14 Hanway Street
Fitzrovia, London
Tel: 020 7637 7720 Tottenham Court Road 0.1 miles

Unpretentious restaurant just off Oxford Street and not the place to impress a date. Unless your date is Japanese in which case he or she will appreciate some of the most authentic Japanese food outside Tokyo.

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Overall, good quality food. Sashimi and sushi was very fresh. And I do love the dated decor - it's not tacky but unpretentious and traditional. Prices were a bit higher than in comparable restaurants though, and there is no tallied bill so you don't know what you are paying for. 3.5 stars.

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 by carson (7 reviews), 13 Apr 2008
This was a real disappointment after reading great reviews here. I can get past the decor and service but the food really wasn't that great at all, to a point where I felt guilty for suggesting this place to my Japanese friends who went with me. Sashimi was really not that fresh and most of the dishes were OK but nothing to come back for.

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 by audrey (29 reviews), 12 Jun 2007
Just an excellent all round experience. We were the only all British table in the restaurant, all of the others had Japanese in their party. I think that speaks for itself really. I'm tempted to give it '1' just so that it doesn't get spoiled with 'trendies'!

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 by piglet (3 reviews), 13 Dec 2006
Kikuchi is not about decor or glamour like some other restaurants in the very near neighbourhood... It IS about staggeringly fresh sushi/sashimi prepared in a modest 'shiki' environment. Concentrate on what is on your plate and you will discover what aka-chochin food is all about.

I would much rather be told upfront that there is a (quite reasonable) minimum charge, than discover that a staggeringly large bill has accumulated with all the 'extras' added. (Go try out Hakkasan for that around the corner...)

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 by mtate, 05 Oct 2006
Great sushi and sashimi. The toro here is amazing-big thick slices. Also, the soft shell crab roll is delicious.

My favourite sushi restaurant in London. The service is very friendly+efficient. I have never had the experience other reviewers seem to have. Whilst the surroundings aren't exactly posh, I think it adds to the overall experience. A great place.

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 by Anonymous, 08 May 2006
Great food and friendly service, once you get past the directness of the minimum charge. Recommended as a expensive treat.

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 by JT, 27 Mar 2006
Appalling and disrespectful service, no atmosphere and very poor decor. The waiters demand a minimum charge as soon as you get through the door.

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 by Anonymous, 02 Aug 2005
The food is superb. But not a place to invite guests to. Has an air of a canteen. But like I said, excellent food.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Jul 2004

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