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Tamarind Indian Restaurant in London

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Tamarind reviews

Absolutely awful. Hands down we had our worst dining experience at Tamarind this week. Possibly the most unpleasant meal I have ever had, and spent a fortune paying for it! Food is definitely overrated and very bland. Lack of customer service, staff with appalling attitude. Definitely not worth a Michelin star. Diners BEWARE: don't get ripped off!

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 by UniqueDiner, 17 Feb 2012
I ate there today and had the appetizer of tandoori cooked mushrooms, main of sea bass and side of aubergine. I found the experience, food and service to be very good. I was originally on the wait list at The Square and turned it down to go here, and am delighted I did. Mushroom dish was really a special standout. Only complaint was that the tomato/mango/mustard ragout served beneath the fish was slightly too hot, which overpowered the fish. But it was still incredibly tasty, just a bit out of balance. Also, I was surprised at the low price for the wines by the glass. Had a 3 course meal with 2 glasses of wine for £66.

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 by CBB, 02 Oct 2011
Had the post-theatre meal. Shocked that this restaurant has 1 Michelin star. I am from Bradford, and an average Indian restaurant there will beat Tarmarind hands-down. There's no excuse for over-charging for such average food.

Lamb cutlets were good... but that really is as good as it got. Lamb kebab was very bland and almost served cold. Paneer lacked any depth, over-spiced. Dhal tasted like it was made using dirty water, something I experienced on my travels to India. Lamb was more like mutton or maybe a good sheep.

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 by kapkumar, 12 May 2011
Do yourself a favour and go to your best local curry house instead. The food will be of the same standard and you won't be ripped off... £22 for a lamb shank and then another £15-20 for rice/bread and a vegetable side to give you a proper main course is verging on criminal when the cooking is so average.

The Michelin diners must have been on crack when they came here. The ridiculousness of the one star rating is drawn into sharp relief by the excellent Murano being right next door. It's like putting a McDonalds next to Maze and giving them both the same rating.

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 by harelip, 14 Oct 2010
I was frankly amazed that Tamarind has a Michelin star. Did they go next door to Murano by accident? I had a mediocre lamb cake to start, followed by a very dry tandooried quail and tasteless onion pilau rice. Pushy sommelier tried to give me 1/2 bottle of Bordeaux at £68 - I resisted. At £75 for 2 courses and 1/2 bottle Graves (£25), it was still very expensive. My local Kamal Balti house in Newcastle knocks spots off this... (P.S. I am not a competitor!)

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 by martinidoc (5 reviews), 16 Apr 2010
Don't believe the reviews below that give a bad rating - they are clearly competitors or people with no real idea of what good Indian food is. I travel the world for a living, and I'm Indian. This place really surprised me. I had no idea it would be so good. When I go to a new place I order nearly half the menu, and everything was good - the naan was fresh, the chicken curries and lamb curries perfectly spiced and good. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was their fish curry - a bit too sweet for me.

I definitely recommend it.

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 by pixie1, 23 Jun 2009
Amazing flavours, perfect service, highly recommended for any occasion...

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 by Roberto Romersa, 27 Mar 2009
Suprisingly bland for all the flavours that Indian food has to offer. Not as good as other Indian restaurants, like Red Fort which is streets ahead. For Michelin star prices, I'm afraid this is not worth a second visit.

Useful review?
 by MGA (2 reviews), 01 Dec 2008
I am sorry, this is the first and last time I'll visit this restaurant. It is extremely expensive for what it offers. It may have a good ambience but certainly does not deserve a Michelin star, since the quality of food is very poor.

Useful review?
 by NKG (2 reviews), 23 May 2008
I found this restaurant absolutely wonderful. The staff and service were impeccable, and the taste of the food was like having a party in your mouth! First class. Would definitely recommend to all. The ambience was great too, though the ladies loos could have been a touch nicer.

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 by kimsheppard, 13 Jan 2008
My boyfriend took me here for Valentine's Day. It was amazing! The service was great and the food was mouthwatering. The best restaurant in London!

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 by kez20, 02 May 2007
The service was excellent, but prices were high and the food was distinctly average.

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 by Anonymous, 14 Feb 2007
One of my favourite Indian restaurants in London. I've been going there since long before they got the Michelin and they have always been great. Delicately spiced food, warm and friendly service - what more could you ask for?

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 by Jugger, 27 Jun 2006
This is as good as it gets! If you expect to get the same as at your local curry place, don't go to Tamarind. The food is extraordinary and very authentic. Each dish seasoned to perfection. I will definitely go back.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Oct 2005
This just doesn't feel like Indian food at all. You can't share dishes which is the only way to eat Indian, in my opinion. It is too fussy and too westernised. The restaurant feels stuffy. Service was great though.

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 by nisha (2 reviews), 05 Aug 2005
I am a Canadian who has been travelling regularly to India since 1949. I rarely eat Indian food in the UK because of past disappointments and shock at the prices. Certainly the prices at Tamarind are high, but worth every penny. It was one of the best Indian meals I have eaten: beautifully seasoned and balanced to bring out all the flavours. I appreciated the way the food was served leaving the individual dishes on the table for us to serve ourselves. My only gripe is that our table was a little on the small side.

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 by Anonymous, 20 Jul 2005
It would be average. But since they have a Michelin star it is poor. The food mediocre. The price ridiculous. Wine sommelier does not know what he is doing.

I would never go again. Place itself nothing out of this world. Touristy types. They want to get you in and out with their choices etc.

Useful review?
 by ariadna (3 reviews), 27 Jun 2005
If you've not been to Benares, then Tamarind would seem head and shoulders better than other Indian restaurants. But having been to both Tamarind and Benares in the space of a week, it surprised me that Tamarind has a michelin star. Nice food, with great flavours, but it lacks style somehow and the decor all felt a little grubby and dingy.

Useful review?
 by capital girl (54 reviews), 25 Jun 2005
Being Indian I am qualified to say that very few of the items they offer here are authentic in nature and the unremitting urge in this restaurant to fuse Western tastes with those of the East has succeeded in creating a menu that has forgotten its roots. Better to make friends with true Indians who will cook you a meal at home.

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 by Anonymous, 25 Jun 2005
Out of this world Indian cuisine. If you haven't eaten somewhere like this (and there are very few Indian restaurants at this level) you should try it to discover how delicious and beautifully presented Indian food can be.

The service and design are great and I can't wait to go back here.

Useful review?
 by Sarah M. (28 reviews), 24 Apr 2005

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