All Star Lanes

Victoria House, Bloomsbury Place
Bloomsbury, London
Tel: 020 7025 2676 Holborn 0.2 miles

All Star Lanes combines an upmarket diner, a classic American cocktail menu (by Henry Besant of Lonsdale) and 6 lanes of luxury bowling. Players can enjoy snacks from the restaurant menu during the game and a separate cocktail bar and two-lane bowling alley is also available for private hire.

Sun-Thurs: 12pm-11pm
Fri-Sat: 12pm-2am

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AVOID this bar. Doorstaff are arrogant, incredibly rude, and accuse customers of lying.

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 by joedapro, 31 Oct 2010
I'm an East London girl who rarely leaves trendier-than-thou Shoreditch but I was persuaded to cross that invisible boundary and head westward for my good friend Karen's birthday party at All Star Lanes (I hadn't even heard of it before I received the party invitation). As soon as I stepped into the Holborn branch, I knew it was going to be a great night. Karen had her party booked in a swanky wood-panelled 1950s styled lounge called the Private Room - I called it paradise because the waitresses kept serving us tasty-sized canape treats and a handsome bartender kept the 'jolly juice' flowing. And the best thing about the Private Room is that we could bowl to our hearts content. Karen had an amazing time and so did we - job well done and everyone left slightly tipsy, well-fed and happy.

Useful review?
 by Gabby Emery, 29 Sep 2009
Rude service and rip-off prices. I will not be going back.

Useful review?
 by p_peach100, 18 Apr 2009
Will take bookings for multiple games and then kick you off the lanes after 1 game. The girl behind the desk told me that it happens every single day. If you look through you will find a lot of unhappy people amongst all the fake reviews. Vowed to make sure that everyone I know never goes there.

Useful review?
 by hardena, 16 Mar 2009
Lovely. I had birthday drinks here and the combination of ludicrous plush and gorgeous cocktails in the bar made me go all misty-eyed before I'd even had a sip. Delish.

Useful review?
 by malkinbister (7 reviews), 23 Jun 2008
What a great night out. Such fun to finally find somewhere with a little more edge and character than your usual bar/club. Classy place and fab atmosphere. I defy anyone not to adore the milkshake - it's heaven.

Useful review?
 by natalial, 07 May 2008
This place is such good fun. Food was great, really buzzy atmosphere and the staff were friendly and chatty. Definitely recommend it!

Useful review?
 by Lucy Boulding, 05 Feb 2008
I went last week with a friend and we both absolutely loved it. Great cocktails, good food and the bowling itself was so much fun. We stayed until 1.00 in the morning!

Useful review?
 by EJAD, 01 Feb 2008
Had such a great evening here with my friend. Staff were great, as were food and drinks. A definite must-do. Also spotted a few celebs hanging out!

Useful review?
 by icklekim, 01 Feb 2008
I love this place - great food and drink and, although it can get very busy, the staff are a lot of fun.

Useful review?
 by BigEL, 31 Jan 2008
Beware: do not book a lane here. They claim to be open till 2am. They closed the bar and lanes at midnight, throwing us out, despite our having booked days in advance. They charged us £36 for half an hour's bowling, despite claiming they were open tilll 2am! Staff have a bad attitude and this is not a good place to hang out.

Useful review?
 by anneanne, 05 Sep 2007
More cheesy than chic (it reminds me of the kind of place Girls Aloud might like). Good concept but mediocre food, terrible acoustics, and too expensive for what it is.

Useful review?
 by missfine (24 reviews), 18 Jun 2007
Had a wonderful evening here. People and surroundings were oh so cool, bowling was awesome, food was delicious and drinks were fab. Worth a visit, without doubt.

Useful review?
 by uncle gary, 01 Mar 2007
Admittedly I went during Christmas party season, but was not impressed. It just felt like they were trying to get you in and out as quickly as possible. And the cocktails were very poorly made. It certainly wasn't the 'premium' experience they are trying to sell. Will have to go back to give it a second chance.

Useful review?
 by Wagonface (4 reviews), 15 Dec 2006
Had an absolutely shocking experience at this place. Inexperienced waitress incorrectly brought a £75 bottle of wine rather than an £18 one after she looked at the wrong page! Manager was exceptionally rude when error discovered 3 bottles later, and absolutely no effort was made to remedy the situation or reach a satisfactory compromise. Be warned!! Shame, as it totally ruined an otherwise fun day.

Useful review?
 by Angel 12, 11 Dec 2006
Lovely, friendly atmosphere, lots of cheerful faces, everybody having fun. Food is really good - had a burger to die for. GBK, Tootsies, you are nowhere near.

Useful review?
 by Big Mac, 15 Nov 2006
All Star Lanes is the best night out I have had in London in a long time. They achieved everything to such a high standard - good food, fab cocktails and friendly staff, with bowling on the side... What more could one want?

Useful review?
 by bowling enthusiast, 15 Nov 2006
Brilliant night out - loved the bowling, delicious food, fantastic cocktails and great service. I'll be back.

Useful review?
 by Queen Pin, 15 Nov 2006
All Star Lanes is the coolest place. Me and a couple of mates went for a few drinks and a bit of bowling. Finally a bowling alley where you can stay for some food and drinks after your game or, more to the point, where you actually want to stay after a game. The staff definitely add to this - all really friendly, which makes a nice change. Would recommend a visit.

Useful review?
 by Craig Watts, 12 Oct 2006
All Star Lanes is fabulous. A trendy bowling alley with real food - who would ever have thought it? Staff were lovely also. All in all, a great idea - just what was needed in London.

Useful review?
 by roxanne aisthorpe, 07 Aug 2006

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