River Cafe

Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road
Hammersmith, London
W6 9HA
Tel: 020 7386 4200 Hammersmith (District) 0.6 miles

© River Café. Credit: Ossie Gray © River Café. Credit: Ossie Gray « 1 of 2 photos »

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This was our first dining experience within the Michelin star domain, and contrary to the previous reviews we found the staff to be very polite and courteous, and the food was exceptional. The choice of dishes was good. However, they predominantly used fish; although this is not an issue for me, it can and would be for others. My biggest regret was not having the Aberdeen fillet (one of the only meat dishes on offer). Instead I had the Scottish scallops, and as delightful and well-cooked as they were, watching my partner devour the medium rare fillet was somewhat disheartening. The chicken liver antipasto that I had was fabulous, and the calamari my partner had was also very very nice.

This is a fine place to eat, with an air of sophistication and a delightful ambience. Our service was fantastic. I would recommend this place to anyone. Definitely worth a visit. 9/10.

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 by Leighton_Williams, 09 Mar 2010
Simply amazing! Do try your best to go there, I trust you will not be disappointed!

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 by citylover99, 06 Jan 2009
Had a lunch here a couple of years ago and it was great - staff very attentive, really looked after us and did their best to make sure we were warm sitting outside on a rather damp day in June. And although we don't have children ourselves, we rather liked the laidback atmosphere and the fact that it made families feel welcome (at least for lunch).

However, on returning to the refurbished restaurant in December 2008, in a party of five, the whole experience was rather disappointing. Staff were not particularly friendly or courteous. When we entered, a cluster of employees at the front desk took a couple of minutes to finish their conversation before acknowledging us; we sat for ages without being offered an aperitif and eventually had to ask for these; my coat was over the back of my chair and no one offered to hang it up, even though it was clearly visible to waiting staff; we had to top up our own wine and actually the food, although good, was rather forgettable.

Having just returned from Sydney where the food and service are world class, it was rather a let-down to have to put up (and pay for) this sort of dreary second-rate dining experience.

On the plus side, we did like the huge stove, which was a warming sight on a wet December afternoon. But would we go back to this restaurant? Probably not...

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 by velvetrabbit (7 reviews), 31 Dec 2008
Still by far the best meal I have ever tasted. If you go to one restaurant in London, go here! Everything about this place is excellent, from the service and knowledge of the staff, to the ingredients and how they are cooked and put together, to the atmosphere.

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 by MissJoJo (3 reviews), 14 Oct 2008
Really lovely place, especially on a sunny evening, if you've accepted that you'll have to pay quite a bit.

We had delicious antipasti of mozzarella, really tasty risotto with tomatoes, homemade pasta with prawns, and huge portions of monkfish and salmon. The wood-roasted vegetables that came with it were also great. Simple but really well cooked, with perfect ingredients.

The staff were friendly and helpful to us, moved us inside when we got cold outside, and helped with the wine list. Expensive but a really good experience. Would love to go again.

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 by somelikeithot (6 reviews), 31 Jul 2007
One the best eating experiences I've ever had. No complaints about food or service - both worth every penny of the hefty bill. Would definitely return!

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 by missfine (24 reviews), 19 Jun 2007
Strange food combinations - a bread salad (which I thought might be more than bread in a salad), a peach risotto which was horrid, fish that made me feel rather unwell... followed by a £50 per head bill with no dessert and only 2 glasses of wine!

The waitress came and tried to take our dessert order whilst I was away from the table. When my husband asked if she could wait until I returned they became very sniffy. Truly awful. Would never return.

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 by susan jones, 24 Sep 2006
Boring! Eat the same menu for half the price at hundreds of other trendy restaurants in London. No need to trek out to Hammersmith for this.

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 by Dave S, 21 Sep 2005
Wonderful cooking and admittedly fantastic ingredients but I always leave feeling like I have been mugged. The staff work the tables like sales managers work accounts. Nothing isn't charged to it's maximum, so a request for a sliver of the chocolate cake on the side of a to-be-shared panacotta was charged at full price. Pasta requested as a main course was charged at a premium add on of 20% despite the request of the 'primo' portion. This is a local restaurant and needs to remember that small giveaways can reap rewards, though looking at the usual at-capacity dining room, they are not about to suffer if they don't make me feel special - but then, I can always go back to Riva and often do, if the choice comes up.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Dec 2004

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Photograph © River Café. Credit: Ossie Gray

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