Red Fort

77 Dean Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7437 2115 Tottenham Court Road 0.2 miles

Opened 18 years ago in Soho, The Red Fort was one of the first of its kind to contradict the stereotypical view of Asian eateries. Inside the décor is subtle and attractive - red sandstone walls and mosaic floors. The food is delicately spiced yet rich and flavoursome - mains include such delights as saffron lobster, and a variety of aromatic regional biryanis. A basement bar serves Indian-style cocktails.

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Akbar at Red Fort

Red Fort reviews

We were 8 friends from Switzerland, spending a weekend in London, and thought we’d enjoy an up-market Indian. Red Fort was certainly that - nice place, excellent food (although drinks were expensive) and good service... And then the bill came. We had clearly been overcharged, so we complained about it and it came back with £300 less on it!! If you go, make sure you check your bill!

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 by Lawave, 12 Oct 2011
I've been visiting the Red Fort for 'special' Indian meals since the early '90s, and have never once been disappointed. On the occasions when I have dined with Indian guests, including vegetarians, they have always been most impressed. The Red Fort remains quite simply my favourite Indian restaurant in London.

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 by armstrongd_uk, 30 Mar 2010
Been here 3 times so far and every time the food has been outstanding. If Tamarind is ranked with 1 Michelin Star then this place must be well on its way.

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 by MGA (2 reviews), 01 Dec 2008
Service was good, unobtrusive and attentive. Busy atmosphere, but that's what you'd expect - it gave the place a nice vibe. The food is leagues beyond your general 'Ruby' and beers. A good place for a subtly modern Indian meal.

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 by shamim, 14 Apr 2008
The place is OK, the staff are nice, the food was tasty and the portions generous. The wine list is a bit limited but the one we had was drinkable. It is not cheap but the food corresponds to the price. Conclusion: if I want Indian food, I may go back.

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 by Laure, 26 Sep 2007
Let's be fair, it's not a restaurant it's a canteen. No complaints about the food as such, but the way they rush you is insane. I spent the two hour time allocation for the table telling the staff that we were not ready for the next course etc and please come back later. They still managed to deliver all courses, wine and water within one hour, which left us perplexed. I complained to the management and they offered us free drinks in a very crowded bar downstairs. We declined and I asked for the service charge to be withdrawn from the bill.

Conclusion: They got their table back after one hour and we're going for an English tonight.

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 by Geoff Kite, 22 Mar 2007
Not impressed! The food is nothing special and is very limited for vegetarians (side dishes only!) yet we managed to spend £45 each. I felt totally ripped off - £45 for a below average ruby and a couple of beers. I won't be going back.

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 by Jason Simpson, 21 Jul 2006
I went here on Monday (10/03/06). We got there early and I am glad we did because it got busy later in the evening.

The food was OK but our main course didn't call for any rice with it. However, the waiter really wanted to sell us rice... so we ordered two and then we only ate two spoons of it.

I hate it when they try and sell things that are not needed!

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 by Frankrosso, 09 Mar 2006
This really should have been given a Michelin Star by now. It is by far the best Indian in London. Not your usual curry house, that's for sure. Contemporary food and setting. Great Bar (Akbar) downstairs for cocktails and sounds.

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 by SANDERSON, 04 Aug 2005
Style over substance. Did not meet my expectations given all the positive reviews I have read. Service was slow. Definitely not convinced.

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 by edmxxdc (2 reviews), 02 Aug 2005
Went there for my 50th birthday with a party of 10 last week. Had a great time. The food was excellent, and the evening well paced (3.5 hours in total). Service was efficient but unobtrusive. Cost was high, but what I expected, and it was for a special occasion.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Jul 2005
Consistently good food - well spiced, high quality ingredients and attractive presentation. I think restaurants like Zaika and Benares have the edge in both cuisine and decor, but if you're looking for a delicious Indian meal in Soho, Red Fort is the place.

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 by stripes (10 reviews), 09 Jul 2005
Super restaurant. Great value. Good food. The prawn tandoori is superb. I agree below...

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 by ariadna (3 reviews), 27 Jun 2005
Excellent food. Great service. Their food is authentic yet innovative and the breads are delicious.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Jun 2005
Good, but not unforgetable!

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 by Anonymous, 27 Sep 2004
Fantastic Indian cuisine - highly creative cooking, good quality ingredients and excellent service.

As demeaning as they might find the idea, I really wish they offered a take away service.

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 by tekka (34 reviews), 22 Jul 2004
This is leagues beyond your local balti house, albeit with prices to match. Service was excellent and they knew their wines, unlike nearly every other Indian restaurant I've visited.

I can't profess to know whether it's authentic, but it's absolutely declicious and although the portions weren't huge, I felt entirely satisfied with my grilled king prawns and chicken main course.

The only problem was that we'd approached it as a group of mates out for a curry after a few beers. Not that we were noisy or rude, but we weren't prepared for gourmet cusine, which is what the Red Fort serves. Consequently I felt that I'd wasted the opportunity, as if I were to return, I'd do so stone-cold-sober and ready to savour the ultimate examples of England's national dish.

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 by blah (5 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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