3-5 Mill Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7629 8877 Oxford Circus 0.2 miles

Members only club spread across two floors with an Italian restaurant and The Courtyard - an elegant outdoor space which will come into its own in the summer months. Impressively designed by Samy Chams, the ground floor bar and restaurant are separated from the lower ground floor bar by a stunning glass-encased staircase.

Wed-Sat: 8.30pm-late

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We reserved two tables to be sure to get in without queuing. Despite having booked in advance, 6 of us who arrived later on were not admitted.

No one was at the door to check the guest list, I was shocked. Is this a Mayfair club? Seriously? You don't really want to welcome your guests with the savoir-faire of an East London pub of junkies.

Our list was "lost" and instead of trying to understand what happened, the bouncers just didn't care and were laughing at us. Pointless and irritating indeed. I'm sure that the money paid in advance to reserve the tables didn't get lost. Apart from the rip-off, they ruined our Christmas party. We were obviously well dressed, none of us was drunk, neither was the club full... Never again.

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 by killaloth, 15 Dec 2012
What a disgusting place. Never have I been treated in such a way, like some second-class citizen. Rude bar staff, rude management and the most arrogant, self-obsessed crowd I have ever experienced. Sleezy men and tarty, drunk women. Awful, awful, awful!!

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 by CanCan, 20 Jul 2011
I only went there as my friend works there. What a horrible place! I left after one hour. The guy who was serving bottles of spirit to a nearby table kept pushing us away (just to mention, we were 5 girls). At one point he screamed at my friend "Move, move!". I complained to the manager but she didn't even seem to be interested. I will never ever go there again!

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 by asa_2, 20 Sep 2010
Can't say much about the inside of the club because after waiting in a queue for an hour and having the doorman alternate between being incredibly rude and ignoring us, we headed elsewhere. We were on the guest list, but I don't think that really means anything here.

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 by Missha, 05 Sep 2010
Whoever has a problem with Russians and Eastern Europeans is clearly pissed off by the amount of money we have. Well my friends, you can kiss our asses and stand in the corner and look with envy, coz us and our fathers worked their asses off so we can splash money now. Don't like it, don't go to Maddox.

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 by Moscow, 08 Jul 2010
Best club by far. Love it, love it.

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 by manuel, 04 Jun 2009
I was at the club 2 weeks ago. The door hosts are not friendly at all. I was looked up and down before I was let into the club and spoken to like I was not even there. Having been on the guest list, you would think I'd have been treated better. Not just me, anyone...

However, I had a great time once in the club. Yes, it is a little packed but I'm sure they must be trying to get their money back on what was spent on the club. Drinks are overpriced but that's to be expected in any club on that side of town. When I was there the music was good. I was thinking of eating there, but I may have to think twice.

Not the best club I've been to in London but I had a great night. I thought they had a great mix of people - all races and religions - and I'm glad to see them in clubs in the West End. I will go back again.

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 by e1st-marketing, 16 Dec 2008
What you'd expect of any other high-end London club.

Went there with a bunch of friends. Have been away from the London club scene for a long long time and didn't appreciate the lady at the door. After the bouncers let us through, she made it a point to ruin my night. But as always we got our way and we did end up in the club. No table of course, as the place was packed to the max.

I might have grown out of it, but I preferred hanging out in the smoking garden than the club itself. Way too crowded and folks falling from table tops and down stairs.

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 by Bachrach (16 reviews), 10 Dec 2008
I cannot believe most of what's written here! I've had countless fantastic nights in Maddox and prices are London prices. Yes, its that simple!

I went to a very good public school but I am not the son of a Lord or Duke, so perhaps that's why I am neither offended nor disgusted by the clientele. If you wish to socialise with 'public school' old English money, go to the bar at Claridge's or the cliche that is Boujis. Or better yet, put on your best Barbour and toddle on down to Sloane Square. At least then the 'Eastern Eurotrash' won't have you oggling them and pointing at their 'jolly big bossoms' and the rest of us won't have to suffer your dribbling whines about tax or economics or fox hunting...

Anyway, love Maddox. Fantastic venue. Go with four or five friends and alternate between downstairs and garden and I promise you'll meet a vivid cross section of international London.

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 by dazzle (2 reviews), 18 May 2008
Tries to be more than it is... which is average.

Useful review? 1
 by donpeters (5 reviews), 10 May 2008
Maddox is the worst private members' club I've been to in the whole of London. The service is appalling, the prices unbelievable and the crowd a bunch of wannabes.

Who's clever idea was it to build a restaurant around a DJ booth so you have to shout over dinner and staff can't hear your order? And then allow drinkers to crowd into the restaurant so your table is surrounded by people standing up shouting at each other and taking pictures, knocking bottles of wine off your table and sitting down next to you while you're waiting - interminably - to eat. OK, so our uninvited guest was told to move by one of his group but his apology was: "Sorry, when my arse wants to sit, I just have to plonk it anywhere".

We sat down at 10.10pm and left at 12.40am, fed up waiting for a pudding that was ordered at midnight. Two-and-a-half hours to be served two courses! And they weren't even worth the wait. The guy who knocked over our bottle of wine offered to buy us another but when we asked the wine waiter simply to get him to pay for the bottle he'd spilled, as we weren't going to hang around to drink a replacement, he refused! On the way out, we complained to him and he turned his back on us, then we spoke to the head waiter who simply said "Thank you, goodbye". The manager also walked away from us to talk to the head waiter, without even having the manners to say 'excuse me'.

This place is rude, brash, unfriendly and full of people who dress like they've just been for an X-Factor audition - I wouldn't say that if they had any class about them. Maddox is loud, but it certainly ain't proud. Thanks for wasting a precious Saturday night, guys. We'd have had a classier evening staying in to watch The X-Factor, because this place sure as hell doesn't have it.

Useful review? 4
 by HackedOff, 30 Sep 2007
Went to the club last Friday and it was pretty average. A lot of chaps from the office, the club felt quite tacky. However, in my experience the crowd was distinctly British. Not that I would have a problem with Eastern Europeans - whether it's West Eurotrash or East Eurotrash, it's still Eurotrash at the end of the day. As long as you don't set your expectations too high and just want to go have a laugh, this isn't the most vile place to go to in London. If you're looking for a top-class clubbing experience then look elsewhere.

Useful review? 1 1
 by Liz H (5 reviews), 07 Sep 2007
I got invited to Maddox via a friend, so my girlfriend and I decided to check it out. I have to admit that I do not do night clubs that often for a reason, but to both of our surprise it was a most memorable night - the best I have had for 2-3 years!! The vibe was unbelievable, and guess what... they have an absolute stunner as a DJ in their 'lounge'. We thought she was there for her looks, but once again I got proven wrong by Maddox. She played the most amazing cool music while we were enjoying our fantastic dinner! For gettting that combination right I have to salute the management and staff. Hopefully we'll have the pleasure of being invited again! I would recommend this club to anyone. Pure star quality (especially the DJ).

Useful review? 1
 by petejane, 06 Sep 2007
Got dragged in here recently. It won't happen again without pharmacological inducement of the highest order. Elephant tranquilizer, for instance.

The review from Dominic T tells you all you need to know, really: "Sadly the fellow guests in the club are not up to the standard you'd hope for if you've been to a decent public school." I am utterly bewildered at the lack of irony here. Congratulations to your educators, Dominic, they've done a fine job.

This place is full of vapid public school eejits who dance like your Dad. And shout things like "TUNE" across the bar when songs from car adverts get played. These male cliches are accompanied by their female counterparts - wallet-peeking, giggling troglodytes in expensive dresses. The extortionate prices precluded the possilbility of clubbing people to death - £17 for 3 bottled beers - so I had to settle for dancing to the abysmal dance/pop the "DJ" was spewing out. One could say I didn't enjoy myself.

If you have a stratospheric boredom threshold, too much money, no taste and absolutely no idea what a good time is, go to Maddox. Or go to Kitts, it sounds perfect. I'd rather eat a rotting dog.

Useful review? 3
 by Toby27, 27 Jul 2007
I thought the venue was fantastic and the music made the club! The decor was classy, with modern touches. Dominic T is right - if you are arrogant and full of it, go somewhere else. I believe it is priced reasonably, considering you are in central London. I would recommend booking a table or booth downstairs as that's where the partying takes place, but they have a nice chilled out area upstairs too.

Useful review? 1
 by stayawayjoe, 16 Jul 2007
Right chaps, if you haven't been yet, I'd think twice before venturing into that usual position of ringing a friend to put you on their guest list. This club set itself up for a fall with its own press release. It really isn't the club it wants to be. Service (even when you are spending £1k plus) leaves a great deal to be desired. The management need to limit the number of people in the club - it's just too full. Sadly the fellow guests in the club are not up to the standard you'd hope for if you've been to a decent public school. Far too many Russians and Eastern Europeans (forget Eurotrash - this is east of the Eurotrash). Drinks are not well mixed, and the food we were served was awful. If you have money, time and class, go for Kitts - it's where the better London people go.

Useful review? 2 2
 by DominicT, 07 Jul 2007

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