153 Battersea Park Rd
Islington, London
Tel: 020 7720 0204 Angel 0.4 miles

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We went there on 10th October at 9.15pm sharp, as per the booking. The service was both bad and slow. I still have the stain on the right sleeve of my shirt which was made by a careless waitress as she poured the leftover sauce from my plate straight on to me and the table. We were left waiting between the courses for 20 to 30 minutes, which meant the meal lasted almost 3 hours. What's more, the food itself was mediocre.

My family is addicted to Italy. Every second year we spend a week in Venice for the Mostra (Biennale) and we would often have another week skiing in Courmayeur/Valtournenche/Cervinia followed by a week or two in summer somewhere in between Reggio and Siena/Florence, hence we know a lot about good Italian food. Let alone eating out on average 7 days a month. Our verdict? AVOID THE PLACE!

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 by seravik, 21 Oct 2009
A long time favourite of ours, with a quirky but classy feel to it, and way different to most places along the strip. The owners own art for head scratching over (!), an always interesting menu with great flavours, strong Italian wine list - I do think the comments below must be an exception - and good service. We have visited many times. One of London's 'finds' for sure. Do give them a visit.

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 by Colin B, 30 Aug 2009
I went to Metrogusto after hearing about nice service and good wines. To my surprise, the sommelier tried to rip us off, presenting cheaper wines than we ordered.

We first had a very nice bottle of a Riserva quality wine and ordered a second bottle. The sommelier brought back the basic table wine of the same producer, hoping we wouldn't notice it wasn't Riserva! I politely asked him if he perhaps had the wrong bottle. He then returned with another bottle from the same producer which still wasn't their Riserva, hoping I wouldn't notice the subtle but important distinctions on the label. I was just appalled at his persistent crookedness.

I wonder if Metrogusto is cutting corners on the food too? (Some of the veg tasted frozen to me.) In any event, stay away from these crooks, especially if you're not an expert at reading Italian wine labels.

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 by tpmosher, 27 Jul 2009
Very good - a little pricey but worth the visit.

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 by patricia.murphy, 21 Jan 2009
My congratulations is for the chef, Antonio di Salvo. Amazing food! A true Italian genius in the kitchen. His work is honestly wonderful - it takes good food to a higher level!

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 by jlanet, 02 Oct 2008
Only one other table taken when I visited, hence quiet and no atmopshere. Food was OK, if not great (occasionally odd - cheese board covered in chopped parsley!). Decent wine list. Great maitre d' and good service, but because the place was so empty it felt over-fussy.

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 by StuH (39 reviews), 29 Jun 2008
Fine fare, great service, and a great feel to the room. Such good dining; do go.

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 by CRB, 20 Mar 2007
Absolutely fantastic meal last Christmas - so good that we are going back this year. Originally booked Dec 2005 (after finding it on this site) for a work do of 12 and was made to feel so welcome. Nice to have somewhere that doesn't force you to have a Christmas menu. Drank them dry of their Montepulciano 2001 and Baileys. Staff were attentive. I only wish I lived in London so I could visit more regularly.

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 by Anonymous, 29 Nov 2006
Excellent restaurant with great food and drink. An Italian friend of mine usually hates Italian food in London; this is not only the first place he liked, he said the food was amazing.

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 by sito, 25 Oct 2006
Great restaurant with friendly Italian waiters and delicious food. So much better than most of the generic crap on Upper Street. The wine list and deserts are also fantastic.

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 by stripes (10 reviews), 27 Jun 2005
From the moment you walk in and get beautifully greeted by the maitre'd, to the great wine advice, and the attentive description of the specials, you know you're in for a good experience.

I've eaten here quite a few times, and the food is good - interesting italian dishes - but the best experience was being advised to try the cheese which came with the most amazing mustard honey.... sublime!

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 by ac (37 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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