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Tsunami is the worst restaurant I have been to to date. Appalling service.

I booked a table several days in advance and, as we were a large group, pre-ordered the appetisers to make it easy (a total of around 10 dishes for nine people to share).

On the day, we waited nearly an hour for our appetisers. I asked several times when we were going to be brought out some food as most of the group was extremely hungry. I also had to repeatedly ask for water/drinks, as after asking for several bottles of red and white wine for the table only one bottle of white arrived and with 9 people in the group it did not go far.

Finally the appetisers arrived: 1 plate. I queried but was told it was "made for sharing"!! 1 plate between 9 - again, this does not go very far (and it was chicken, which completely excluded the vegetarians in the group). Some time later another plate of food arrived "made for sharing", and then maybe 20 minutes later the third. I was ignored by the waiter.

To make matters worse, one of us received main course straight after the appetisers, but without any sides and a half an hour before the rest of the group. Eventually other mains started to arrive, but with no sides. I waited again for about 30 mins for rice and in the end sent back my main dish because it was cold.

By then we asked to get the bill as we had had enough of the appalling service. Again this process took about an hour. At one stage, slightly annoyed by the lack of attention, we asked to speak to the manager re bill as some appetisers and sides never made it to the table. He refused to come to our table and discuss - extremely rude. In the end it finally got sorted but not without stress and upset. What could have been a fantastic night with friends - all willing to pay a lot for a nice meal, good atmosphere, good drinks etc - was ruined!

Incidentally, if the food is designed for sharing forgive me for thinking it’s impossible to share 1 small plate between 9 with no plates - that's just bad manners! In light of current economic conditions it's not the way to treat customers.

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 by AG27, 03 Feb 2009
The food is good but the service is poor. Hardly surprising with such a scary manager. He scared me, and I was a customer...

They offer a 20% discount if you "dine before 7pm". When we arrived at 6:50pm, we checked with the waiter that the discount would apply to us. He said "yes". When we got the bill, of course the discount hadn't been applied. It took them 20 minutes to sort out, which involved the manager coming over and shouting "Is the discount that important to you?" It was very embarrassing and very unprofessional. I won't be going again.

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 by ab1, 02 Oct 2008
We dined here for the first time yesterday after coming across it quite by chance. Having frequented Roka and Nobu, to name a few Japanese resturants in the West End, we were really looking forward to our evening at a local equivalent...

What a let down. Although, we can only comment on service, as we never received even a morsel of food after 45 minutes and left after receiving no great apologies or reassurances from the Duty Manager about how much longer we would have to wait. Had our food ever arrived, the bill (including alcohol) would have been touching £100. I say save your money and go to Roka or Nobu, where it truly is a fantastic food experience and where such shoddy service would never happen (nor would the customer be ushered out the door to avoid a scene).

As it was so late by the time we left, we had to eat in Nando's and the food was great!

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 by jules1972, 16 Sep 2007
Recently went to Tsunami to celebrate my father's 60th. I have been to this restaurant many times over the years and been very happy. However, I couldn't have been more deflated after my last experience.

Where do I start? They had run out of Black Cod (one of my main reasons to go), run out of the wine we wanted, then another main course was gone. When the sirloin steak main course arrived (which I didn't really want but had no choice) and it was chewier than an old boot I started to get a bit upset, as this was supposed to be a special meal. I told the waiter that the steak was too tough and in a spectacularly patronising tone told me "That's the cut of the meat, sir " and then walked off before I could tell him where to stick his steak.

All the staff seemed a bit stressy. It was a busy Saturday night but that does not allow for all the disappointments. I think this restaurant is losing it's grip on the quality of service and the pride of presentation it once had. Which is a shame.

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 by rich gilbert, 07 Feb 2007
I've heard that Tsunami is owned by one of the former Nobu chefs and boy does it show. I've been 3 times now and wouldn't consider eating sushi anywhere else. This is a hidden gem.

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 by estelle, 31 Oct 2006
Excellent sushi, friendly and helpful service. Looking forward to going again!

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 by Anonymous, 30 Jun 2006
Good sushi, pretentious staff!

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 by Anonymous, 17 Oct 2005
Really enjoyed my first visit to Tsunami on the weekend, fantastic food and well-priced too.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Jul 2005
One of the very best restaurants around.

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 by Anonymous, 11 Jul 2005

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