly, I feel needs to be a little more polished for a 1 star Michelin restaurant. It just was not quite slick enough. It in no way detracted from the meal but, shall we say, it did not add to it. Additionally, because of the nature of the restaurant (lots of hard services and very busy), it was difficult to hear what the waiter/waitress was saying when each course was brought to the table.

For me the only other issue was that service charge was included in my closed credit card slip. This is a practice that I strongly dislike!

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 by purpleski, 31 Jul 2007
We were there recently for a girls' night out and it was great, although I felt we were stuck at the end of the restaurant (next to the bar, with a very rude Saheed from The Apprentice on his mobile phone and chain-smoking).

Food was absolutely delicious, as expected. We had dish after dish being brought out, which allowed us to sample everything. The Yellow Tail and Black Cod is highly recommended. I would eat out there every day if I could!

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 by Polx, 12 Jul 2007
Food amazing, service appalling! Five of us visited Nobu last Friday and we were very disappointed by the lack of service quality but can't deny the food was outstanding.

We booked 1 month in advance, asked for non-smoking (due to one of the party being pregnant). Firstly we were seated in the smoking area, then when we asked to move we were almost forced to sit in the kitchen. A comedy of errors followed. We were offered no advice on what to eat as first-timers to Nobu. We were generally upset by the lack of customer care. The food, however, was fantastic, beautifully served and delicious. We chose the taster menu and I would recommend this to anyone who has not been before.

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 by lordjlo, 16 Dec 2006
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!! One of the best meals I've EVER eaten, and the staff are wonderful. We were extended the best service - everybody on board was delightful.

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 by modernegirl, 21 Oct 2006
Had a sensational meal here, hideously expensive but well worth it. The service was spot on and every mouthful a delight. We spent in excess of £200 a head (indulging in the nine course tasting menu and a few bottles of wine), so brace yourselves... However, not once have I regretted that expense. We will return!

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 by DanL (3 reviews), 22 Aug 2006
Won't have a bad word said about it. Great service and sensational food. Worth every penny and for once lives up to all the hype that is printed.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Jun 2006
I mean really bad. This place sucks. Not only was the food awful, the service was terrible and rude.

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 by Saurav, 16 May 2006
Overpriced and not as good as Zuma.

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 by rasta (2 reviews), 09 Mar 2006
The food was good, we have been to Japan so it wasn't a totally new experience. The waiting staff efficient and friendly but WHY OH WHY do they allow smoking in the restaurant? There were just 3 people in the entire restaurant smoking, one couple next to us chain smoking which is just not acceptable. At that price if they can't provide a small area which smokers can go to without affecting the vast majority of people who are paying a small fortune for delicately flavoured and engineered food. I for one won't be going again.

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 by Anonymous, 25 Sep 2005
I was lucky enough to eat at Nobu during the week. Firstly, the level of service provided by the staff, in particular a fellow Antipodean, was outstanding! The staff were extremely attentive yet discreet enough not to be imposing on the dining experience. Secondly, the food. Where do I start? Amazing! Having eaten at many Japanese restaurants around the world, including Japan, I'm pleased to say Nobu are definitely in the elite league when it comes taste and presentation.

Will be back, no doubt, hopefully sooner rather than later. Well done guys! A1 performance.

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 by NP, 15 Sep 2005
The greatest evening ever. Treated like kings. Up the stairs to the first floor of the Metropolitan Hotel you find Nobu restaurant. After a wait, you are approached and escorted by a loud Japanese word that keeps you wondering what's going on.

We get to the table and within a minute we are approached by a waiter who says “Welcome to Nobu, may I pour you some water?”. He returns and immediately offers help and assistance with our menu. The menu is as intimidating as a French wine list, we fold and give him the benefit of the doubt. He takes our likes and dislikes and encourages us to try a selection of dishes that are tried and trusted by regular customers. He explaining that he will take us through the menu step by step. The evening goes on and on till I sink my mouth into the Bento Box. Pay the bill via another waiter who says his colleague is on a break.

Great evening and great food.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Feb 2005
Great food, especially the black cod, I could not help notice that at times the food is marginally better than at other times. The service is fine, could improve, reception staff can at times be arrogant and forget who the customer is, but I soon remind them! I've been going there since the begining so I've seen its ups and downs, it has the potential to be the geatest Japanese / Asian experience in town, needs fine tuning.

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 by Anonymous, 03 Jan 2005
I received simply the most outrageous and shamelessly incompetent and rude service on a visit last Friday evening. I am absolutely astounded by the fact that the waiting staff were so inattentive - that I had to wait patiently to flag them down and that they lacked basic courtesy and manners to apologise for grossly unacceptable errors which amounted to some pernicious catalogue indeed! You would expect a lot more than this level (or lack) of service in a restaurant in this league!! The evening was marred by the following events:

1) someone else's food was brought to us by mistake - to which I was told - 'oh, they sometimes get the orders mixed up' and

2) hair, yes, HAIR!! stuck to the breadcrumbs on fried quail - with hindsight I should have embarrassed them and said it out loudly rather than discreetly pointing it out to a waitress since she did not make the slightest attempt to apologise and simply took it away without as much as a word, and a replacement of the same dish was brought over a while later - which I obviously inspected thoroughly before trying!

3) The finale was that they charged attempted to charge for 3 beers as opposed to the single beer ordered - again, no apology was received for that ineptitude!

When a complaint was made to the manager, the same lack of remorse was evident. I should have deducted the 15% service charge because as far as I am concerned we didn't get any service or at least any decent service!

My advice is don't bother with Nobu London - it's not all that in terms of food and the service is completely atrocious!!

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 by SL, 25 May 2004

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