45 Davies Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7629 7863 Bond Street 0.4 miles

Bold, contemporary jewels with ethnic roots dominate Belmacz - a jewellery collection by German designer-jeweller, Julia Muggenburg. The collection draws inspiration from nature and is a fusion of symbolism, tradition and modernity. Many pieces are one off, some incorporating unusual materials including fossilised dinosaur bone, antique stones, angel skin coral and even Siberian woolly mammoth.

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I do so wish that I could write a good review of what I'm sure is a wonderful line of jewellery.

However, this company's website is terrible - no navigation or even a hint of their product line on the unfathomable homepage. In fact, so time consuming was the search for a product on their site, the intended recipient chose to move on to greener relationship pastures. She just couldn't wait for me to search through the source code.

Their boutique does look pretty though. So that deserves an extra star.

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 by HaughtyB, 26 Jan 2012
DO NOT give your business to this company. I emailed them to tell them I had had a frustrating experience on their website and they sent back an extremely rude and childish response which included an apalling response from their web developers too (that they then tried to caveat by saying they weren't the views expressed by Belmacz). Completely unprofessional.

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 by UPshopper, 26 Jan 2012
The design is simply out of this world. I reckon they create the most 'avant-garde' jewellery around these days.

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 by LesleyJ, 26 Oct 2009
Overpriced and erratic pricing leads to a disenchanting experience. The artistic aspirations of the designer expressed on the website do not match the jewellery itself.
Overpriced jewellery for 'artistic' middle-aged rich women.

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 by maggieg, 21 Dec 2007

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