148 Holland Park Avenue
Holland Park, London
W11 4UE
Tel: 020 7221 6090 Holland Park 0.1 miles

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You'll enjoy this restaurant if you like eating bad food for extortionate prices and enjoy being instantly judged as soon as you walk through the door. Came here with my wife on a trip down to London for our 3 year wedding anniversary and it felt like we were treated like second-class citizens.

My wife ordered a pork dish and I ordered the calves liver and spinach, both of which I could have cooked better and presented better if I had cooked it at home. My wife’s was literally a slab of pork that had been grilled and some roast potatoes with a little seasoning. My dish was even worse - the calves liver, which I asked to be cooked medium-rare, was raw inside. When I raised this with the waiter I didn't even get an apology and, to make matters worse, instead of cooking me a fresh dish it looked like they had popped the original in the microwave and heated it up, which gave it a nice rubbery texture when it came back.

I wouldn't go back to this restaurant if you paid me. The attitude of the staff is very elitist, the prices are high and the food is bad.

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 by paul_jeniec, 25 Jul 2011
Having eaten at Edera before, I was worried that the second time might not be up to the same superb standard. However, if anything it was even better. Fantastic food, excellent service and a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Highly recommended.

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 by colin.davies26, 15 Mar 2009
One of the annoying things about many restaurants is the lack of consistency of quality. Edera is consistently excellent in terms of both service and food. There is a nice balance between high table service and friendliness of the staff. I highly recommend the suckling pig when it is on the menu and I recommend any of the wines from the Agriolas vineyard in Sardinia, of which there are many on the wine list. It remains good value for money compared to other restaurants of similar quality. Well done Roberto!

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 by Dottore, 22 Apr 2007
The menu has strong Sardinian influences, especially for starters (I had a fregola, a giant couscous-like grain, with prawns) and pasta dishes. The meat and fish dishes cover traditional Italian recipes, with some international influences. Ask for pane carasau to accompany your meal. Great desserts too. On weekends they sometimes make porceddu, a full roasted piglet cooked in ashes, typically Sardinian.

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 by Wilson5 (3 reviews), 16 Dec 2006
Me and the Mr had a fabulous dinner here. Amazingly huge antipasti of meat was enough for two, the service was friendly and the atmosphere romantic (in spite of a large party taking up half the restaurant).

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 by JemiPie (4 reviews), 24 Nov 2006
I go there regularly, both lunch and dinner. Always enjoy the atmosphere and the service. Food is usually very good - particularly starters and pasta and the lovely desserts.

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 by MarcoG, 01 Nov 2006
The owner is Sardinian and this reflects in the menu. Had a starter of 'fregola' (giant cous cous, typically Sardinian) salad with king prawns, followed by 'culurgiones' (ravioli-like pasta, filled with potatoes and Pecorino cheese), also another specialty. The menu seems stronger on starters and pastas. Dessert was also excellent. Recommended.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Jun 2006
I have been to this restaurant several times. I should say that the service is great, the owner works very hard to improve continuously. Over the last twelve months there has been real progress in terms of taste and choice. Well done!

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 by Anonymous, 28 Jan 2005

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