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I usually get CND shellac. The Nails Inc website advertised a similar service. I was in London and desperate as my regular nail lady is in Copenhagen. I came in with 2 week nails ready to get done. Unfortunately, the service I received was far from satisfactory:

1) They did not know how to remove shellac
2) They recommend a 3-week manicure (I have Frankenstein fingers now, with the thickest lumpiest nails)
3) The manicurist put a regular top coat on which now, 2 hours later, is smudged and party gone
4) She did not apply it all the way down to the cuticles (so I have as big a gap as the one I started with)
5) I had a French manicure and the white tips are uneven and very thick
6) She said my nails were damaged (well, you just did that lady, when removing my shellac!)
7) The manicure apparently didn't include filing or shaping, so edges are rough and my nails don't even have the same shape

All this for £65! What a rip off!! Never going back.

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 by linevitting, 24 Jan 2014
I visited Nails Inc branch in Debenhams for an express manicure recently. Oh how I regret that! It was the worst manicure of my entire life. It was rushed even though they were not busy, and it wasn't really a manicure at all either, just a paint job. The 'technician' that did my nails quite obviously wasn't trained properly. She filed my nails to the poorest standard ever. Her nails looked appalling too, by the way - as soon as I saw that, I knew I hadn't made a wise decision to have my nails done there. But, oh well, £18 completely wasted...

I would recommend going elsewhere, as it really is not worth the money. Personally, I would rather pay more elsewhere and have it done properly. Lesson learned!

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 by Foodie66, 02 Nov 2013
Nails Inc don't staff their concessions properly - either there are staff but they're not trained to do anything but the most basic mani/pedi, or there are no staff at all, even when you've got an appointment booked. It would be less galling if they could staff customer service adequately to deal with those issues, but they don't. Worse still is if you've been mugged into buying a 4 for 3 loyalty card, as they're virtually unusable.

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 by 12354, 12 Jun 2013
I was in London at the weekend and decided to visit Nails Inc's South Molton Street store for a treat. I chose the Gel Manicure and loved that I got to choose from so many different colours. In the end I went for a new mint Spring polish. My manicurist was really friendly and I was impressed with the quality of my manicure. The experience was relaxing and luxurious and I can't wait to visit again!

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 by sophiejones1234, 25 Mar 2013
I visited the Molton Street branch a couple of weeks ago for a manicure and pedicure. The service was appalling: no driers (was left in the cold to dry), they barely scrubbed my feet and the manicure lasted no more than two days before chipping.

Overall it was terrible. I have totally grown out of Nails Inc services and products. Expensive and poor value for money.

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 by gmamartinez, 30 Nov 2012
I visisted Nails Inc branch at Debenhams Oxford Street for the first time yesterday evening for their Heavenly Hands Manicure. I have never been so disappointed in a manicure in my entire life! The whole manicure was entirely rushed and there is definitely nothing luxurious about this. My hands were left to soak in water for a minute each, the cuticle cream was not rubbed in and not all cuticles were removed. Absolutely will never visit Nails Inc again. You are better off with a small local salon any time!

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 by Berlin80, 15 Nov 2012
I'm a self-confessed "have to have groomed nails" freak. After reading a lot of wonderful reviews about Nails Inc, I decided to book myself in for the '3-week manicure' at the Oxford St Debenhams branch. What a joke! A few hours after, 2 of my nails had started to peel as the sides were not done properly. I called the head office and was told the regional manager would call me back (didn't happen until 2 weeks later). I called and called to no avail - typical! A sweet lady at head office felt the burn of my complaint and offered to book me in for free at the Debenhams branch in Westfield (my local). They managed to hire someone decent and who knew what they were doing - at last!

Never going to Nails Inc for any treatments ever again. A week later the regional manager calls back to ask what my complaint was about?? Talk about having a laugh?

Anyway, Nails Inc was on QVC the other night and I fell in love with their ever-so-famous Porchester Square polish. I bought it the very next day and was excited to paint my nails when I got home. Was very disappointed when I discovered I'd paid £11 for what was practically a tester! Dried polish around the seal with a sticky consistency... great. Tried to get an exchange today and was told nothing was wrong with it. The lady was very rude, as though what I'd asked for was completely blasphemous. She then went back to her customer and moaned to her at the fact I'd asked for an exchange! How professional.

I'd never recommend Nails Inc to anyone, ever. Should've stuck with OPI - at least with them you get what you pay for.

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 by xtine53, 22 Jul 2012
Made appointment at the Harvey Nicks branch for manicure and pedicure using my loyalty card. Arrived to find that the pedicure station is tucked away in a corner and although I would expect the pedicure to be done first (there was a free place) the manicure was done first.

Half way through I was asked to pay and when I offered my loyalty card was told that there was an additional charge to pay of £7 for each treatment! The manicure was OK (have had better) and the pedicure was poor. As someone else was put in for theirs before me (she arrived after me and also had manicure but after the pedicure), I was kept waiting not only for the first woman to be finished but after the pedicure had to wait for polish to dry - in all I was in there for 1 hour 45 mins, the other customer having long gone.

Will not use this branch again. Scruffy area, very cramped - 3 customers and staff trying to occupy a very small space with no room for bags, shoes etc. Champagne offered does not compensate for poor and expensive service. I felt conned over the loyalty card.

Useful review?
 by genie0311, 16 Jul 2012
I have been a customer of Nails Inc for about a year now. Having had some dreadful experiences earlier on with various incompetent nail technicians, I have found a wonderful branch of Nails Inc at Monument. It is situated inside the House of Fraser and is so convenient for me as I work in Lloyds. The technicians have all been there for years and it shows. Their knowledge is impeccable and they all go the extra mile to ensure I am happy. Every time I am in there I have a wonderful experience and I always look forward to my next visit! Highly recommended.

Useful review?
 by Jrapley, 24 May 2012
I LOVE getting my nails done at Nails Inc, they always look so beautiful. The range of colours and the pampering you get while you're there always make it worth the money. Despite the fact for me, myself, the nails never last as long as they say they will, I know that for other people I know, they do. (I just think it's because I spend a lot of time cooking.)

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 by hollandgeorgina, 06 May 2012
I love painting my nails and have a rather large collection of polishes at home. I love the Nails Inc colours - they are always releasing new ones and their nails polishes always wear really well. So I finally went for a treatment and got the Heavenly Hands one done. I felt really pampered afterwards and my nails looked so nice, they were shaped so well and looked fantastic. I think I’ll be visiting a lot more in the future.

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 by hattons542, 04 May 2012
My nails always look wonderful when I walk out of Nails Inc. I've always gone to the South Molton Street branch but I decided to go for more of a pampering, so went to the Champagne Bar in Knightsbridge Harvey Nichols. It was so nice - even though it cost more, you feel really looked after by the time you have finished.

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 by sammyers160, 30 Apr 2012
I was always slightly sceptical of getting my nails done at a nail bar, simply for the reason you can do it at home for a fraction of the price. But as I was walking past the Nails Inc store I thought I might as well see what it's like, and managed to get an appointment for after work. I was so surprised - suddenly my home manicures weren’t looking as good as they used to. They sorted my cuticles out and the range of colours was vast. I’ve walked out with my next appointment booked for three weeks' time.

Useful review?
 by serenarhysbrown, 29 Apr 2012
I had my nails done for one of my friend's birthday party. It was such a nice experience. The range of colours at Nails Inc is unbeatable; I particularly love the neon range. I even ended up getting my friend one of their gift vouchers for her birthday.

Useful review?
 by simmonetate, 28 Apr 2012
After seeing negative reviews on Nails Inc I was hesitant to get a manicure there, but I thought it was great. The girl was pleasant and she shaped my nails beautifully. I thought that my finished nails looked great. I had my nails painted in 'Baker Street' polish. They also have fishnet magnetic nail polish, which I'm really excited about and will certainly return to have my nails done in that!

Useful review?
 by amberjseele, 17 Apr 2012
Nails Inc is absolutely my favourite place to get my nails done. They always have a great range of colours, and the manicures and pedicures are also great. Not a single complaint!

Useful review?
 by cressidapeers, 15 Apr 2012
My nails looked fab when I left Nails Inc. The manicurist shaped my nails perfectly and the colours that Nails Inc provide are great. I’m already looking forward to my next treatment.

Useful review?
 by char862379, 13 Apr 2012
I was rather hesitant about getting my nails done, as I always do my own and thought that it was a waste of money. But after having my treatment I changed my mind. My nails looked great and lasted for ages. Will be returning.

Useful review?
 by chewa6398, 10 Apr 2012
I love Nails Inc and think all of their products are great. The varnishes always apply beautifully and wear well. So, instead of doing my own nails, I decided to go in store and get the Heavenly Hands Manicure. The lady who did it did a wonderful job on my cuticles and shaped the nails so well. It's also a great gift idea.

Useful review?
 by ejacobs769li, 06 Apr 2012
I have used Nail Inc’s polishes for such a long time. I think they are the best polishes to use by yourself at home, as they always dry so quickly - perfect for me, as I’m too impatient when it comes to waiting for them to dry.

After using their products so regularly, I finally decided to go and get a manicure done. Such a good decision, I loved it. Definitely worth the money.

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 by galeabby0, 03 Apr 2012

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