56 Stoke Newington Church Street
Stoke Newington, London
N16 0NB
Tel: 020 7249 0344

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Sadly, after many years of loyal dining at Rasa on Church Street I will not dine there again. In July I bit down onto a dosa during a meal and found a large shard of very hard plastic - it could easily have broken a tooth. When this was pointed out to the manager he did apologize and removed the item but then no effort was made to explain the incident, offer discount/free meal as a gesture of goodwill etc. They took my email/phone number but I have had no further contact or apology in writing, which would have restored my faith in what has always been a valued destination. Extremely disappointing.

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 by N16eater, 09 Nov 2011
I have to agree with 'tomolongo' - I like Kerala curries, but the two vegetable dishes I had last night were awful - glutinous, stodgy and only half reheated. The rice and chapattis were tepid too. Others in my party who had the meat dishes were similarly unimpressed.

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 by Christie71, 20 Mar 2011
I simply cannot believe the review written by 'tomolongo'. The food at Rasa is as authentic as any you will have in Kerala. I was in Kerala in November and once back in London I was craving Keralan food. Luckily I can go to Rasa and indulge. Plus, the staff are very friendly and always smiley - just like in Kerala.
Rasa must not be confused with the commercial, Anglicised Indian food other restaurants offer.

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 by vm76, 13 Feb 2009
After reading the previous review I felt I had to write one in support of the food at Rasa - meaty branch, Church Street. Staff always friendly and helpful. The food is delicious - especially fish dishes, coconut rice and aubergine side. Perhaps 'tomolongo' is used to bog-standard Anglicised versions of what Indian food is.

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 by N16dweller, 03 Dec 2008
The staff were friendly and attentive but the food was really poor. We shared the mixed pickles to start - nothing special... except the raw garlic one - ugh! I had the chicken starter and it tasted of nothing at all and came with a baby food tomato sauce which also tasted of nothing. Then a vegetable curry which was the worst I've eaten in many years. The paratha and rice were OK, but generally speaking the menu is a triumph of pretension and, considering the appalling quality of the food, an insult to the intelligence. Sort it out mate!

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 by tomolongo, 27 Oct 2007
Went to Rasa on Saturday and it was the best curry I've ever had! It was so different to the traditional curry restaurants that I usually go to. The flavours they used were out of this world, none of the food was greasy and I felt pleasantly full afterwards rather than overstuffed. Going to this restaurant made me want to plan a trip to southern India. I will definitely be going back again, hopefully soon!

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 by TDL, 05 Mar 2007
Brilliant Keralan food. If you want to try a bit of everything there's a massive Keralan feast for £16 per head. Well worth it.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Feb 2007
This is the best Indian I have ever tasted. The service is great, always pleasant, and the waiters are full of information about the food (the menu is great too). The smells alone make me salivate. The spices are really fresh and authentic, and the fish dishes have never failed. I love coming here.

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 by the squirrel, 28 Jan 2007
Great food - not your standard Indian as it is Kerala sourced, so you have to spend some time studying the menu. The waiter was very helpful and pointed out better side dishes than we had originally chosen. The lamb stew is amazing, as are the 3 breads that they do. Definitely worth a trip.

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 by mevans, 02 Oct 2006
I can't understand how this restaurant ever merited the Time Out review it bears in its window. The food is fine, if you want a stomach-full of batter (seemingly every dish is deep fried in a not-particularly-pleasant batter). The waitress helped us choose our dishes and frankly I wish I hadn't asked her as they were pretty execrable. Rather reassuringly, I don't see the restaurant as packed out as it used to be.

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 by food lover (2 reviews), 08 Oct 2005
Rasa specialises in Keralan food, which is vegetarian and invariably delicious! The restaurant itself is on the small side and can get crowded, but it's nicely decorated in pink and has a nice atmosphere.

Rasa is definitely worth a special trip.

T, the original place is crowded and intimate with great food.

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 by ChristianA (13 reviews), 24 Jun 2004

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