12-13 Conduit Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7495 5897 Oxford Circus 0.2 miles

Right in the heart of Mayfair, the return of Belstaff has propelled the brand to the top of waterproof and motorcycle wear with a stylish twist. All-climate leathers and sturdy cottons have built the reputation of these outfits, as favoured by Che Guevara, Steve McQueen and TE Lawrence. The full range is now available at the first Belstaff Store in the world.

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Most other luxury goods stores refund or you can use credit notes in the sale. Whilst the products at Belstaff are good, as a supposed 'high-end store' it is frustrating that they don't offer refunds. When you're paying this kind of money you expect a better service and, after my lovely boyfriend purchased me a pair of shoes for Christmas which didn't fit, I am now left with a £600 credit note - with 6 months left - and have to shell out another £500 to purchase a jacket or buy shoes which I don't particularly fancy or else risk losing the credit note.

Never buy anyone a gift from here. With such a limited design, many people will be hard pushed to find something they like. Go to Hermes 500 metres down the road instead - or any of the other high-end retailers who offer a better returns policy.

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 by Miss Marple, 01 Jul 2012
Bought my first Belstaff from this store last week. All I can say is 'wow'! It's great the Italians have saved a British clothing icon from bankcruptcy. Now Belstaff jackets are better-made, better-fitting and look sooo cool. I love them... well done Belstaff!

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 by eddmortimer, 22 Dec 2010
I went to the store in Conduit Street by myself and was downstairs looking at jackets, and the security guard started following me. It got to the point where I'd move around the store just to see him move with me. I know they need to be wary but it was quite intimidating. I went up to the guard and said "I must look pretty suspicious", to which he laughed sheepishly and I left.

I love Belstaff clothes on the whole but I think some of their flashier styles are pretty ugly and intended for new money. I do love their classic jackets, like the Trialmaster.

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 by greg3098, 26 Feb 2010
Amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Me and my friends and family are frequent customers at Belstaff - there's just something about their WOWZA jackets and staff that keeps drawing us back. I recently had to make an exchange and the manager was SO helpful, quick, prompt and made it an easy task, not to mention also being a very charming guy. Way to go Belstaff!

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 by fefefriday, 23 Feb 2010
I'm having nightmares with a faulty Belstaff product. They are far too quick to take your money and even quicker to forget about the customer when their product becomes faulty. Can't really go into details as I'm about to go down the legal avenue, but put it this way: hiding behind customer services in Italy is not going to do them any favours; instead of retaining a customer, they're losing one. It doesn't make any sense to me at all when companies behave like this. Shame on Belstaff. Once the legal stuff all ends I'm going to publish all the details on my blog so all you potential customers can see how you are treated by Belstaff when one of their products becomes faulty.

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 by londonthrill, 22 Feb 2010
WOW! This shop is amazing. The clothes, especially the jackets and ladies' boots/shoes, are fab. I was blown away by the professionalism and product knowledge of the sales assistants and the manager who helped me. Such a pleasurable shopping experience. I will be back!

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 by sjwalesn7, 13 Feb 2010
Very rude staff, zero customer service. I don't want to step foot in that store again.

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 by anaita (2 reviews), 09 Jan 2010
Belstaff as a whole has to be the worst company I've ever come across, and woe betide you if you have a customer service problem! The shop itself was unable to make any decisions on two faulty jackets I had bought from them and everything had to go through Italy from start to finish - a period of 3 months. It was a shambles! They wouldn't even admit the jackets were faulty!

The staff are pretentious and unhelpful - half OK if you want to spend money but otherwise forget it. I'm fairly sure their returns policy contravenes a stack of EU regulations and any company that issues a credit note which expires after a year is a bit unscrupulous. If you want a fashion biker's jacket try out the new Barbour range, a better product for a reasonable price.

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 by mflavin, 20 Oct 2009
I went there to buy a Belstaff jacket to use on my Ducati and didn't realise Belstaff only keep fashion items in Conduit Street. I ended up taking a short cab ride to Urban Rider on the Kings Road, who stock all the functional Belstaff jackets. Good guys, great service.

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 by ducduc81, 23 Sep 2009
We went to Belstaff today for the first time. Whilst we were browsing a very friendly member of staff approached us and offered us assistance. He was very professional and helpful. My husband bought two jackets. We will definitely be returning.

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 by nyah00, 20 Jun 2009
I've bought a couple of jackets from there and been in a fair few other times. I think the store itself is great and the clothing fantastic. The problems, however, are two-fold.

If you can get the attention of the staff, they are generally very helpful. But even when it's not that busy, they aren't terribly aware.

The real issue though is the stock and product knowledge. For a flagship store, the maintained levels are pretty poor, even if you get there early in the season. If you want to try and order something... good luck. The staff either don't seem to be that bothered or the company organisation is so SNAFU'd the staff in-store are left in the dark. I went in 3 weeks ago to see if I could pick up a Six Days Jacket they feature on their site as part of the new SS09 collection. They had one version (only two sizes) in an awful high gloss finish. When I asked about the one I actually wanted, I was told that they had no idea if and when it would be available, this was all they had been sent. When you pitch your product at the higher end of the fashion market, that's pretty shabby service.

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 by Tyketto, 01 May 2009
Uh... I've been there a few times. They have always been just fantastically cool, helpful and attentive - even when the shop is very busy with fashion tourists and even when there's no guarantee of a purchase from me.

People bitching about the fact there is no 'real' motorcycle clothing need to grow up and do their homework - I'm a rider myself and I did, so I know that you won't get that stuff easily in this store. You want a properly-armoured Belstaff jacket that you can happily rev down the road in, atop your vintage Enfield? Then type 'Belstaff Pure Motorcycle' in your search engine. There's only a million places selling your Olivers Mount or your Bournemouth jacket. Get over it.

The stuff in this store is not for hard-core biking. That said, it's fantastic. I've found the staff very knowledgeable indeed about the range, materials and general history of the brand. They are sometimes hampered by range and size availability, but those decisions are made in Italy. I've done the "it felt fine in the shop but at home it's too small, can I change it?" thing - no drama, no sniffy attitude, all fine.

Every time I've been there, I've left feeling a million dollars - even if I've bought nothing (it's not every day a literal Italian supermodel wraps her arms around your chest with a measuring tape), so I can't fathom what the squares on here are posting about. I'm laughing my backside off...

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 by iwaslikewhateva, 25 Apr 2009
Why so many postings about an iconic 'British' brand? Belstaff was wholly taken over by Franco Malenotti's Italian company in 2004 after about twelve years of mutual cooperation... and would probably have gone bankrupt without the Italians' financial and marketing input.

Useful review?
 by dogbertukltd, 27 Mar 2009
Went to the London store twice. First time snooty, pretentious etc etc; 2nd time, was served by what I can only describe as an Italian Amazonian supermodel! Daniella - who has since left - was uber cool and uber knowledgeable. Bought a jacket and pair of jeans. They were also offering complimentary champers (a London to Brighton classic car race was starting on Regent Street).

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 by the garment man, 09 Mar 2009
I am absolutely appalled by the negative criticism the store has received. I am a regular client who is always more than satisfied once visiting the store. I find that the staff try their best to attend to all my needs (despite the fact the store is very busy and that each member of staff may have at least 3 or 4 clients to help at any one time). The store itself maintains a very exuberant, yet professional atmosphere at all times. As for the brand, congratulations to the masterminds behind the collections. Definitely worth a visit.

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 by price_suzanna, 10 Dec 2008
GET A LIFE!! If I am not happy about the way I am treated in a particular store, I do something about it straight away (either complain to the store manager or leave and take my money elsewhere). It's sad losers that use these websites to complain because they have nothing better to do and are cowards!

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 by missymis33, 27 Nov 2008
Never again. Manners cost nothing; I find it hard to believe that staff are permitted to conduct themselves in such a poor manner.

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 by mmiller, 19 Nov 2008
Rude, disinterested and self-absorbed staff. Probably would've been more attentive if I had been some third-rate celeb, but as I wasn't they weren't. Despite that, I still bought a pair of Trialmasters - which are great - and in the end my money appeared to be as good as anybody's!

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 by Fex Urbis, 04 Nov 2008
If you want the pure motorcycle collection guys, then go to a Belstaff motorcycle shop, like

They are a shop based in the Midlands, and have Silverstones, Snettertones, Thruxtons, Classic Tourist Trophys and all the motorcycle ranges.

Useful review?
 by jamieaaronwoods, 19 Sep 2008
On reading the negative feedback the shop received, I was dubious about going there. What I feel has been missed by the negative reviews is that this Belstaff shop is not for the hardened motorcyclist; this is high-end Belstaff fashion at its best. The range of goods is extensive and the assistants were helpful considering I went in at 5.50pm when they close at 6. In all, this is a great shop if you're looking for usable but fashionable that will last, as expected from the Belstaff range.

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 by georgina1475, 17 Sep 2008

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