61 Shaftesbury Avenue
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7534 3080 Piccadilly Circus 0.2 miles

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It's crap - overpriced, uncomfortable, and the staff are rude and arrogant. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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 by sarahfoxfoxy, 13 Mar 2012
Went to the club for a relative's party and thought staff were incredibly up themselves considering they are after all meant to be serving the patrons. Met Keira Knightley though, which made up for rude staff!

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 by fallenangel, 06 Dec 2009
Please, if you know what's good for you, don't eat here. The food is ridiculously overpriced and is absolutely dreadful. I went once but would never go there again. I don't think I would recommend Century to my worst enemy.

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 by masterp, 10 Oct 2008
AVOID THIS CLUB! We were taken there by a hustler. Once we made it clear we didn't want any 'extras' or expensive drinks, she slapped one of our group (without reason) and the bouncer made threats. We left, vowing never to return.

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 by eddieedwards, 29 Aug 2008
Great club with great members. Shame about the politics.

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 by Little red, 07 Jul 2008
Love this haven in Soho. The space is beautiful and the staff are amazing, always friendly and helpful even when treated with total disdain by members/guests (when people get drunk and behave badly, why is it that they want to blame the food or the staff?) I frequent many bars and clubs in Soho; in Century I always get a smile and a warm welcome. Best of the members' clubs in the area.

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 by Journey Woman, 12 May 2008
I love this place! I've been taken a few times and it's always a glamorous night, filled with celebs (Madonna was there last time I went, and Jennifer Aniston the time before that!). The staff have always been more than lovely, and the food is fantastic. Much nicer than Soho House or Groucho.

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 by Michaelmichael, 09 Dec 2007
I have been a member at Century for several years and always have a fabulous time there. The staff are pleasant, charming and beautiful. Although I get the impression that, if treated rudely, they wil not be submissive (rather than being a negative, I believe this adds to the club's charm and individuality). The new restaurant manager is also a delight - always a smile, so rarely found in members' bars!
Keep up the good work. Don't let the bad comments get you down!

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 by urban legend, 03 Nov 2007
I like the place! Restaurant has improved loads since a new manager took over a couple of months ago.

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 by DGP, 24 Oct 2007
I went and also found the bar staff to be the most miserable, unhelpful bar staff ever!

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 by armandtan, 24 Sep 2007
I have been taken here a couple of times by friends. Some of the roof-terrace staff are very grumpy, the food is very expensive for such average quality and the white wine is warm. Why anyone would actually pay to join I really don't know, there are so many better free venues nearby.

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 by tomsk, 01 Aug 2007
Great place but the bar staff are incredibly miserable and rude. They let it down.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Jan 2007
Food not very special - mine was cold. Staff indifferent rather than rude.

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 by Anonymous, 26 Nov 2006
Everyone is always a delight - I love it here!

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 by kebab, 11 Oct 2006
Not pretentious at all, and great value considering location and opening hours.

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 by Bon Noite, 21 Sep 2006
Hilariously appalling formulaic trash. No imagination or real elegance. Nice roof terrace though.

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 by Anonymous, 17 Sep 2006
Lush venue, beautiful decor, beautiful food, beautiful staff. Though a smile surely wouldn't be too much trouble from a couple of members (not all). There's pretension... and there's plain miserable!

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 by Anonymous, 07 Apr 2006
Bit over-crowded and loud. But a nice-looking space and a fun place to have a noisy drink. Prices par for the course for this sort of thing.

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 by cavendish (6 reviews), 06 Apr 2006
I enjoyed Century so much. I was invited to a celebrity's birthday party there and have never forgotten it.

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 by doll face, 03 Jan 2006
New restaurant excellent, but too many members. Staff need to remind themselves they're in the service industry.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Oct 2005

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