Coco de Mer

23 Monmouth Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7836 8882 Covent Garden 0.2 miles

Beautifully designed shop with friendly staff, dedicated to all things sexual from toys and lingerie to books and erotic art.

Coco de Mer

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Love this shop. Not at all seedy and I found the staff to be friendly and helpful. It's not cheap, but the products are worth it. Coco de Mar also run some evening "salons" in their South Ken branch which are great fun.

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 by Janita DB (8 reviews), 08 Mar 2011
I had kept putting off visiting this store mainly because I was worried that it would be incredibly embarrassing, as with my previous visits to other similar places like Ann Summers. I really don't know what I was worried about. The products are amazing. I had a really helpful girl show me around and give me a 'tour' of all the weird and wonderful erotic objects. It was like going on a museum tour - really opened my eyes. I felt totally comfortable buying afterwards and will most certainly be coming back.

Not too sure what the last reviewer meant by the staff being "not so great"... I actually learnt something and that's not a usual occurrence in most shops! Ten out of ten.

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 by ariel1, 28 Dec 2010
The shop is sexy-looking and the products are cool, but the staff are not so great. They don't seem to know so much about the products. Shame.

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 by Cookie's Mum (2 reviews), 19 Dec 2010
Coco de Mer has an incredible range of products that I haven't seen anywhere else in the world. It's sex made beautiful but not disguised. It's like entering the Versace of sex shops. The staff is helpful and personal, and quite stunning. I visit every time I'm in London.

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 by suicul, 08 Aug 2008
Great, helpful staff and some beautiful items. The sale is great too.

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 by fashionfiend (3 reviews), 06 Dec 2007
I bought a top hat there last year by Victoria Grant, which still gives me as much pleasure as the moment I first saw it and is guaranteed attention and appreciation from all when I wear it. I am coming over from New York soon and will be stocking up! Hats off - fabulous Victoria!

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 by Layla Bon Lay, 05 Oct 2007
They sold me an amazing piece of lounge wear. Super sexy, a little kinky, and a price tag that reassured me. So I returned and purchased more amazing pieces. I'm just planning my next trip back. Thank you girls at Coco!

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 by Dick Tiger (12 reviews), 15 Jun 2007
The Honey & Bunny Story book... WOW! The most sensual ending, beautiful and classy. We will definitely be paying a visit to your store!

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 by dands69, 28 Apr 2007
I'm also surprised by the negative comment! I had a voucher and explained that I couldn't pay much more. The staff were most friendly and very helpful. She even showed my boyfriend around and made us feel most welcome and comfortable. And the stuff they have - just gorgeous. OK, it's pricey, but it's worth every penny!

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 by Anonymous, 14 Aug 2006
Lovely shop and lovely products (though rather overpriced). Did not find the staff very friendly though. Walked in there (it was not busy at all, I was the only person there) and I never got any service or a 'hello'.

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 by Anonymous, 26 Jun 2006
Coco De Mer is a fantastic experience for me every time I visit and the staff are incredibly helpful and make me feel at ease (i am a very regular customer!).

I was surprised to read the comment below. I wouldn't say the products were overpriced-although not cheap...but you do get what you pay for.

All I can say is this shop is the best in London!

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 by cally, 27 May 2006
Simply the best. Great Staff, great experience. I'd say its in the top 10 nicest things to do in London.

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 by Hoyley, 23 Mar 2006
I found the staff snooty and disinterested. The products were unbelievably overpriced and the range not very good. I wasn't exactly dressed well (a bit flustered/ just finished work) but I was not made to feel welcome at all. I won't go back.

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 by Jescat (2 reviews), 16 Mar 2006
Exquisite and alluring.

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 by Anonymous, 27 Jan 2006
Best girls' sexy shop ever.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Dec 2005
Beautiful, the best sex shop in the world.

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 by ems (21 reviews), 29 Nov 2005
Where 'fantasy' becomes 'enriched fantasy in reality'.

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 by Fantasia, 06 Oct 2005
I've been here recently and this is the best shop I've ever been in. It's sexy and exciting, I wish they had more items.

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 by Evelin, 15 Aug 2005
Coco de Mer reflects all that is beautiful about a woman's sensuality. Experienced staff (forgive the pun). A gorgeous hidden treasure.

Go indulge. Life is too short not to...

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 by Anonymous, 15 Jun 2005
Wonderful shop, wonderful products and great informative staff. Never feel awkward going there.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Mar 2005

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