25 Davies Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7399 0500 Bond Street 0.2 miles

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Cipriani reviews

I was a little excited about trying this place, having heard all the raving about it. However, I have to say I was disappointed with it. Food decidedly average, in fact for the price I would say poor! Noisy, cramped, lacking in REAL astmosphere, serving me dessert that everyone else had had so unceremoniously shoved in their face did not impress... Can't see what all the fuss is about, but this at least means there will be more seats at the places that are worth eating at.

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 by Big Boothy, 21 Feb 2011
I adore Cipriani and I want to marry the chef! Fantastic, beautiful, delicious food with the finest service. 10*.

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 by pasqualeantiquefairs (4 reviews), 07 May 2010
Excellent! Warm, friendly and attentive service and the food is great. A lively atmosphere in the best Italian tradition. We would recommend Cipriani to any visitor to London.

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 by graemebaxter, 22 Mar 2010
How disappointed was I? Our host raved about the place but it must be the most overrated restaurant I've ever been to. The whole experience was decidedly average and incredibly overpriced. The head waiter was extremely pretentious; we were rushed through the menu and then stood over whilst we chose; the drinks were slow to arrive; the 'schnitzels' were unbelievably boring; my prawn curry looked like dark brown mush; it was packed and noisy... need I go on? Do yourself a favour and go to one of the many good restaurants that London has to offer.

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 by Aussie Girl, 10 Mar 2010
Been there lots of times and I think it all depends on who serves you (waiters). I've been served by a charming Italian (that sounded English) 3 times and he made our evening. Great place. Going back again soon.

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 by a8adj, 10 Jul 2008
Good food (probably the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten).

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 by Moo Moo (23 reviews), 09 Jul 2007
For a restaurant that charges at least £80 per head the reception, service and taste of the food was all very poor.

We were hassled at the door, although we had made a reservation, then made to wait by the bar until they had allocated a table. I asked one of the staff for an ashtray and, unbelievably, he said to "Ask one of the slaves, they get paid a lot of money". The people he was referring to as slaves were the bartenders. IGNORANT.

Once we got to the table they really took their time. The gnocchi I ordered looked like some semolina baby food shaped into three circles. Apart from its distorted authenticity, it was also tasteless and very heavy.

All in all, a terrible evening. I wouldn't recommend the place to anyone.

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 by Nad (4 reviews), 17 Jan 2007
The place is a bit intimidating unless you are loaded, but the service and food are great - I can't fault it. Expensive but worth it as a treat!

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 by Lindyloo, 13 Feb 2006
I would highly recommend this restaurant, although expect something cosy and homely rather than 5-star exuberance and delicacy. The delight is in the simplicity but beautiful taste of the food.

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 by fearnl99, 06 Jan 2006
In a restaurant where one is looking to pay at least £60 per head for a meal (excluding wine which is usually >£100), one may expect a luxury experience, but in this case you would be mistaken.

On arrival it was chaos: there was no decent entrance area, nowhere to sit, no one to check your booking, and eventually we had to ask a waiter to take our coats as no one had offered. It reminded me more of a cattle market.

Eventually we were taken to our table. The service I have to say was sloppy - they stood there waiting for you to make your choice rather than run you through the menu, answer any questions and then come back when everyone is ready. The menu was in Italian and I found it hard to understand many of the dishes and what they were - i.e. looks fancy but it's not practical. The cutlery was laid out messily, and so on and so on...

This is all before we mention the food. My minestrone soup was terrible, pasta dish too soft, dessert unimpressive (the chocolate cake was worse than Tesco's). Overall, prices versus quality and taste of food was poor, presentation of the food was weak, and the food was distinctly average.

If you spend your life studying celebrities then is the place for you. But you've got to be real silly if that's why you come and spend so much money on such poor food and service. Really, with places like the Ivy, Gordon Ramsey's and The Dorchester Grill there is no place for a restaurant like this.

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 by Carina, 28 Nov 2005
Yes, it is all a bit silly. But the people who like that sort of thing have to eat somewhere and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Nov 2005
Absolutely terrible. The pasta must have come from the local frozen food section of a supermarket and microwaved. The 'it' crowd seems to be dissappearing as well.

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 by Anonymous, 01 Jun 2005
Service was very good as was the atmosphere. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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 by Anonymous, 29 Mar 2005
Loved the atmosphere, loved the food. A great way to spend an afternoon or evening... yes it is expensive, but the price matches the surrounding, the location and the quality of food, wine and service.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Mar 2005
This is simply a restaurant to "be seen" in. The service is poor, the food lacks in quality and is badly cooked. Unless you are desperate to bump into Hugh Grant or Ulrika Johnsson, take your £400 elsewhere.

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 by Laetitya (5 reviews), 08 Dec 2004
This place is brilliant - and expensive - but is worth every penny. The buzz when the place is full is fantastic.

Great food - simply cooked is just perfect. The pasta with Veal Ragu is out of this world. Forget traditional stuff restaurants such as Ramsay or Marco serve up - this put fun back into eating.

Yes there may be a wait for your table - but who cares? The service may not be 110% (according to some guests and critics!) - but i have not had one problem in my 5 visits here. Get to know the front of house manager - Antonio - charming and cheeky at the same time - apparently that's "The Ciprani Way!"

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 by Anonymous, 02 Aug 2004

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