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Matthew Fort's review of Zuma (The Guardian)
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To all with negative reviews about Zuma: you're crazy, this place is the best in London - food, service, everything!!

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 by nickfood, 06 Jan 2012
I went 2 weeks ago and I sat at the sushi bar. The service is very bad and the food not as good as it used to be. Every time new different staff, which means there is a problem with the service.

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 by aamy25, 09 Sep 2011
I know a lot of fellow journalists love this place because of the diversity of food. As the lords who run my journalistic manor are kind when it comes to my expense account, I have eaten here on a number of occasions, but mainly because it appeals to the victim I have chosen to eat out with and pump for information. Therefore, working on the basis that the snitch is always right, until they spew out the goodies, I have been accommodating.

Would I choose to eat here by myself or with a friend? No!

Why? Well, to be very frank, the cuisine is not consistent. Whether the owners have a dose of 'change the chef often before he gets lazy' or whether that character is fickle, I have no idea. I haven't attempted to grill him to find out (I only take the bright lights to put in politicians' eyes; besides, chefs are usually already conditioned to heat).

I am presuming that the restaurant was named after Zuma Beach in Malibu, California and the owners have spent time there watching the beach babes and not enough time watching the staff - or, perhaps, too much time watching the staff nick the silver - because every time I have been there I see new faces but same type of menu. Which, I should mention, always looks superb on paper: asparagus tempura, crispy fried squid with green chilli, wagyu beef, black cod with miso, sushi, etc.

I am prepared to say, in defence of the place, that anything that hasn't been well cooked is not usually my cup of Twinings; therefore, perhaps my comments could easily be put down to seeing too many people eat sushi. Then again, being a person who likes consistency and good service, I do try to be objective. In that department I must say they really never came up to my standards. But, as I could say the same about horror films with giant crabs in them, you can swallow all my criticism with a light grain of salt.

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 by Objectiveappraisal, 17 May 2011
It's the first time I have been to this restaurant. The food and service was excellent. I would like to say thank you to all the staff there. Keep up the good work.

Useful review?
 by tyson mahmood, 16 Jul 2010
This is simply the best restaurant I have been to in London. It definitely has the 'wow' factor.

Useful review?
 by princess7anita, 23 Dec 2009
It's amazing how many bad reviews I am seeing here about Zuma!!
This is probably the best food in London. Cocktails as well.
But there will always be complainers... or clever competition trying to ruin Zuma's reputation.

Highly recommend this place. Just go and see for yourself why.
Booking recommended at least a week in advance.

Useful review?
 by Londonfan (3 reviews), 17 Oct 2009
I will never return to this restaurant again. Staff are not trained properly, and the chef was shouting his mouth off all over the place. That's no way to do business.

Useful review?
 by selvirai, 28 Mar 2009
Probably the best Japanese I have had in London. Great atmosphere, and what a difference freshly-ground wasabi makes!

Useful review?
 by carson (7 reviews), 13 Apr 2008
I've been to Zuma 3 times and only had to phone once for a table. It's always been fantastic and the family have voted it their favourite for a special treat. 5 stars, maybe 6! We love it.

Useful review?
 by deirdrewickins, 09 Nov 2007
Not a bad Japanese restaurant. However, you need to be known as a regular or accompanied by one to make it through the doors. We really enjoyed our food and our young waitress from Provence was absolutely adorable and professional. Anyone feel free to invite me there any time!

Useful review?
 by raidako (2 reviews), 04 Oct 2007
Great place with a fantastic atmosphere! To sit in the bar whilst the chef cooks you dinner is the best! They have a crocant octupus that is fantastic, and for dessert I recommend the 'volcano of chocolate' - it's delicious. They have very good drinks as well.

Useful review?
 by Luli, 14 Jul 2007
The wagga wagga beef is the best!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 25 Feb 2007
The very best restaurant I have ever been to! Delicious food. We had several different meals, wine, coffee... it was all just perfect. My first visit to London, and just because of this fantastic time I am now planning a trip with my husband and cannot wait till next week when we have a table waiting for us at Zuma.

Useful review?
 by Kjersti, 09 Jan 2007
Great atmosphere, food delicious... go!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 20 Nov 2006
Hands down, the best restaurant in London. Best food and excellent service. I am usually impossible to please, but never at Zuma. I keep going back and invariably have a great meal and a great time.

Useful review?
 by toughcookie, 16 Nov 2006
Best restaurant I have ever been to.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 26 Sep 2006
An appalling experience from start to finish. A bad table tucked away at the back of a noisy restaurant next to the waiter's station... at least that might mean attentive service.

The overpriced wine took 15 minutes to arrive and then was left unopened for a further 10. The indifferent waiter recommended a selection of sushi, which would have been totally inadequate for 4 diners even if they hadn't had to wait nearly 40 minutes for its lukewarm limp arrival. This, interestingly, was preceded by the appearance of one of our party's main courses.

Numerous waiters experienced problems with the space time continuum as 'it'll just be two minutes' stretched into 5, 10, 20 for the various constituent parts of our main course.

The signature black cod was beautifully presented, but completely lacking in taste. When the rice and vegetables finally arrived they were cold and overcooked -a challenging feat that chef and waiting staff must have conspired to achieve.

Our very polite but increasingly frustrated complaints were met with apathy and disinterest, and when the manager deigned to appear she feigned shock at the situation and promised to investigate. I can only assume that investigation is still continuing, as apart from waiving the extortionate service charge she took great care to avoid any further interaction.

Perhaps the presence of 'celebrity chef' Anthony Worrall-Thompson and the fawning that entailed over-stretched the capabilities of the plentiful, but ineffective staff. A £200+ lunch bill for 4 disillusioned diners added the final insult.

Useful review? 1
 by Sara M, 03 Apr 2006
The best in London.

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 by path, 14 Nov 2005
Very cool, and very good sushi. Hot dishes don't quite rival Nobu's, but the service is just as bad as Nobu if that's what they were aiming for.

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 by Anonymous, 22 Oct 2005
The food was average Japanese, but atmosphere was very stylish and fresh.

Useful review?
 by AA (3 reviews), 13 Jul 2005

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