Liza Bruce

9 Pont Street
Knightsbridge, London
Tel: 020 7235 8423 Sloane Square 0.3 miles

Liza Bruce

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There is something innately suspicious about the four one star reviews posted below! beth1, bella9 and anonymous8 are surely one and the same person, and then there is belgrave lady! Come on! Three consecutive reviewers just happen to use the phrase 'rip off'? A competitor or someone with a grudge, surely! I was looking on your website to see where Liza Bruce has re-located to, as I desperately wanted another of her fantastic bikinis. Where has she gone?

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 by leannebrn, 22 Jul 2013
This shop is cool. The swimsuits there are amazing. I bought two for my lovely girlfriend, and she loved them! Coming back for Christmas!

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 by ra, 08 Oct 2011
I have just returned from the South of France where I wore my new swimsuits, which are by far the best I have ever worn! I've never had so many positive comments!

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 by diva_queen, 26 Jul 2010
Primark quality at Prada prices. A seasoned eye will spot better stock from the good old days. And check the gold between your teeth... know what I mean?

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 by bella9, 15 Nov 2009
The people who have written positive reviews below obviously have no fashion education. If they did, they would see how low quality and cheap the fabrics are. The kaftans are just imported from Morocco and marked up in price enormously. Rip-off merchant!

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 by beth1, 02 Oct 2008
Awful, awful, awful... and a complete rip off too. Everything looks old and fraying. Don't bother.

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 by anonymous8, 02 May 2008
Terrible. My suit cost a fortune and completely fell apart the first time I wore it. Can't believe this woman manages to rip so many people off!

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 by belgrave lady, 22 Nov 2007
Like the reviewer below, my mother always had the most beautifully cut bathing suits and about 5 years ago I found out that they are all Liza Bruce. Love love love the shop in Mayfair - full of amazing swimwear and kaftans as well as beautiful jewellery.

Useful review?
 by audrey (29 reviews), 11 Jun 2007
I purchased a Liza Bruce one piece bathing suit in NYC approx.15 years ago. It was the best suit I ever had. I have been trying to replace it ever since. I had tried several times to find Liza on the web and today was my lucky day. I can't wait to shop!

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 by Anonymous, 12 May 2006
Wow!! Great colours, very helpful staff, some lovely fabrics, super fitting swimwear. Thanks Liza.

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 by Anonymous, 10 May 2005
Superb colourful collection of silks in fantastic easy to wear shapes and great swimwear too. Friendly helpful staff - it is a place well worth a visit.

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 by Anonymous, 03 Apr 2005
Fantastic suits, kaftans and jewellery. Super friendly service! Don't miss it.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Oct 2004

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