Home House

20 Portman Square
Marylebone, London
Tel: 020 7670 2000 Marble Arch 0.2 miles

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I love this place, it's like sitting around, eating, drinking, and partying in a palace. The staff are very friendly, the members are all fascinating, and the architecture of the building is amazing. Everything about it is just absolutely brilliant. An absolute must if you can get in.

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 by darajonson, 23 Mar 2012
As a member of Boodles, The Reform Club, Soho House, and Home House, I find the previous review to be completely moronic. Home House is a place of luxury, not quite as grand as the St James clubs, but far more comfortable and less stale, and of a standard that other clubs like Soho House could never achieve.
Where else in London can you visit a place that has 4 bars, 2 restaurants, 20 hotel rooms, a spa/gym, private function rooms, and a courtyard style garden, all in a building older than America? The place was designed as a palace of pleasure, and to this day it has achieved that. Just so long as you're not too short sighted to see it for what it really is.

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 by rogeryourjames, 13 Mar 2012
Very strange place - sometimes really busy and full of interesting people, but most times full of twats who can't get into a proper Pall Mall/St James club because they have money but no class. Food dreadful except the chorizo plate and drinks have shot up in price, defeating the purpose of joining a club.

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 by seikopath, 31 Oct 2011
A wonderfully eclectic mix of old world elegance and grandeur combined with a very relaxed and contemporary vibe. The garden is a hidden London gem, the rooms a fabulous step into the past and the range of things to do and the different atmospheres available in each part of the club are a joy. A real treat and nothing like it anywhere in the world. Great mix of interesting members and very unpretentious despite the surroundings.

Useful review?
 by richardb091 (4 reviews), 30 May 2011
I have been a member of Home House for a year and, whilst the place is okay, the membership is ridiculously overpriced (£1,840 joining fee + £1,840 per annum). I have not renewed it as it is not worth the money! I have used the HH mainly for business meetings and my guests were impressed with the building (but not with the service - the quality has deteriorated over the past few months). It also has a gym and a spa.

Now that my membership has expired, I will look somewhere else. Note that the HH applies differentiated fees: if you joined years ago you may still be paying £70 per month, but if you join now they will charge you a fortune. Check the Soho House (£800 per annum for the global memmbership and much cooler crowd!)

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 by ibrusat (8 reviews), 07 Nov 2010
On evening of 10th went for drinks with friends to this restored architectural masterpiece overlooking Portland Square. Decor, service and food was average and no different than most London clubs. Patrons were a scattering of well-to-do types with their clingy associates, and vast quantities of fringe-element female wannabees.

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 by hairee4321, 11 Jul 2010
A very well presented mansion and a warm, inviting-looking place.
Only been there in the evenings during the week and I really liked the mix of interesting people. Just like anywhere, you need to be open-minded that you are going to get a load of people who are down-to-earth or up-their-own-ass. I've come to this club with no pre-conceptions and loved the atmosphere, the people, the building's layout, facilities and, of course, the garden (excellent for summer and smokers)! The staff are attentive, polite and professional - everything that you'd expect from a decent private members' club. The location says it all. You wouldn't feel ashamed to be seen or associated with this club!

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 by raphaellabenitto, 24 Mar 2010
Had a great lunch with colleagues here the other day. Lovely relaxing atmosphere, and a venue filled with like-minded individuals all needing to have 10 mins away from the madness.

Perfect for lunch with colleagues or a large glass of red in the evening.

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 by emilycarver (3 reviews), 30 May 2009
Went to a private party yesterday and was very impressed. The interiors were just amazing, staff helpful and polite and the buffet was the best I have ever tasted. Would love to be a member but, alas, not in London enough to require it - but looking forward to being invited for lunch or drinks sometime!

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 by lyn.mistry, 16 Jan 2009
Nothing compared to the real members' clubs like White's. A sad imitation for those who can't get into a proper club!

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 by hailey_widrig, 31 Oct 2008
Simply sublime!

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 by Nicoletta, 10 May 2008
Hi to everybody who is reading this. Let's put things in context for all those who have left low rating messages. You complained about the service – When was the last time in your life that you went to a real members' club, without knowing the “man at the door”? This is a real members' club and not a shabby West End club and there is no “knowing the man at the door”. In other clubs you are not allowed to read your newspaper, open a laptop, in some places not even use your phone - and I'm not talking about dance clubs. Home House is a relaxed and at the same time very high standard British and International Club with hundreds of overseas members as well London/UK based ones. The services is great, the kind of place where the personnel call you by your first name. The question is, how friendly are you after you've had a couple of drinks and you've forgotten your manners thinking that waitresses are servants?

Talking about food – Overpriced? Take a look at some commercial restaurants and then tell me about price. Try the Spoon or Asia De Cuba, the list is endless (in fact, any other restaurant other than the one in your neighbourhood), bring the receipt back and let's have a chat about prices. Please bear in mind this is a members' club - if you're thinking of paying fish and chips prices, you know where you will find them.

In other words, if you come to a place like this come with an open mind. If you have specific expectations, cross-check if the place is for you first. The members are creative, successful, good-looking, with a taste for life and success. They are friendly too - take example from the numerous successful parties they have every year, and the number of societies Home House members run. Simply come to enjoy and meet people. Have fun.

Useful review?
 by sakis, 18 Jan 2008
Opulent decadence with a touch of cool. A great place to lounge on a Sunday afternoon watching a movie, or to have dinner on a summer evening in the garden, or to impress visitors from abroad. A welcome change from the usual minimalist design of most clubs.

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 by The Guid, 31 Jul 2007
Really bad. The staff are too old to run a place like this and it shows.

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 by Now2, 09 Jul 2007
Had dinner in the restaurant recently and thought that the service and food were both outstanding. Great value. A real must-go. Looking forward to my next visit.

Useful review?
 by Harry f (2 reviews), 09 May 2007
Outstanding - original, and very attentive staff.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Apr 2007
This has to be one of the worst places I've ever been. The staff were rude and most could not speak English. The place looks tacky and the food was awful. I feel ill just thinking of my night there.

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 by RBY, 19 Feb 2007
I went to Home House for a Christmas bash and had a great time. The staff were excellent. A fun, sexy place. I will be returning.

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 by claire2003, 16 Dec 2006
What a dull place. Needs a good shake-up. Atmosphere, food, service and staff all thoroughly disappointing. Somewhere down the line this place has lost the plot. Glad I didn't waste my money becoming a member.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Dec 2006
I went to a premiere party there... great place!

Useful review?
 by nikkiseventy2 (2 reviews), 06 Dec 2006

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