Nobu Berkeley

15 Berkeley Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7290 9222 Green Park 0.1 miles

The 3rd Nobu restaurant in London, Nobu Berkeley has seating for up to 200, dramatic interior design by David Collins and a stylish lounge bar open until 2am. The restaurant has a no reservations policy and is open for dinner only.

Mon-Sat: 6pm-2am

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Nobu Berkeley reviews

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The very mediocre meal (certainly not worth the £396.35) was further ruined by the outrageous service. We had the £65 a head set menu and the speed of the service was so fast that plates were being taken off the table before we had completed the courses. I, for example, had my plate removed whilst still eating from it! I asked the waiter to slow down but to no avail.

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 by m.magidson, 01 May 2010
I went to Nobu Berkeley for a friend's birthday. The service, the food and the place are a very special thing to experience. The atmosphere was amazing, the food delicious. Our waiter was very professional and very helpful, and the staff in general extremely friendly and welcoming. We loved it from beginning to end and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I just feel sorry those who gave it negative reviews. Unfortunately we can't please everyone all the time, can we?

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 by marcio228, 09 Jun 2009
The sushi here is so amazingly good, fresh and faultlessly presented. The cocktails are delectable and the staff seem to be friendly enough.

I usually pop in for drinks (nothing beats the lychee martinis) and end up having a wee bite downstairs, though tend to order a few things from the upstairs menu and am always fully accommodated.

I like it, though understand the negative reviews as have seen a couple of staff members with poor attitudes dealing with patrons. It's a shame that such places always seem to employ these people.

Having spent quite a bit of time in Japan, I would love to see some more 'real' Japanese things on the menu, because salmon/avocado hand rolls just aren't Japanese! I want some natto-maki!!

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 by Milla (46 reviews), 08 Dec 2008
We ate at Nobu Berkeley on Saturday night (29th November 2008). It was the first time that we have dined at Nobu. The atmosphere was good and we had some lovely cocktails. We arrived early, at 7.10pm for a 7.30pm reservation.

The food was good, until the main course. The waitress warned us that the courses we ordered may arrive at different times. We were fine with this, as we thought it applied to our main dishes. We did not imagine it would mean getting the side order of broccoli first and then waiting 10 minutes for our main to come whilst the broccoli got cold, nor receiving our plain rice right at the end after we had eaten our main courses. We left most of it.

We were then told, after the waitress had taken 10 minutes to take our pudding orders, that we had 10 minutes to finish. We had sat down at 7.35pm; it was 8.50pm. The Manager told us most couples had 2 hours to complete their meals, but made things worse by not realising the time of reservation (7.30pm) or that no one had told us about any time limit (even if they had we would have had until 9.30pm and not 9pm). This spoiled the evening.

We would not return. We felt that we were in a food production factory and the experience, apart from the cocktails, was not special. We cannot understand how any celebrities enjoy going there. We would not recommend it to our clients.

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 by edward page, 01 Dec 2008
I absolutely love Nobu! The food is so mouthwatering you can't stop eating because it is so good. Three visits so far and never been disappointed.

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 by alley800love, 29 Nov 2008
We went to Nobu Berkeley last Saturday and the whole experience was very disappointing. Despite a reservation, we had to wait for our table for more than 20 mins. The service was mediocre - they served us soup we didn't order and claimed it was part of our main; they forgot one of our desserts and brought it 15 mins later. The final outcome: we have been charged for 2 desserts we didn't order and an extra soup. The food was OK but not fantastic and the sashimi was fridge cold. Noisy dining area. Conclusions: over-estimated and over-rated!

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 by salvcami, 13 Oct 2008
I agree with the comments about the bar... it is like a cruise ship. But the food is good.

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 by Gabe (26 reviews), 17 Apr 2008
The food was good. I must admit, I expected to pay more so was pleasantly surprised. The interior design felt like I was on some luxury cruise ship - not my kind of dining atmosphere.

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 by carson (7 reviews), 13 Apr 2008
This place is for people with no souls who like inane funky house music and showing off. We waited for 40 minutes to be seated at out table and were told lots of other couples were also waiting - what's the point of booking a table that doesn't actually exist? I must have had a very similar experience to Sara below... The cocktails are average, the atmosphere is spikey. There is nothing sophisticated about competitive jostling for drinks. Half of the staff are rude and don't seem to know what they're doing. It's dire, don't bother.

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 by yva, 18 Feb 2008
Dare I say it, I prefer Nobu Berkeley to the Metropolitan! It's just much more comfortable and less clinical. Also, I love the wood oven dishes. I always feel sorry for the people wasting money on the sushi, which is good but not the best in London.

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 by zooeyg (6 reviews), 28 Jan 2008
Nice decor and bar but a disappointment compared to Nobu Park Lane. I would give this one 7/10 and Nobu PL 10/10.

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 by cystalhaze (20 reviews), 06 Oct 2007
Although we did not eat at Nobu, we were very badly treated at the bar downstairs. Although I have written and complained to Nobu, they have not replied. Obviously not keen on what their customers think. Below is what happened.

We visited Nobu for a few drinks and to check out the venue. Although the bar was busy, it was by no means packed. We noticed there were several empty tables without reserved notices and sat down at one of them. As a waiter wandered past we ordered our drinks. A few moments later another waiter, who appeared very agitated, came over and leaned across the table at us. He told us we couldn't sit there. We then mentioned we had ordered our drinks and could we wait for them to arrive before leaving the table. He told us we wouldn't have been able to order the drinks at the table (which was clearly not correct, as we just had!). We replied that we definitely did and could we just wait for his return. The waiter became even more agitated and and stormed off. He came back a few moments later, informing us there were not any drinks ordered for us and that we should leave the table immediately - if we wanted a drink we must go to the bar.

We were appalled at the way we were treated and decided to take our leave. As we walked through the crowd at the bar towards the exit, a waiter and waitress were stood in our way having an argument, which continued as we attempted to get past. When we finally did, my female companion was shoved out of the way by yet another waiter. Unbelievable!

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 by Sara Challice, 20 Sep 2007
I took my husband here for his birthday. It was a great evening. We started with cocktails in the bar and then moved on to the restaurant. The food was good, especially the black cod. It's a fantastic place and I look forward to going back.

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 by avc (2 reviews), 27 Jun 2007
Food is obviously great. Cocktails are not as good as at the original Nobu. The staff are lovely but quite a few mistakes were made. Completely different restaurant in terms of atmosphere, decor, etc. This one is a much more social destination with focus on a more lively crowd. Not necessarily better but depends what you are looking for. Park Lane is more muted, where this one is more obvious.

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 by Lavina (3 reviews), 03 May 2007
Fantastic restaurant. We've been to Park Lane, Ubon in Canary Wharf and now Nobu Berkeley. Nobu Berkeley was definitely the best in terms of the decor, and the food is fantastic too. The first time I went I didn't even like sushi, but this place has completely converted me. You have to try the yellowtail sashimi with jalepeno and the black cod.

The staff, aside from those at the coat desk, were fantastic - very accommodating, friendly and fun. I will definitely be going back.

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 by Hattie (2 reviews), 30 Mar 2007
I had a really bad experience there the other evening. Poor management on the part of the maitre d'. The table behind us were exceptionally loud and in the end the bouncers had to throw them out. The maitre d' was totally incapable of handling them. Go to the Mayfair Nobu, it's much better.

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 by nylon, 19 Feb 2007
My fiance took me here for my birthday. When we arrived (at Nobu Berkeley) we discovered that he had accidentally booked with Nobu Park Lane instead. However, the staff at Nobu Berkeley were all brilliant, very accommodating and understanding, and found us a table straight away.

The food here is incredible. The menu has such a huge array of dishes, that we decided to ask the waitress to order for us. I have to say, this is by far the best Japanese restaurant I have been to and some of the best food I have eaten (in particular the Yellowtail Sashimi and the Black Cod were to die for!).

The combination of exquisite food and impeccable service made for a very special birthday dinner.

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 by Anonymous, 31 Jan 2007
I am speechless, the food is so good. No other sushi restaurant will measure up once you've tried this place!

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 by Anonymous, 24 Jan 2007
I was taken to Nobu for lunch last week and it lived up to and perhaps even surpassed my already very low expectations (based on my experience of Nobu in Tokyo).

I arrived on time for lunch and had to wait while the receptionists finished their conversation. I was then told in an off-hand fashion that my host had not yet arrived, I should wait in the bar. I had to ask for my coat and bag to be checked - this proved a drama because they had no coat/bag check receipts.

I went though to the bar and received grudging service. I waited for about 15-20 minutes whilst one of the surly receptionsts marched up with a clip board in hand and asked in an accusing manner if I had a reservation. I reminded her that I was waiting for my host and she stalked off. Another 15 minutes passed and I was beginning to think that something had happened to my host when he appeared down the stairs from the restaurant level; he had been waiting for the same period upstairs, having arrived ahead of me, and came down when he discovered that the same fate had befallen the fellow at the next table.

We complained, clearly the receptionists and the maitre'd were not coordinated, and were offered a complimentary drink - big deal. Pity about the food. It was OK, but frankly there are better Japanese restaurants for sushi in London that are also better value. The service did not make up for the value difference. It was unprofessional, amateur, resoundingly un-Japanese (in fact there wasn't a Japanese in sight among the staff or the guests).

I would never voluntarily book this restaurant and if invited again will politely decline - the experience is not even worth a 'free lunch'.

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 by Japanofile, 21 Jan 2007
New Year's Eve, what should we expect? It's over-priced, over-hyped and not that good. I expected so much more.

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 by lufcpaul1 (2 reviews), 06 Jan 2007

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