56 Fulham Road
Chelsea, London
Tel: 020 7589 8445 South Kensington 0.2 miles

French beachwear designer specialising in brightly coloured matching floral shorts for father and son.

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Vilebrequin reviews

The Burlington Arcade store is very disappointing. Having bought several pairs of Vilebrequin shorts in the US and Nice, I found the selection and service in the shop in London poor. I asked to order a particular style and they said they couldn't; I asked if they would check to see if their other shop in Fulham Rd had it, they said they couldn't. Customer service? If I was their sales director, I'd fire the lot and start again.

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 by Poshdoc, 15 Jun 2008
The 2007 prints are so girly - very pink. Some prints are horrible. Worst season yet. The linen shirts are of terrible quality - the dye is so uneven, there are flubs in them and they are not as nice as Italian linen for the same price. The linen shorts are of the same poor, rough quality. They need the longer styles for boys too (my sons don't like the really short boxer style). Service in London is horrible - if these are franchises, they should lose them.

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 by julielondon, 21 Aug 2007
Staff very friendly but has the company lost sight of its aim? The current styles are terrible.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Sep 2006
I've always had great customer service in their stores. They take the time to show me their new collections, which are always so innovative.

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 by Arturo, 08 Dec 2005
Amazing products. Great prints. I am a big fan.

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 by Anonymous, 02 Dec 2005
Very good customer service at Burlington arcade... took me by surprise after reading other comments. Maybe staff has changed?

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 by Byron, 20 Jul 2005
This lack of customer service in the Chelsea and Burlington arcade London stores seems to be a Vilebrequin 'core value' , that is replicated on all branches globally !

The range is beautiful , which seems to be enough for the management to rest in their inflated laurels....

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 by Anonymous, 31 Mar 2005
The sales person did not even bother to greet me as I walked in and when I proceeded to open a shirt in order to look at it, he told me that they already had it opened on the wall in the dressing room and to go look at it, not open another one. He could not help at all to find a suitable color and size and I left disappointed.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Mar 2005

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