157 King Street
Hammersmith, London
W6 9JT
Tel: 020 8741 8563 Ravenscourt Park 0.3 miles

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The food is highly priced and in spite of this I have recently found plastic bits in food. If we complain, all they say is it can happen sometimes, not even apologetic and they just offer price reduction. I won't now suggest this place to any of my friends. It has been one of my favourite places for veg food but seeing fault twice has taken my confidence in their food quality.

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 by preetha, 01 Apr 2011
Awful. The food was terrible - dishes meant to be mild were bland and the dosa and uttampam were greasy and soggy. The service was horrendous. They forgot part of our order and were slow to bring dishes out. What really ruined the evening was when they brought out an ice-cold dosa, then refused to acknowledge the problem. Finally they sent out a fresh one, but still tried to charge us for 2 dosa, arguing that we ordered 2, when in fact we had sent 1 back.

Judging from the comments below, patrons who know authentic south Indian food recognize that this place is absolute crap - i.e. the one star ratings have been given by Indians. If you are less familiar with south Indian food, this is edible. But if you ever have the opportunity to have it at someone's home or go to the south Indian restaurant that Indians actually recommend, you are in for a real treat and will realise how incredibly rubbish Sagar is.

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 by kkadian, 20 Nov 2008
I took my colleagues from work here and we had a fantastic meal. My colleagues were so pleased that they insisted that they pay for my meal and carried me out of the restaurant on their shoulders, singing "For he's a jolly good fellow".
Thanks Sagar!

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 by David Home, 24 Sep 2008
Never again. Food was very bland. Staff attitude was rude. I asked for something different as my mother-in-law doesn't eat onion or garlic, but the staff were not willing to go and put this request to the chef.

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 by smita, 03 Dec 2007
Never disappointing. Delicious food, friendly staff and a good location - close to bus, tube and lots of parking spaces round the back in the evening.

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 by luv_a_duck (4 reviews), 10 Oct 2007
Absolutely stunning! They have the most amazing dosas - my palette was left tingling with flavours.

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 by lorraines2, 21 Aug 2007
Great variety of food, with good service.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Apr 2007
Bad manager. Rude as hell. Gave us burnt food and refused to acknowledge that there was a problem. Replaced the meal with a cold dosa full of oil. Will not go back.

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 by Mr Shah, 26 Dec 2006
Sagar is genuine south Indian food at its best. My favourite restaurant in London.

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 by Anonymous, 27 Nov 2006
Matches the best of the veg restaurants from when I lived in Bangalore as an Ex-pat.

I'm not vegetarian, but I believe that South Indian veg chefs care more about clean fresh tastes. Full of south Indian faces, which is always a good sign.

My golden rule No.1 when I lived in India was: never look at the menu or price, look at who and how many people are eating. If it is full of locals, you really can eat the salad, drink the water -and the food will be fantastic.

Rule No.2 is if possible, eat at cheaper restaurants, as they use less ghee. Rule No. 3 is try not to order western food anywhere, as it is likely to be much less fresh. Sagar really makes me nostalgic and want to go back.

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 by idlivadadosamuncher, 12 May 2006
This restaurant is excellent - delicious enough to tempt anyone to vegetarianism.

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 by Anonymous, 11 Nov 2005
Great choice of food, very different to your usual 'Indian' cuisine.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Oct 2005
Excellent Southern Indian vegetarian food with friendly service. The best of the 10 udupi style places I have tried in Europe and North America. Moderately priced. Subtle flavors. Superb textures. Highly recommended.

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 by aversetospam, 02 Oct 2005
I ate here with some vegetarian friends recently and was pleasantly surprised - delicious Indian food and excellent value for money. Service was efficient and very friendly.

Look forward to visiting for a 2nd time and I shall remember not to turn my nose up when invited to vegetarian restaurants in future.

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 by terry-p (5 reviews), 21 Aug 2005
Best South Indian food and pani puri! Great service. And affordable!

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 by Anonymous, 15 Aug 2005
Best south Indian ever. Highly recommended.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Mar 2005
Fantastic vegetarian food which tastes great and is cheap. Came upon the place by chance but would recommend it to anyone who likes good food.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Sep 2004
Great food and cheap as chips!!

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 by Anonymous, 09 Jul 2004
Another addition to the growing array of South Indian restaurants in London. This place takes its food seriously, with loads of interesting, subtle flavours, putting it a cut above some of the South Indian places on Drummond Street and the Tooting high road. It's pretty cheap, too.

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 by ChristianA (13 reviews), 25 Jun 2004

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