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22A Conduit Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7491 2200 Oxford Circus 0.2 miles

Rigby and Peller

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Really impressed with the fitting and went away with three great-fitting bras. I looked a million dollars. However, really not impressed with the long-term durability of the bras. Every single other bra I have has lasted longer then these. By the third handwash one in particular looked tired and worn and one of the fasteners was poorly sewn on. The underwire on one bra has broken in two places. I completed a questionnaire and ticked the box for them to contact me but never did get a response. But sizing was perfect.

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 by Jumbella, 18 Dec 2010
How can anyone feel your boobs without a tape measure and get your size right the first time? My boobs are 6 inches higher, feel in place, and my neighbour says I look like I've lost a stone! That's what you pay for ladies, so get on down there and get a proper fitting.

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 by jo.phuture, 08 Apr 2009
Experience I'll never forget! Travelled many miles to visit the London store, queued with my deli-style ticket, changing rooms tired and uninspiring, fitter tried to tell me my size was H cup then proceeded to tell me they had nothing in my size. Went straight to small independent who fitted me with F cup and I left with 3 new beautiful styles. Don't go to R&P - very overrated.

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 by st, 30 Oct 2007
I bought a R & P bra from a shop in Dorset. I paid £75.60 for it and the woman said it fit properly. Clearly it doesn't and is really uncomfortable and I can't wear it. As a big breasted woman, I thought it worth while to pay for the best, but feel really let down and taken advantage of. As a single parent, this is a lot of money to me. I have only worn the bra once, as it is just so uncomfortable. The sales lady pressured me into buying it and said I would get used to it. Ha! I can't wear it.

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 by Debora, 27 Mar 2006
Every girl owes it to themselves to get measured once in their lives, and this is the place to go. Discreet service from ladies who see more bosoms than you've had hot dinners, so no need for embarassment when they get you to lean forward into the bra and scoop yourself into the cups. Not sure that you'd want to buy much of their lingerie (its pretty expensive and not brilliantly sexy) but I've heard it offers a sound choice if you're E size and above.

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 by ac (37 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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