56 Wardour Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7437 8338 Piccadilly Circus 0.2 miles

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This place used to be quite good value for reasonable (i.e. not stellar, but not bad either) Japanese food.

Went there last night and noticed that prices had gone up a bit and the menus had changed. The food was okay, but not as good as before, and at the new prices it's not really the great value Japanese place that it used to be.

Bit sad to see this happen, but looks like it's time to look for alternatives...

On a side note, service seemed fine. Nothing special, but reasonably prompt and efficient.

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 by Rody, 27 Sep 2009
The Chicken Katsu curry is excellent - I highly recommend it!

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 by donna marie, 22 Feb 2008
Best place ever in this pretentious city. A bit too expensive but the chicken powder is yummy! Strange staff, but overall only one word to describe the place: SUPER!!

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 by davidb, 10 Oct 2007
I used to eat here occasionally, for lack of a better place to eat in Soho when I was in a hurry. On a recent visit, I found that the food was not up to scratch any more. Also, it's run by the Royal China group, so it's not really proper Japanese food. But for people who just like a quick cheap meal out and aren't really fussed about the 'Asian' food they eat, it's fine. I should also mention that the restaurant features communal seating only (like Wagamama and Busaba Eathai), so it's not a place to take a date!

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 by bobbypants (52 reviews), 15 Jun 2007
One word to describe the food here - yummy! Their chicken katsu bento box was amazing, and it gave a nice range of foods so it meant I didn't have to narrow down my choice. I also tried their tempura sushi and that too was yummy. Definitely going back again. Oh, and it only cost us £20 per head!

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 by Piyuu (3 reviews), 11 May 2007
It's without doubt one of the best sushi places in London. I've eaten sushi everywhere and Satsuma is heaven on earth - I could live there!

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 by Anonymous, 08 May 2007
Amazing - I love the katsu curry!

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 by Anonymous, 29 Mar 2007
I love Satsuma and go there all the time, it's great. The food is amazing and the people are nice and so so kind.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Jan 2007
Been here a few times now. Food is great, it's not expensive and it's always buzzing. Will continue to go here for great food.

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 by NAMIE, 25 Jul 2006
The food is good - much better than Wagamama - but it is much too noisy. This makes it nearly impossible to eat there, which is a real pity!

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 by Sushi Maniac, 09 Oct 2005
Great place to eat!

It's not pretentious, it's not expensive, the food is excellent, the service is of the highest standard, and I will be returning!

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 by Anonymous, 28 Sep 2005
Too Europeanised, lost some taste of Japan. Sorry.

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 by cheeseburger711 (11 reviews), 05 Aug 2005
Recently dined at Satsuma before the theatre. Timing was fast enough but not rushed. Enjoyed the salmon bento box, tempura side and thought miso soup was much better than usual.

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 by Anonymous, 10 Jul 2005
Pseudo-japanese dishes at extreme London prices, spiced up with Wagamama-style surroundings. Take a short walk down Brewer street instead and pick any of the authentic Japanese resturants, that will serve much better food for the same price (or cheaper).

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 by Anonymous, 20 Mar 2005
Been to Satsuma 3 times and always enjoyed the food. Have eaten the bento boxes each time as they are delicious and you get a bit of everything. Service has always been swift and good. Toilets are a bit grubby which never looks good!

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 by Anonymous, 24 Dec 2004

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