Jazz Cafe

5 Parkway
Camden, London
Tel: 020 7485 6834 Camden Town 0.1 miles

Jazz Cafe

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I have just returned from an evening out at the Jazz Cafe - amazing! 2.5 hours of pure Angie Stone Magic, the lady just didn't want to leave the stage. My first time at this venue and I thought the service, food, ambiance excellent. Terrific value for money, don't know what all these bad reviews are about... maybe it was the artist and not the place?

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 by kimburelli, 16 Jun 2011
Ginger Baker was one of the worst shows I have ever seen. The show was overbooked anyway. For £60 we didn’t expect not to be able to get in the same room as the performance!! We had to view the band from the bar. The arrogant attitude of the musicians and staff was diabolical and all we got was about an hour's music (out of tune and out of time – even Steve Winwood)! They may as well have put up a big sign saying: "Leave your money by the gangplank and piss off", because that was how it felt!

Should be a great venue but all we got was an expensive insult! I wouldn't go there again.

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 by glenn donnelly, 14 Nov 2009
I paid £60 for a concert with Ginger Baker and special guests. I got 50 minutes of music and one special guest. We saw the band's set list and it matched the numbers played, so the Jazz Café must have known that this was a minor gig, and still they demand £60 entrance. Jazz Café could have arranged additional music or lowered the price. The band didn't even give the audience a chance for an encore, as they left stage without a 'thankyou and goodnight'.

This experience borders on a scam. I can't recommend Jazz Cafe to anybody. Unfortunately I have to give the place one star as I can't proceed with this review any other way, but actually I would give it none! SAVE YOUR MONEY, DON'T GO TO THE SHOW!!

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 by olelundan, 08 Nov 2009
Jazz Cafe is a brilliant venue with a range of artists but when you want to book a table for the restaurant it is impossible. I have never come across such a badly organised venue, which has a contact number that has an answerphone on 24 hours a day and so prevents you from booking a table. No one returns your call, even when you leave messages! Thumbs down for JC on that score.

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 by sabs22, 30 Jan 2008
I've been going to the Jazz Cafe since the mid-90s. They have a wide range of performers, not just jazz, and I've been to see a lot of Brazilian musicians and singers. If you don't make dinner reservations (upstairs and quite pricey, but for that you have seats for the whole night), then you'll have to find a space to stand downstairs where the stage is. A tiny bar that no one seems to know about is also upstairs. There's room for about 6 bar stools with good side views of the stage down below, plus a bit of standing room. It's easy to get drinks from the bar as hardly anyone makes their way up to this hideyhole! It's also right next to the Green Room, so you'll be able to see the performers going past. Word of warning: the toilets always seem to be leaking, so it's not a nice experience going there.

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 by bobbypants (52 reviews), 16 Jun 2007
The Jazz Café is one of my all-time fave places to spend an evening, no matter who's playing. The eclectic range of artists, intimate performances and warm crowd make it a guaranteed good night out.

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 by Firefly, 30 May 2006
It's a great place, good music, good drinks although slightly more than other places. Lovely workers and lovely people. Great place to see people dance... watch or participate is your choice!

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 by Anonymous, 09 Dec 2004
Jazz cafe is a great venue for any occassion. I have been on my birthday and romantic evenings also. It's a nice easy-going place where everyone just wants to have a good time and listen to some live music. It's just ab fab .

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 by sibbots, 25 Aug 2004

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