Organic Delivery Company

Unit A, 156 Nine Elms Lane
Shoreditch, London
Tel: 020 739 8181 Old Street 0.5 miles

Organic food delivery service with daytime and evening delivery.

Organic Delivery Company

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Organic Delivery Company reviews

Just had my first delivery after trying another company, and the freshness of this box was fantastic. Really friendly service and great value as well. Can't wait to see how next week's box is!

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 by Lynleykiwi, 19 Oct 2012
I have tried a number of organic companies, and I have found The Organic Delivery Company to be the best. The fruit and veg they supply is always fresh, and they have a large range of groceries too. What I really like is that they deliver to London every day, not just once a week. This really suits my lifestyle. First class!

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 by Carol88 (2 reviews), 03 Oct 2007
I love the Organic Delivery Company. The produce is always fresh, the service is friendly and reliable and the ethics are perfect. Receiving my weekly delivery is always a joy. It is an adventure to see what delights arrive in my mixed veggie box and the range of groceries and household items available is extensive. The process of ordering online is straightfoward and any questions are quickly resolved by calling the office. My experience with Organic Delivery has been great and I can recommend them highly.

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 by michaelafrench, 21 Jun 2007
As the mother of four very eco-conscious, vegetarian children (kids are so political these days), organic food that is affordable, locally sourced and Delivered (with a capital 'D') is very important to me. Food miles are a real concern for our family and my children are always adding up how far away various fruits and veggies are being flown in from (they get really indignant at the supermarket). A friend recommended The Organic Delivery Company and WE LOVE IT!

Having never had a box scheme before, we were pleasantly surprised and have enjoyed tucking in each week to our yummy, interesting veggies that the kids are trying, eating, liking and... wait for it... Asking For Seconds. Tonight's request made by 12-year-old son: "Can I have more of those bean thingys?" (Broad Beans) Last week's comment from 5-year-old daughter: "Mmm... I like that green stuff." (Kale) My 'smugometer' has gone way up!

Every week we all anxiously await 'the delivery' ("Is it here yet mum?") and when it arrives, delivered right into the kitchen by The Organic Delivery Company's really nice delivery guy, it's like Christmas. First things to get eaten are the fruit, the smoked tofu (gobbled down right out of the pack), the fresh juices (pear is a real favourite), the tortilla chips, the lemon biscuits, the rice cakes, the cheese, the yoghurts, the rye bread, the, um, red wine. Honestly, I have to hide half the groceries just to make them last a little while. We are SIX very happy customers!

Having said all that, I think I'll pour myself a glass of delicious, organic red wine...

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 by LisaMarie, 04 Jun 2007
I was looking for a delivery service that was fast and reliable, even if there was a bad avocado (it always looks good from the outside!) you just ring up and they give you the money back. I love tofu and could not find any decent fresh stuff in London till I came across Clean Bean at the Organic Delivery Company. Now I get my surprise box of veggies each week with my tofu. They even refill your Ecover washing up liquid bottles, so more saving on the recycling. The delivery guys are really friendly too.

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 by CLAIRABELLE, 10 Apr 2007
The quality of the veg is always excellent. The deliveries are always on time, which is important to me. Altogether a friendly efficient service offered.

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 by Jackie H, 28 Jul 2006
I have used The Organic Delivery Company for 2 years, and it has been a very happy experience. The produce is always fresh, and the drivers are really friendly, too.

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 by Lottied, 22 Apr 2006
I have been using this company for nearly a year and I am over the moon with the quality of produce and the service. They have great delivery times and never miss a slot, the veggies last and the red wine is out of this world. A definite must try.

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 by JennyS, 08 Nov 2005

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